The Worst Place On Earth for Women and Gays

Many gays and women might think that living in the USA or Europe are horrible places due to violations of human rights. Actually, they are the best places despite some abuses. In comparison, a new study, just released shows that Uganda and Congo are truly "hell on earth" for these two groups.

For women in Congo, the stats are simply mind boggling:

  • 1152 women are brutally raped daily
  • 48 women raped an hour
  • That is 26 times worse than the UN study showing 16,000 rapes a year
  • Over 400,000 women were raped there from 2006-2007
  • For every 1000 women, 29 had been raped
  • A woman in the Congo is 58 times more likely of being raped than in the US where the rate is a paltry 0.5 per 1000 women
  • The worse province in the Congo is North Kivu, where 67 women are raped for every 1000 there

The answers as to why are cultural but mostly because the Congo, a nation of 70 million (about the size of Western Europe) has been in war for decades and its local warring tribes and militia (armed with AK-47, machine guns) use rape to destroy communities they take  over.

As for gay men and women, you best stay clear of Uganda. They are also fighting the Shabaab, an African al-qaeda funded group in Somalia, but their intolerance of homosexuals is deadly. At one time, gays that were caught were sentenced to death by hanging or firing squad if they have HIV or same sex rape cases. Activists on the Internet have sent the Ugandan government 1.4 million signatures condemning this and the US has threaten to pull aid if it passes. Those who aid and help homosexuals and are caught would be imprisoned for seven years. Gays in Uganda are always under public scrutiny and local tabloids publish names and photos of known homosexuals, which leads to their death many times. They often promote "cowboy justice", get a rope a hang 'em.

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jpcmc profile image

jpcmc 5 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

Yaiks! These figures are really disturbing. It goes to show that some people are not humans at all.

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author

Tell me about it!

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