The Sea is eating Happisburgh

Coastal Erosion in Happisburgh

Photo courtesy of via a creative commons license
Photo courtesy of via a creative commons license

The unstoppable power of the sea

In the east of England, on the Norfolk coast, the tiny town of Happisburgh is being slowly but surely eaten by the sea. The town sits atop small sandy cliffs that face the north sea but until recently erosion has not been a problem due to the efforts of past governments to defend the land against the slow advance of the seas.

Recently however, the wooden defences that have protected the town have fallen into such a state of disrepair that they no longer do their job. The result is that large pieces of land have been taken by the sea, and some homes have gone with it.

There has been suprisingly little response from the government.

Then and now, the extent of the devastation

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Taken 01 January 1986 © Copyright 1986 UK Environment AgencyTaken 01 January 2006 Copyright 1986 UK Environment Agency
Taken 01 January 1986 © Copyright 1986 UK Environment Agency
Taken 01 January 1986 © Copyright 1986 UK Environment Agency
Taken 01 January 2006 Copyright 1986 UK Environment Agency
Taken 01 January 2006 Copyright 1986 UK Environment Agency

How much has been lost

The pictures above show just how much land the sea has taken in only twenty years, the town is literally being washed away at an astonishing rate, and the people who live there are nearly powerless to stop it. To make matters worse not only is the government doing nothing to help them, but they are not offering any sort of financial assistance or compensation to these people. Some have lost their homes, others have seen the value of their properties plummet in the space of a decade, but all deserve better than this seemingly inevitable fate.

What can be done

Whilst its true that time is running out for the town, all is not lost..yet. If new sea defences were built, the portion of the town not yet swalloed by the sea would remain, and those that live there could get on with their lives. Despite this, there is still no official policy from the government, no action being taken to protect these peoples homes from doom.

There are reasons given for not saving this village, environmental impact on the coast line or prohibitive cost, but these seem trivial when talking about an entire community and in the case of the environment, equally good reasons can be made to argue that defending the town will help the environment(being the defense of the nearby broads, a massive costal wetland)

At the end of the day..

The community will fight on until the last straw, for sure. But if it is possible to save this community from its watery fate, are we happy to let it be literally washed away?

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Should Happisburgh be saved from the sea?

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SMITHY 6 years ago



carrot 6 years ago

dis place sucs

Rhen 6 years ago

Yes. This is historical town should be saved!

Protect Happisburgh!

angry mole 6 years ago

this place is so c**p

lol loz :D

angry mole 6 years ago

this place is so c**p

lol loz :D

angry mole 6 years ago

rhen... go to h/e/l/l

SMITHY 6 years ago



escarla 5 years ago

This place realy does deserve to be saved! Some people in my class don't think so because they think that it's just not worth it but homes will be lost!

robyn 5 years ago


lil_star 5 years ago

think about them they need our help save happisburgh have a heart people if dis was happenin 2 u wouldn't u wnt people 2 help think bout dat fink very carefully bout ur decision sooo....


darkman 5 years ago

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luke deakin 5 years ago

vital money can be spent else where in the country instead of this crap town such as building glasss bus shelters.

shep 5 years ago


audrey squires 5 years ago


on another note, happisburgh is the worst place ive ever been to :) and ive been to some bad broffles ;)

fruitella is a bad man sweet YGM! 5 years ago


Big D (fat) 5 years ago

this place is binladens home town therefor should be destroyed

NUKE 5 years ago

Spend money on nukes and defend from the future alien attacks that will happen to our small world in this universe

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Tom Shephard 5 years ago

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A.Hitler 5 years ago

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hannah batch 5 years ago

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elton John 5 years ago

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woop 5 years ago

your mum is eating happisburgh.

MR B.Laden 5 years ago

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rachel rachelson 5 years ago

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David Williams 5 years ago

Im om-noming Happisburgh for years now

I happen to like the taste :P

Kim_Jong-il 5 years ago

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bob 5 years ago

i believe that it should be saved as that people homes will be lost. plus all the people have put stupid comments are stupid how would you like it if all your belongs and home and maybe family could be killed !!!!

lucy 5 years ago

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Clapperss :')  5 years ago

i think it is err very err inappropriate that happisburgh is going through these errr rough times. It will be socially, economically and err eviromentally sustainable to save happisburgh. Have you checked out buy a rock for happisburgh charitey? Donate now and all the little boys and girls will err be very thankful.

