The Philippine Island an Archepelago

The Philippine Island

The Philippines is composed of more than 7,100 islands. Its land area is 300,000 square  kilometers. The country is around 1,857 kilometers lonf from north to south and 1,107 km wide from west to east. The island in the Philippines are divided into 3 major parts: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The Philippines is an archipelago because it is composed of many islands.

A country being an archipelago has its advantages and disadvantages. The distinctness of the different regions, from island to island , from islet to islet, and being separated by big and small bodies of water considerably help in making the natives of each place want to learn more about their fellowmen from other regions.

On the other hand, the sprinkling of islands often results to a disorganized system of transportation and communication. The people have become more regionalistic owing to the distance and separation from island to island. And because the Philippines has a very rugged and irregular coastline, the country needs a strong Philippine Navy to guard the country against undesirable elements and invaders.

It is located between the Equator and the Tropic of Cancer. It is a part of Southeast Asia. North of the country are Taiwan and Japan. On the South are Borneo and Indonesia. Guam is located east of the country. On the west are Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar.

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