The Top Five Cities to Visit in Texas

Texas is a fantastic state with many great things to do with the family. If you ever get a chance to visit Texas, I have written a separate hub on the top ten places to visit in Texas that you can check out. In this hub, I will focus on the Top 5 Texas cities to visit.

5. Houston- Houston, Texas is the largest city in Texas. It is located just up from the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is home to many sports teams and vacation attractions. Some vacation attractions are the Johnson Space Center and The Mission Control Tower. This is the place where they guide and talk with the folks on the space shuttles. Another area of attractive sites is the Houston Museum District. It is a part of Houston, located around Rice University. The Houston Museum District is home to many parks, a large zoo, fine arts museum, health museum, and science museum. There is 16 notable museums located in the district. The district even has its own train to shuffle visitors around. There is also a Theater District. The main place in this district is the Bayou Place. The Bayou Place is an entertainmant complex which holds many movie theaters, bars, and restaurants. Houston is a great city to visit with many things to do.

4. San Antonio- San Antonio, Texas is the second largest city in Texas. San Antonio is know for its Mexican culture and influence. In my opinion, the greatest attraction in Texas is located here. Its The Alamo. The Alamo was a battle in the Texas Revolution againest Mexico and Santa Anna. The Texans won, claiming independence. The Alamo today has been re-done since the war times and is now a popular museum. Another big attraction is the River Walk. The River Walk is a place where there are sidewalks next to the river. You can walk along the river and enjoy a nice, quiet walk. Well, quiet if your not by the mall. Located along the River Walk are many stores, malls, and restaurants. Bands can also be seen playing along the river. Boat rides are also available, which I recommend greatly. I have never forgotten the time when we rode boats in the river through the city. If you ever get a chance to visit San Antonio, those 2 attractions would be the most fun for you and your family.

3. Austin- Austin, Texas is the fourth largest city in Texas. Austin is Texas' capitol, which is probably the most important attraction. The capitol building offers special tours for visitors. You get to see a great part of the capitol building. One other attraction is the Arboretum. The Arboretum is a series of malls, fancy restaurants, high-end living places, and successful companies. Some museums in Austin are the Texas Memorial Museum, Harry Ransom Center, and the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum. The Bob Bullock Museum, for short, is a specialized museum for telling the story of Texas and its beginnings. It contains three floors of exhibits, an IMAX theatre, and many stop and go shows. Austin is a cool city to visit, especially at night.

2. Amarillo- Amarillo, Texas is the largest city in the Panhandle, and the 14th largest city in Texas. Amarillo has many fun attractions and sites. One big attraction is the American Quarter House Association. It's a museum dedicated to the American Quarter Horse, which is a breed of horse used for racing. Another fun place to visit in Amarillo is the Big Texan. At the Big Texan, which you might have seen on my other Texas hubs, is a big restaurant with many great things to do. Inside there are electronic games to play, fake shooting games, and my favorite part, the restaurant. The restaurant area is a famous place in Texas. It is the home of the FREE 72 oz steak. There is a raised platform at the front where any challenger that wants to take on the task can do so. You have an hour to eat the steak (which has a lot of fat), a roll, salad, and a baked potato. There is a catch though; if you don't eat all of it, its $72.00! So come hungry, and hopefully leave happy. Overall, Amarillo is a great city with cool places to visit.

1. Dallas/Fort Worth- The Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex is located in northern Texas. Dallas and Fort Worth are neighbors, so that's why I put both Dallas and Fort Worth. I will be focusing on Dallas, though. Dallas is the 3rd largest city in Texas. Dallas is number 1 because I believe it has the best tourist attractions. Some big ones are the Cotton Bowl, where the fair is also located, Dallas Museum of Art, Reunion Arena, Southern Methodist University (SMU), The State Fair of Texas, Six Flags/Hurricane Harbour, Texas Stadium, which is being moved to Arlington, Texas, The Dallas Zoo, Victory Plaza, and Reunion Tower. If you will only be here a couple days or so, I strongly suggest Reunion Tower. Reunion Tower is also called to Dallas residents as the "Ball". That name says it all. Reunion Tower is a tower in downtown. You can go up to the top, where there is a fancy restaurant and a place to just go up and look. From up there, you can see all of Dallas and way off to other places. One interesting characteristic of Reunion Tower is that it spins. You can't see it spinning, but it does. It takes an hour for the "Ball" to go all the way around in a complete circle. If you eat at the restaurant, you will surely see the whole ball rotate at least once. Dallas is a very great city to visit.

I hope you get to visit Texas someday, maybe even these cities. Thanks for reading!


The Texas Flag
The Texas Flag

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Dink96 profile image

Dink96 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

Been to San Antonio many times. The Alamo is a must-see and I highly recommend the Yanaguana River Barges. Lots of fun on the Riverwalk. And it's fun to get out of the city and visit the surrounding towns. If it's summer, try the Schlitterbahn--the #1 waterpark in the country!

