The Mannar


The Mannar is an island in Sri-Lanka. It is well known for its fishing industry. While you are entering the island, you will find the fishing boats near by the bridge. The bridge was built in 2010 with the aid of Japanese Government. You will find the old bridge as well, which was damaged during the Sri-Lankan civil war. You will find some fisher men fishing with hooks from the old bridge.

From the Mannar bridge you could see the old fort, which was built by the Portuguese. Presently it is damaged.

You fill find straying donkeys everywhere, sometimes even causing road accidents. Ancestors of these donkeys were used by Dobies in olden days. Since this trade does not exist now the donkeys are left free without owners.

Most of the people living here are Catholics, followed by Muslims, Hindus & Buddhists.

Local community in Mannar are not much interested in any other trade than fishing. Some of their fishermen are very rich people. You can buy Fish, dry fish etc for considerable price. The Mannar is also very famous for sea cucumbers. The sea cucumbers are 100% exported as locals do not consume it.

Keeri beach, South bar,Palli Munai & Paalam (Bridge side) are the beaches of Mannar.Presently South bar is actually a naval base but still you can visit this place. But not so clean beaches.

You will not find any star hotels, but still you will find some clean restaurants for cheap price.
The famous Thiruketheeswaram Hindu temple is situated in Mannar. The famous Madhu church is situated on the way to Mannar.


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