The Lost City Of Atlantis

Impression of Atlantis
Impression of Atlantis
Could this be the location
Could this be the location
The Black Sea Atlantis
The Black Sea Atlantis

It seems the lost "City of Atlantis" may have been discovered off the coast of Africa, 3 and a half miles down at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, long thought to be the location of the city. These amazing images can be seen at Google Ocean.

The co-ordinates of the Atlantis discovery are LAT 31 degrees 25'24.45"N, LONG 24 degrees 25'37.01"W. You can either use these to go straight there or alternatively hunt around near the Canary Islands.

It appears to show a rectangle with straight lines running through it in a very organised pattern, which could be the shape of the former ancient civilisation. It is unlikely that these have been caused naturally due to the scale of the area covered and the equally well structured look.

The ancient philosopher Plato believed that this ancient civilisation found 620 miles off the coast of Africa, west of Morocco, near the Canary Islands was the victim of floods and a earthquake, which may have sunk Atlantis around 12,000 years ago in 9,700 BC.

Plato, who was taught by Egyptian priests, wrote in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias that this civilisation located in the real sea, there was a dense wall engulfing the great city, with it's networks of streets and buildings just like the images shown by Google.

If you believe in this kind of stuff, this could be any number of ancient super cities, not necessarily Atlantis. Or it could be an anomaly, a hoax, or it might have a reasonable explanation. That this is not Atlantis, and that these structures are simply high-resolution sonar readings from a ship moving methodically over this region of the ocean. These readings are overlaid on the low-resolution background, creating the illusion of structure.

I for one hope that this does exsist and prove alot of scientists wrong. It also makes a change to have news of a different kind, instead of the doom and gloom we usually get. I'm sure some one will pour scorn upon it.

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lone77star profile image

lone77star 5 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

NDBees, thanks for the interesting look at Atlantis.

The Google Atlantis was definitely an artifact of the scan and not a real structure. But don't fret. We do have proof.

Atlantis was not at that location, at least according to Plato. Atlantis was from one to two times the size of Texas (largest state in the contiguous United States). It faced Gadira (modern Cadiz, Spain), and it took a sailing ship 11 days to reach the heart of Atlantis. Using the speed of Columbus's ships, that would place the capital around the Azores archipelago.

Proof? I discovered proof of an Atlantis-like event right when Plato said Atlantis subsided. The evidence comes from 3 different scientific disciplines. Imagine that!

anyomus 5 years ago

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candy 4 years ago

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