The Titanic Quarter, Belfast

Titanic Quarter

The Titanic Quarter in Belfast is a waterfront regeneration project on Queens Island costing £7 billion, including apartments, a riverside entertainment district and a major titanic themed attraction under development on reclaimed land in Belfast harbour. In 2006, work began on phase one – a £44 million campus in Titanic Quarter. In October 2007, the second phase was given planning permission. This included the development of over 2000 homes.

Land Use

39% residential:

Waterfront apartments and family townhouses.

53% employment:

Industrial, high-tech office/administrative and ancillary services.

4% cultural:

Major attraction on the Titanic slipway, refurbishment of Harland & Wolff HQ, museum, and event space.

4% mixed use:

Leisure and tourism facilities, cruise liner berth, hotels, public spaces, quay walls, and boulevards.

A markerTitanic Quarter Belfast England -
Queens Island, Belfast BT3, UK
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The location of the Titanic Quarter in Belfast



  • Bricks, mortar & fossil fuels used to make buildings.
  • Diesel for vehicles.
  • Electricity for houses.
  • The land is now back in use.


  • There will need to be an infrastructure (schools, restaurants, hospital & shops) which will need more fossil fuels to make.
  • People will be happy with new houses to live in.


  • It will earn back the money it cost to make through selling the houses, renting offices and tourism facilities.
  • It cost £7 billion to make.


  • More jobs.
  • More houses.

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SandyMcCollum profile image

SandyMcCollum 4 years ago

It's a good paper on city planning. How long do you think all that will take to build and complete?

Tom Groves profile image

Tom Groves 4 years ago from United Kingdom Author

This gives an answer. It says it might open between march and april 2012, which means it just opened :)

But please do not believe what i say- i know little about the subject, i just had to write about it for geography homework :)

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