Loren Sanderson 5 years ago

i thnk dat u shud not safe dis plaice x

Keenan Shannon 5 years ago

i love midgets, speshly loren.xoxoxoxoxox

but i dnt agree dat dis place shud not be saved, cus i love it. SAVE HAPPISBURGH bbz, ygm?

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Meeeeeeeeeee 5 years ago

Hey. If u save Happisburgh (A tiny village with a tiny population), the rest of Norrfolk will be eroded at a much higher rate. You had defences, you didn't look after them. If you protect Happisburgh the Norfolk Broads will be at risk from erosion and so will Blakeney Point (Supported by the RSPCA and RSPB). Don't be so selfish.

Your Trully

A Year 8 girl

beach 4 years ago

For your information this world is NEVER going to be invaded by aliens so spend some of the vast amount of money you have on saving these poor people's homes.

best ever. 4 years ago

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lolxxx cbyolo 4 years ago

you guys need a cares if its rubbish? it's an equal land on this earth and should be treated every human.. imagine if it was your homtown you guys will be fighting hell to save it those memoriesyou house whaever...get some emotion guys think of it as you being there (if you have the brains)


MOle 4 years ago

I Won't save it

dkd 4 years ago

oh my plz save happisburgh

pigni 4 years ago


sti 4 years ago


Mahogany God 3 years ago

You are all slutmuffins who love kids

Rebecca 3 years ago

I know this comment is a bit late but im doing a project on happisburgh and i think it should be saved because people will lose there homes and people should donate money so they can put defences up in the sea

mysterygirl101 3 years ago

happisburgh? i am also doing a project and i believe that happisburgh should be saved and that the council havan't done enough to support the villagers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huii 3 years ago


C3O 3 years ago

all you people who are saying that happisburgh sucks and its terrible and that it's not worth saying should be ashamed of yourselves.... the only reason it's crappy is because no one's doing anything to help fix it.

hiiiiiii 3 years ago

please save happisburgh if it was you in the situation you would want people to help you! wouldn't you???

Josh Haywood 3 years ago

Anyone got any cheese

unknown 3 years ago

to any one who thinks this place is rubbish and thinks it is not worth saving. well maybe it is not... for you. but for other people this is home.

so be serious even 5 pounds can do a difference if every one from this blog could get to it.

this issue has been held down for too long its time to put it back in peoples mind.

i swear i will do my best to get a project going in school to collect as much money as possible.

RANDOMER 2 years ago


TF2 2 years ago


troll 2 years ago

boo happisburgh

kean bean 2 years ago

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mr beqn 2 years ago


2 years ago

Now i think Happisburgh should be saved. All you people who think that happisburgh is crap just shut the f up. k? I think it should be saved as its an historical place and is a beautiful place. The government decided not to save Happisburgh i think but they are selfish they don't care if the homeowners living there are happy or not they don't care if they are homeless or not they want to be living in a big house with heaters and everything when people in happisburgh would be in the streets in the cold is this fair SAVE HAPPISBURGH EVERYONE SAVE IT Its a beautiful place!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just save it many peoples businesses are relying on this village SAVE IT SAVE HAPPISBURGH EVERYONE

farthinnnnnnnnnnnnnnj 2 years ago

if that was u what would u do

Sxmmie 2 years ago

think about this Happisburgh is a home to many people some people might think it is a broing town that means nothing if it all got washed away but people will loose their homes and the government arent doing anything to help this hardly seems fair. So lets try our best to save this historic town because in a matter of months there will be no more happisburgh! :(

Swindon Town 2 years ago

u want sum happisburgh?!?!?!

ill giv it to ya 24 months ago

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wtf 22 months ago

wtf happisburgh should b saved

22 months ago


hi zach 22 months ago

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happisburgh 22 months ago

hi zach i know where u r also happisburgh should not b saved

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LAWL 22 months ago

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From no name 7 weeks ago

This place is useless and doesn't need to be defended ......

lol 7 weeks ago

save it#

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