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

O yeah you are absolutely right! The surronding areas of big cities are also cool. Especially the ones in the Hill Country. Yes, I have been to Schlitterbahn twice. Its a great water park! Thanks for the comment!


Ammarah 7 years ago

Hi! I really enjoyed reading your story. I have a state report and I chose the state Texas. I got some ideas by reading your essay Thanks!

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed it. I hope you get a good grade!

Cris A profile image

Cris A 7 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Two of my friends are in your state. One in Dallas and the other in El Paso. Both are nurses. And I envy them now! LOL Thanks for sharing, a lovely state indeed :D

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

HA! Those are both lovely cities. Thanks Cris

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

*pfft* I don't see the Waco area in the Top 5! LOL I am only teasing. I love San Antonio and the hill country areas between Austin and San Antonio. Houston drives me nuts! Way too much going on there for a country girl like me!

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Theres nothing good in Waco! Just BU :) lol, just kidding. I love stopping at that czech stop for donuts and snacks, you know what im talking about? Yeah, I like drivin through the hill country; its amazing! Thanks KCC

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

I know exactly where you're talking about! It's a popular stop between Austin and Dallas.

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Yep! Its very popular!

Single Mama profile image

Single Mama 7 years ago

I've been in the DFW area for two years and I'm still learning where everything is. It's so huge. The airport is it's own city!

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Ha! Your absolutely right! Thanks for the comment

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

John - I've been to Texas once on a stopover when there was a problem with our plane and saw only dark roads and a motel. How I wished we could have had some time there. My son recently went to Big Bend and whoah, his pictures were fantastic, what a beautiful beautiful place.

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Thanks! You should visit sometime

wannabwestern profile image

wannabwestern 7 years ago from The Land of Tractors

I have a love/hate relationship with Texas. Lived there during my teenage years and came back (though I said I never would) to live in Dallas (Rowlett, actually). Texas is so unique and a fascinating subject that will give you topics for many hubs to come! I want to see a hub on Texas twisters. Should I make a request?

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Thanks! Although I have not written a hub on Texas twisters (which is a good topic), i have written several hubs on weather. 1 or 2 on tornadoes if you wanna check them out! If this doesn't fit your needs, please make a request, I will be out of town until July 5, so I will be unable to answer until then! Thanks again,


FreedomChic1776 7 years ago

You might want to clarify that the Texans did not win at the Alamo, just the overall war.

Wealthmadehealthy profile image

Wealthmadehealthy 7 years ago from Somewhere in the Lone Star State

Having lived in TX since I was 8 years old and lived in all of the cities named above, I much prefer the coast and the Corpus Christi area. It is not mentioned in this hub, but is very beautiful, there is a laid back community called Port Aransas which is not mentioned here either, yet it serves one of the largest volumes of tourism around. After all, this is where all the UT ers go on Spring Break!!!

The music is awesome, the restaurants superb, the fishing is too much, and a great local saying is: " The weather is here, I wish you were beautiful" LOL Try it, you'll love it!!

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Cool! Actually, funny you say, I have written a hub called Top Ten Places to Visit in Texas and a second list with Port Aransas as number 1! I have also written a couple hubs on Port Aransas and Mustang Island. I go every year and I know what you mean! It rocks!!!

John Z profile image

John Z 7 years ago from Midwest

John, I lived in San Antonio as a teenager and watched them erect the Hemisphere tower for the World's fair in 1968 from my front yard. Truly a cool summer. But I grew up mainly in Dallas. I love the city but no longer live there. Thanks for the informative Hub!

Adam W 7 years ago

Great! I have very nice memories of hitchhiking across whole Texas.

johnb0127 profile image

johnb0127 7 years ago from TX Author

Thanks Adam. That would be extremely fun!

vanessa 6 years ago

o yeah this flagg is beautiful and by the way i love the colors :) :) :)

larry 2010 6 years ago

Houston is by far the best city in Texas, if you like the fast land and always something to do and stores and restaurants opened 24/7. Clubs stay open until the early hours of the morning, Downtown,Uptown,Midtown,The Washington District,Richmond District and everywhere in between. My friends live in the "Metroplex" and when they come down to Houston,they are awed that Clubs and Bars stay open until the sun comes up. The freeways are busy all day and night,it's like living in NYC and if you think the Metroplex is big the Houston Metroplex is even bigger. If you want peace and quiet well then Houston isn't for you. This place rocks all day and all night!

camilaa 5 years ago

i LOVE my big TEXAS so...........

DON'T mess with TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nick 4 years ago

Actually the dfw metroplex is bigger than houston's. Look it up, 4th largest in the country I believe.

Penn 2 years ago

I am looking to go to Texas for vacation and to possible relocate from Long Island. Ant suggestions

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