The Linn Cove Viaduct on The Blue Ridge Parkway, Grandfather Mountain N.C.

The Lynn Cove Viaduct
The Lynn Cove Viaduct

Imagine for a moment you are driving along a pristine ridge following a winding mountain road. In the distance arises a peak larger than the rest. You anticipate having to either climb it, or tunnel through it. However, as you approach the mountain, you notice a bridge, which seems to be floating in the air around the mountain.

Well you do not have to imagine because this scene is real. Along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone North Carolina lies one of the most beautiful bridges in the entire world. Constructed with the goal of blending in to the wilderness landscape, the Lynn Cove Viaduct has achieved its aim. As you drive over the bridge, you notice the tops of tree’s arising on either side of you. It is as if you are driving in the forest canopy. Below you, purple mountains stretch out to the horizon. The scene is breathtaking and one which every traveler should make a point to see.

However, don’t satisfy yourself with driving over the bridge. Stop at the visitor’s center and hike up under it. The bridge itself is a work of art and is best viewed on foot. It’s a short hike through forests of spruce and mountain laurel to the underside of the bridge. From there you can climb a series of rock faces which over look the bridge and the mountains below. The view from the top of these rocks is astounding as the bridge snakes out before you, almost as if it literally is floating amongst the tree tops. The mountains below do not disappoint either. The landscape surrounding the Viaduct is rugged. Mountain’s rise up quickly amongst valley’s which plunge away to depths unseen. The land is covered in thick forest. Rising above the viaduct is Grandfather Mountain. At the top of which lies one of the highest rope bridges in the world. If you dare (and if you have a bit of coin) you can climb to the top and cross the swinging bridge.

The Lynn Cove Viaduct is a place of supreme visual fulfillment. If you ever have the opportunity, make the drive to North Carolina and savor the site.

It floats in the treetops
It floats in the treetops
Purple mountains as seen from the Lynn Cove Viaduct
Purple mountains as seen from the Lynn Cove Viaduct
The forest covered mountains stretch into the distance.
The forest covered mountains stretch into the distance.
The trees rise up beside the bridge.
The trees rise up beside the bridge.

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Very beautiful,beyond words!

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