The Top 5 Must See Tourist Places in Chhattisgarh, India


There are numerous adorable tourist places in Chhattisgarh including the natural green forests, gorgeous waterfalls, scenic plateaus and meandering rivers, historic caves, quaint forts and myriads of wild lives. Chhattisgarh boasts of 3 National Parks and 11 Wildlife Sanctuaries - Indrawati National Park, Kanger Ghati National Park and Achanakmar Sanctuary are the notable ones. The natural wealth of Chhattisgarh offers an optic feast to the beholder and enough fodder for the lens of a visitor’s camera. The bulk of tourist attractions in Chhattisgarh however lie virtually unexplored as nearly 42% of the state's physical area consists of forests.

Chhattisgarh - A land full of surprises
Chhattisgarh - A land full of surprises

NMDC Corporate Film on Bailadila Mines in Dantewada


Being a recently carved out State from Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh is home to the enchanting district of Dantewada. Baila Dila, a mountain range and a mining area housing 14 oil reserves of good quality ores, is one of the prime Tourist Attractions in Dantewada. The mines, which draw a host of tourists, are found in Akash Nagar, the highest peak. This can be visited with prior permission from the National Mineral Development Corporation. The journey from Bacheli to Akash Nagar through meandering dense forests can be a thrilling experience. If you travel up a further 12 km by road from Kirandul, it leads to Kailash Nagar, another alluring peak.

Barsoor, situated along the Indrawati River, stands mute witness to the ruins of numerous temples of the 10th and 11th century. The Mama-Bhanja Temple, Chandratiya Temple and the giant statue of Lord Ganesha are not to be missed sites.

The Bodhghat Sath Dhara, the gorgeous waterfall created out of the seven parts of the split up Indrawati River, is a stunning place. Danteswari Temple, located on the confluence of Shankhini and Dakshini and constructed in the South Indian architectural style – is a great tourist landmark.

Kesariya Stupa, Champaran


Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, has steadily and deservingly gained in popularity as a tourist destination. If you are a nature-lover, as most tourists are, then visit the Turturiya Spring that is the topmost tourist highlight in Raipur. Fondly referred to as the Sursuri Ganga, this spring is located in the Turturiya village amidst dense forests. The Turturiya village is widely acknowledged as an archaeologically valuable site where you can come across the ruins pertaining to the 8th century AD as also the Brahmanical ruins belonging to a much later period.

Champaran is a village with immense religious significance – particularly because it is the birthplace of the revered Saint Vallabhacharya, who was an eminent reformer and the founder of the Vallabh sect. Miss not to visit the venerated temple in Champaran, dedicated to the memory of the Saint Vallabhacharya.

To the east of Raipur lies Sirpur which features the Laxman Temple and Gandheswar Temple. The Laxman Temple was reportedly built during the 7th century and the temple has the unique status of being one of the finest brick temples in India. The Gandheswar Temple has its majestic presence on the banks of River Mahanadi.

Bhoram Dev Temple

Other Chief Attractions of Chhattisgarh

The small age-old town of Kawardha is an extraordinary serene retreat offering breathtaking views of green earth and the royal palace here will provide some finer glimpses of the erstwhile Indian royalty. Make it a point to visit Bhoramdeo, which is often referred to as the Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh because of its elegantly carved erotic sculptures. The Chitrakote Falls also called the Niagra of India located deep in the heart of Bastar forest, plunges down from a height of 100 feet.

Located on the eastern part of Chhattisgarh, Bilaspur is reckoned as one of the foremost among important historical cities of the state. Bilaspur tourist attractions range from ancient historical sites and exquisitely built temples to majestic dams and modern structures.

Go to Jashpur that comprises of the Lower Ghat and the Upper Ghat. The Upper Ghat has some picturesque hills, green meadows and lush forest covers. The Lower Ghat comprise of a plain area with extensive grasslands. This region has several enchanting waterfalls that offer fantastic views to the visitors. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over an area of 55 sq. kilometers, features some of the rarest of rare animals, birds and plant species.

Visit Chhattisgarh

The state of Chhattisgarh has a great variety to offer in terms of travel and tourism that include impressive forest cover, gorgeous waterfalls, exotic wild life and a rich historical heritage. Chhattisgarh is a recently formed state of India and is generously endowed with some of the finest natural wealth and all visitors can look forward to a pleasant sojourn here.

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chhattisgarh is a very interesting hub. chhattisgarh is the nic tourism place in india .India offers a lot to the budding tourist, like myself! Thank you for this interesting hub!.In chhattisgarh raipur is nice city.

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shigrishi mountain in shihava dhamtari district

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Truly said Chhattisgarh offer much more than this,

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Tamra Ghoomar


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chhattisgarh is a land where u will get surprises and beautifull forests .if u visit chhattisgarh u must visit raipur it is full of malls.u must wisit chhattisgarh

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