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The first part of the title of my hub is somewhat misleading as there are no actual casinos in the city of Chicago. The driving distance is as little as 25 minutes to as much as an hour and a half depending on traffic and driving location. As you may or may not know there is pending legislation on legalizing gambling in Chicago but this has not yet become a reality. The purpose of this article is to give the casual gambler a guide to casinos near Chicago. I recently made the move and had the damndest time finding a reasonable poker game. Hence my need to create this guide.

Key Points answered by Chicago Casino Guide

  • Distance of Casino from Chicago
  • Square Footage of Casino
  • Does the Casino offer Table Games?
  • Does the Casino offer Live Poker?
  • What special Promotions does the Casino offer?

#5 Empress Casino Joliet (Currently Closed)

Address: 2300 Empress Drive, Joliet -  Coming in at an impressive 50,000 square feet the Empress boasts an impressive 1,100 slots with all the standard table games (Black Jack , 4 Card Poker, Craps). As this Casino is currently closed due to Fire I will have more information on its reopening date which is schedule for late July 2009.

#4 Potawatomi

Address: 1721 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53233 (Located 1.5 hours from Chicago)

Featuring over 3,100 slot machines the Potawatomi also includes Craps, Let it Ride, and you guessed it Bingo. Yes Bingo. In my research, this is one of the few Casinos to offer tutorials on gambling on almost a nightly basis. I had to include the Potawatomi on my list as I hear nothing but good things about this Wisconsin based Casino. Their Poker room is open 24 hours a day with nearly 25 tables of live action. Unfortunately there are no gambling promotions.

#3 Harrah's Casino Joilet

Address: 151 N. Joilet St. Contact Number 800-427-7247 (Located 1.0 Hours from Chicago)

The Harrah's Joilet is located approximately 1 hour from the Chicago area with no traffic. Harrah's features over 1,100 slot machines as is know for it's video poker. Sadly Harrah's has no live poker at the time of this writing but has BlackJack, Craps and Baccarratt to take it's place. *Promotion of Note* Friday Night Hot Seat - A random player is chosen to take a chip out of a treasure chest. The chip's value is $1.00 - $1,000. Every player at the table where the player chooses a chip with receive secondary prizes.

#2 Grand Victoria Casino

Address: 250 S. Grave Ave, Elgin, IL -Contact Number -847-888-1000 (50 Minute Drive from Chicago)

The Grand Victoria Casino is one of the many located on a riverboat. At nearly 400 feet long and 100 feet wide, this is one of the bigger riverboat casinos in the near Chicago area. The Grand Victoria features the following table games: 17 Blackjack tables, 6 Poker Tables, 4 Craps Tables a Caribbean Stud and Baccarat Table. *Promotion of Note* $4,000 Craps for cash. $4,000 to any player who shoots each of the six points during a single hand.

#1 Horseshoe Casino Hammond, IL

Address: 777 Casino Ctr Dr Hammond, IN 46320 (Approximately 20 minutes from Chicago)

I may be biased because of the short trip to the Indiana Skyway but this is by far my favorite Chicago area Casino. Their poker room is amongst the best in the state.To date they have over 30 poker tables and one of the only High Stakes Poker Rooms in the state. Poker tour events are held here. In terms of promotion they have great payouts for the top poker hands. The Horseshoe is also home to over 3,200 slot machines with a special area for all you Keno players out there.


slot bonus 6 years ago

I bet that if enough money was donated to the right politicians that DT Chicago wold have its own casino. I knew of the casino in Milwaukee, but I did not know that the others were actually that close. The Harrah's Casino in Joilet sounds like a great place to visit.

GamingDirectory profile image

GamingDirectory 6 years ago

That's helpful. I am sure all casino lovers would love to know the place especially in Chicago. And your Hub really serve the purpose.

Thanks for sharing.

HotelCasinoDir profile image

HotelCasinoDir 6 years ago

Harrah's Casino Joilet looks perfect place for me as its no traffic zone route. And I often come across this name. So I have a wish to be there soon. Not sure for others. But definitely would love to check them too.

Thanks illminatus for sharing about Chicago Casinos Places

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