The Seven Wonders of Makarska, Croatia

Why I choose Croatia

I visited Croatia twice, in July, 2010 and in August, 2011. My friend from Switzerland Andy recommended me to go to Korcula, a unique picturesque island in Adriatic sea. Even though I have not gone there yet, I still fell in love with Croatia, a country of fairy-tale nature and beautiful sea, where you get the most of landscapes and sunsets. Let me just start by describing a few wonders of the place where I stayed at the hospitable apartment of my friend, Stanko Erceg.

Makarska Croatia Sea

First Wonder of Makarska, the Sea

When we arrived in Makarska in later June 2010, the water was quite cool, maybe 20 degrees Celsius, and I had difficulties staying in water for more than 15-20 minutes. It became warmer after a week. This summer (we arrived on August 20, 2011), the temperature was quite above 20, maybe 23-24 degrees, and even though it was a little cooler than Bulgarian Black Sea, nevertheless, the temperature was comfortable for swimming and snorkeling.

The unique quality of the Adriatic sea at the Croatian seacoast is its crystal transparency. You can see underwater as deep as 20-25 meters without effort, and as the coast is pebbles, not sand, you do not find any mud.

People are mainly aware of the environment, and do not throw garbage on the beach.

Second Wonder of Makarska, Islands

When you look at the horizon, you do not generally see it, as two giant islands, Hvar and Brac, are impeding the view. Nevertheless, it is magnificent. They seem to be easy to reach, yet even with a fast-speed boat it takes more than an hour to get to their rocky coasts.

These islands are a theme of a separate hub, and they contain so many bays that become resorts or shelters for locals or peace-seekers that your head starts contemplating about future life where all your troubles are behind.

Forest, Makarska

Pine-tree forest Makarska Croatia
Pine-tree forest Makarska Croatia | Source
Pine-tree sea Makarska Croatia
Pine-tree sea Makarska Croatia | Source

Third Wonder of Makarska, Forests

There is a unique combination of sea and coniferous forest on Croatian coast. Pine-trees are so close to the water, they are even bending over it. You smell a wonderful scent of pine-trees that is so beneficient for your lungs. Really the atmosphere, the air is very curing, you can take it in place of pills.

Seaport Makarska, Croatia

Fourth Wonder, Seaport

The town of Makarska is divided in two large zones, and there is a peninsula with a lighthouse in between. The first zone contains a city beach, and the second is a port adorned by embankment with palm trees.

There are all sorts of little boats, sailing vessels, cutters, flyboats and ships. Every day about a dozen of them take tourists on different tours, fish picnics, evening panoramas or island trips, to Korcula, Hvar, Brac, etc. Some wealthy travelers keep their vessels at moorage here, and people take pictures.

Biokovo Mountain

Biokovo Mountain
Biokovo Mountain | Source

Fifth Wonder, Biokovo Mountain

There is a great natural barrier keeping Makarska out of strong winds, the great Biokovo mountain. You can take a guided trip on the hills of this mountain that is about 1km high. There is a state preserve on Biokovo. You can see this mountain from any part of Makarska town.

Sixth Wonder, Central Beach

Labeled with Blue Flag of UNESCO, this beach welcomes thousands of people each summer day. All kinds of restaurants, cafes, hotels, small shops are located along the beach. I think that about half of people here are croatians, a quarter of them are german, and others include people from England, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, France and other countries.

Central Square, Town of Makarska

Makarska Central Square
Makarska Central Square | Source

Seventh Wonder, the Town of Makarska

I like this town a lot, all the buildings, streets, people. I especially like the Central Square right after the sunset when beautiful lights are in the church and nearby restaurants. You can sit here listening to street turmoil. I like to make pictures, and here are a few for you.

Please visit my Zlatni Rat, the Golden Horn of Croatia Hub!

Croatia Makarska

Makarska Croatia Sea Video

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IndiePharm profile image

IndiePharm 4 years ago from Niš, Serbia

Croatia is a beautiful country, I've visited Dubrovnik this year with my girlfriend and I was really astonished by its beauty. I recommend you to visit Dubrovnik. There's an airport near the town so it wouldn't be a problem for you to get there a bit easier. :)

AlexRad profile image

AlexRad 4 years ago from Kiev Author

IndiePharm, thank you for your comment! I visited Dubrovnik, too )) we went there by bus, as well as some other interesting sights. But this will be described in other hubs.

Claudia Tello profile image

Claudia Tello 4 years ago from Mexico

Croatia is on my list of places to visit. Everyone I know that has gone there speaks marvels of the country. I would love to make a bike trip; do you think the terrain is suitable for it (I mean not to mountainous)? Distances are perfect because it is a small country.

AlexRad profile image

AlexRad 4 years ago from Kiev Author

Hi Claudia, I would say definitely bike is a nice means to travel in Croatia. Even for Krka waterfalls bike is a nice choise. But I mean you'd better rent bike onsite, as distances are great, and some up and down roads, yeah.

Another hazard to consider is accidents on high-speed mountain roads, I saw one this year, it was very sad, so I recommend to take a bike only for smaller trips )) but this is only my opinion.

Engr subhan profile image

Engr subhan 4 years ago

hi every body h r u

Slightly Bonkers profile image

Slightly Bonkers 4 years ago from Ireland

Interesting Hub. I only stopped ad Makarska briefly once when doing Island Hopping. Must go there soon again...

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