Top 5 Must See Tourist Places in Uttrakhand, India

Uttarakhand or Uttaranchal

Uttarakhand - described by many as the land of the Gods, the abode of the towering Himalayas, a treasure house of exotic flora and fauna, an invigorating holiday retreat, and a paradise on earth - lures everyone from everywhere. Uttarakhand earlier known as Uttaranchal is the holiest of all Hindu pilgrimage centers as the land is home to four great religious sites - Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath. This apart, Uttarakhand boasts of pristine natural beauty, stately mountains, romantic glaciers and gurgling hill brooks, flower bedecked valleys, rare wild life and opportunities galore for adventure sports. Uttarakhand is neighbored by Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana and Nepal.

View of the Himalayas from Chopta, Uttarkhand, India
View of the Himalayas from Chopta, Uttarkhand, India



Nainital, located in Kumaon foothills, is one of India’s most picturesque hill stations surrounded by mountains on three sides. Though Nainital reportedly had as many as 60 lakes - most of the lakes have today sadly vanished robbing the town of all its erstwhile grandeur. But the saving grace is there are few other lakes adjoining Nainital which are equally serene and mesmerizing. Being a much sought-after tourist place Nainital is always busy and vibrant with the ingress of visitors.

Nainital, once known as the Lake District of Uttarakhand, is a ravishingly beautiful and tranquil hill station set amidst the seven hills at an average altitude of 1,938 m. There are a number of scenic places in and around Nainital for sightseeing like Naukuchiya Tal, Mukteshwar, Sat Tal, Dorothy’s Seat (Tiffin Top), Naini Lake, Mall Road, Hanuman Garhi, Astronomical Observatory etc.

Around Mussoorie


Mussoorie is located in the Garhwal hills and because of its colorful natural beauty, the local people fondly referred to it as the queen of hill stations. The name, Mussoorie, is derived from plants of 'Mussoorie' which were then found in abundance here. Over the years, this hill station gradually developed as a center of education, business and tourism. Mussoorie is characterized by a pleasant climate and verdant woods that make it an ideal stress-free retreat. Its modern architecture, lively shopping malls and manicured gardens draw numerous tourists at all times of the year. The prime highlights of this town are Tibetan Temple, Lake Mist, Mussoorie Lake, Municipal Gardens, Gun Hill, Kempty Fall, Nag Devta Temple, Van Chetna Kendra and Jwalaji Temple (Benog Hill).

Buddhist Temple at Clement Town in Dehradun


If you are driven by wanderlust, or have an avid adventure sports enthusiast or lover of wildlife, or a spiritual seeker or simply a holidaymaker, Dehradun has enough variety to satisfy everyone. Dehradun is a dynamic happening town situated in the Doon Valley of the Lower Himalayan Ranges.

Dehradun is one of the oldest cities of India and is the capital of Uttarakhand - cozily resting in the mountain ranges of the Himalaya. Dehradun is widely known as an important base for trekking and adventure activities. The Kalinga War Memorial, The Gurkha Fort, Rajaji National Park, Malsi Deer Park, Sahastradhara, Time-honored Monastery and Tapkeshwar Temple are the major attractions of this town. This hill station is undoubtedly one of the most adorable tourist spots in Uttarakhand.

SNOW PEAKS, ALMORA, Uttrakhand, India


Almora is one of the most exquisite places in Kumaon region of Uttrakhand - full of scenic beauty. It is a wonderful spot for nature lovers and seekers of solitude unlike the glamour and glitter of Nainital. Almora is a very virgin hill-station and its scenic beauty remains to this day unspoilt. You will find here the rugged forts, quaint monuments and spectacular palaces built by the rulers of Chandravansh and Katyuri dynasty.

It may not be wrong to say that Mother Nature had been partial and has blessed Almora with her immaculate love. To add to the romantic surroundings, besides city flows the Koshi (Kaushaki) and Suyal (Salmali) rivers. Public Museum, Nanda Devi Temple, Chetai Temple Katarmal, Bright End Corner, and Simtola are the other key tourist attractions of this place.

Beautiful Ranikhet


Ranikhet, situated in the Kumaon hills located at an altitude of 1829 m above sea level, is an alluring place that has retained its virginity and pristine charm despite all modernization. Ranikhet is undoubtedly an ideal site to enjoy the panoramic vistas of the Himalayan ranges. It has been endowed with natural beauty in generous measure - in the form of green meadows, undulating hills, snow-capped mountains, meandering rivers and clear silver rivulets. Several other tourist attractions in this place that demand a visit are Chaubatia, Jhoola Devi Ram Mandir, Mankameshwar, Bhaludam, Tarikhet and Kalika.

Visit Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a veritable storehouse of a number of delightful tourist spots that include sacred pilgrimage sites, wildlife sanctuaries, mountainous landscapes, lush green valleys, grassy meadows, cascading waterfalls, gorgeous rivers, dense forests, bewitching hill stations and the majestic mystic Himalayas.

Tourists have lots of opportunities to lose themselves completely in Uttrakhand - be it wildlife, natural scenery, pilgrimage or adventure. Gangotri is an ideal place of tourist attraction as it is located at the base of the holy river Ganges. There is nothing to feel disappointed for the tourists who come to Uttrakhand. The only disappointment may be felt when they have to leave this heavenly abode created by the Gods.

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rajesh jayal 2 years ago

Uttarakhand is a state of bliss and panornic beauty one can find the meaning of life there

Rojus 3 years ago

Hi Kranthi,first of all,congratulations.About Nainital,its really a good place to visit.But postiblisy of getting snowfall in december is very less,it generally starts in mid january.And Nainital lakes never gets freezes,so you can enjoy boating throughout the year.There are number of hotels in nainital esp on mall road, like The Manu Maharani,Hotel Arif Castlesetc.



simran 5 years ago

awesome place must visit it

Pankaj raina 5 years ago

Well i had completed my mba through dit these 2 years i had travelled doon,massoori,haridwar,rishikesh etc, many times...these r realy awsome places,,, i miss those beautiful days...

dharambir kr 5 years ago

its breathtaking place guys............

to take the taste of life, u guys must come here

garima 5 years ago

hiii guys , am also from uttrakhand means from ranikhet . without doubt , it's a beautiful place to see .

Manoj pandey 6 years ago

Hats off man to stils maintains its virginityyyyyyyyyyyyy......................................truly astounding

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