The Retreat holiday bungalow in Sri Lanka, A visitors experience

A beautiful bungalow ideal for family outings and office trips

The Retreat, situated about 7Km from Ingiriya, is a beautiful planters bungalow, on top of a hill in the middle of a tea estate. We went there for our office one day outing and there were few reasons it was chosen. First of all it is around 50Km from Colombo so we could get there in about one and a half hours, so we want be wasting much of the day traveling. It is a relatively small place so we could book it all to ourselves. There was a fresh water stream, a swimming pool and barbecue facilities available, ideal for a relaxing day out. Another factor which contributed was we had a great time in one of our previous visits to Gods Paradise, another nature resort in Ingiriya.

Beautiful and well maintained garden at the Retreat
Beautiful and well maintained garden at the Retreat

Facilities at the Retreat

  • Spacious and well maintained bungalow - The bungalow has five bedrooms which can easily accommodate 10-12 adults. There are two well maintained washrooms as well. The bungalow is tastefully furnished with antique furniture, beautiful wall hangings and paintings etc.
  • Beautiful garden - The garden is well maintained and there are two separate areas if you are interested in barbecuing. One area is near the a pond in an elevate position and the other one is near the pool. The caretaker will prepare the barbecue provided you bring the necessary items like charcoal, meat,sauce etc.
  • Meals prepared on request - You have the choice of bringing the necessary provisions or letting the prepare the meal for you. If you bring the necessary provisions the caretaker will prepare them for you. You can also ask them to prepare the meal for you. For 750/= rupees we got a welcome drink, lunch and tea with cake
  • Swimming Pool - Although not spacious there is a swimming pool which is more than enough for ten people. There is a deep end as well for the more adventurous.
  • Fresh water stream - There is a natural fresh water stream within five minutes walking distance. There are few bathing spots deep enough for a swim, a great place to have a relaxing fresh water bath.

Fresh water stream near the Retreat with plenty of bathing spots deep enough for a swim
Fresh water stream near the Retreat with plenty of bathing spots deep enough for a swim

Great food, helpful staff and management

From the moment we arrived at the bungalow we were made to feel welcome by the staff. Every request was given prompt attention and the staff were eager to help out which is always a good thing.

The welcome drink consisted of fresh fruit juices. A choice between Malay apple ( amabarella ) and green orange ( naran ). There was plenty for everybody and when asked for more to be mixed with liquor they provided extra without hesitation.

The lunch was also excellent. There were quite a few varieties and when we asked for extra fish and eggs for guys who don't eat chicken they were provided without an extra charge. We got caramel pudding as the dessert and it was delicious as well. It was buffet style and you could eat until your content.

Cake was provided with the evening tea and here also you could eat all you like. Although it cost 750 per person getting welcome drinks, lunch and evening tea made it worthwhile.On top of this they seasoned the meat and fish and it was done excellently as well.

barbecue prepared at the Retreat
barbecue prepared at the Retreat

How to get there, directions and map to the Retreat

directions on how to get to the Retreat
directions on how to get to the Retreat

Conclusion and things to consider

One drawback of visiting the Retreat is that once you turn to the Ellekanda road the road becomes rough. It is perfectably acceptable for a Rosa bus or a van, but a car or huge bus would have trouble getting there.

Other than that it is a perfect place for a family or an office outing. You can book the bungalow to yourself, the staff is very helpful and the beautiful location makes it an ideal getaway to spend a relaxing day out.

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Visited the Retreat ? Feel free to share your thoughts about the visit 11 comments

bethparker profile image

bethparker 6 years ago from Grant, MI

You have some nice pictures here. The barbecue picture is making me really hungry.

rumbling profile image

rumbling 6 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

@beth, Thanks , it sure was a nice barbecue especially after a nice fresh water bath :)

IndikaT profile image

IndikaT 6 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

You seems to contest in Marks the Spot contest. Good luck!

irenemaria profile image

irenemaria 6 years ago from Sweden

One day I wish I can visit!

JulieCarlson profile image

JulieCarlson 6 years ago from Chicagoland

A Sri Lanka vacation sounds like paradise. I will put that on my Bucket List!

rumbling profile image

rumbling 6 years ago from Sri Lanka Author


I wasn't aware of the contest when creating this hub, but I'm aware of it now and will try to create some hubs for the contest


Sri Lanka is a great place to visit and spend a relaxing holiday, you should visit for sure :)


When you visit Sri Lanka you will feel like your in paradise ;)

Lanka Help Magazine. 6 years ago

Hmmm It seems like that you have found a Gem from a jungle.

Nuwan 6 years ago

Have you got any contact number of the place? Please do post it if you do. Thanks

rumbling profile image

rumbling 6 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

@Nuwan, Here is the website , the no is in there

Niles 4 years ago

Need a small advise, which is better God's Paradise or The Retreat?

rumbling profile image

rumbling 4 years ago from Sri Lanka Author

@Niles, hard to answer that, both has its advantages and disadvantages. One things I didn't like about this place is that you have to walk a bit to reach the stream. But it's just beside the bungalow in Gods paradise. However the food here was far superior. The price here is high compared to Gods Paradise.

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