Things To Do In Springfield Missouri

Visiting Springfield Missouri

Springfield Missouri which is located in the southern part of the state of Missouri,is a beautiful place to visit with its green rolling hills and gorgeous scenery. Springfield which is also known as the birthplace of Route 66 is the third largest city in the state of Missouri. But more importantly you will find Springfield to be a fun and modern city literally filled with fun activities for those who know where to go.

Visitors to Springfield are usually struck first by its beautiful scenery and next by just how large this city actually is. It's been approx. 20 years since I moved away from this area and although I try to visit once or twice a year I am continually amazed with its growth.

Living in or near Springfield gives you all the advantages of city life without losing the advantages of small town life. Because for all its size Springfield has a lower crime rate than most cities of its size. And the cost of living is surprisingly low, you will also find that its citizens for the most part tend to be friendly and helpful.

The Battle Of Wilson's Creek

Things to do in springfield missouri
Things to do in springfield missouri

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield

Springfield has a rich and diverse history with one of the most well known site's being of course Wilson's Creek National Battlefield. Because Missouri was considered a border state during the Civil War Springfield was a divided state. On August 10th 1861 the first major conflict west of the Mississippi occurred at Wilson's Creek Battlefield. This battle which involved approx. 5,400 Union troops and 12,000 Confederate troops was won by the Confederates. Be sure to visit in August of 2011 when they will be celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Wilson's Creek with a reenactment. Also don't forget to visit the Civil War Museum while you're here.

fun things to do in springfield missouri
fun things to do in springfield missouri

Local Attractions

Dickerson Park Zoo:
For a afternoon out with the family why not visit the Dickerson Park Zoo. Established in 1922 the Dickerson Park Zoo is home to more than 450 animals of 160 different species. You'll enjoy walking the scenic trails throughout the zoo. And I have to say that I was was also impressed with how content and well cared for the animals seemed to be. Plus the staff is also helpful and friendly.

Fantastic Caverns:
Billed as America's only ride through cavern this is one attraction that you and your family should experience at least once. It is a little expensive though, but the family will enjoy the tour and learning about the interesting history of the cave. Plus the staff is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Discovery Center of Springfield:
Described as an interactive hands on museum and great fun for the young and young at heart. The Discovery Center of Springfield is great fun for the whole family and once you visit you'll definitely want to come back again.

American National Fish and Wildlife Museum:
Located next to the Bass Pro Shop the American National Fish and Wildlife Museum is definitely worth taking a look at. Closed right now for major renovations you'll want to pay them a visit when they reopen. And while you're here don't forget the check out the Bass Pro Shop which boasts an indoor waterfall and numerous examples of the the fish and wildlife that is native to the area. As well as every fishing and hunting supply you could ever want.

Places To Eat

Springfield has literally thousands of places to eat so you really have your choice as to what types of cuisine that you prefer. For a nice family style buffet I like the Golden Corral and for American Cuisine you can't beat TGI Fridays. Red Lobster of course is great for sea food.

Lambert's Cafe:

And for interesting dining experience you might want to visit Lamberts which is located only minutes away from Springfield in Sikeston Mo. Well known for their generous portions and throwed rolls, you might think that the above is a miss print but at Lambert's Cafe they actually throw your dinner rolls to you . Lambert's Cafe is one place that you won't leave hungry but because of their popularity you might want to call ahead, otherwise at times the wait could be as long as two hours.

Lambert's Cafe Home Of The Throwed Roll

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Missred profile image

Missred 5 years ago

Enjoyed the tour!


chasemillis profile image

chasemillis 5 years ago

Great Hub! I'll refer back to this if I ever venture there. I almost want to go there just to have the waiters throw my food at me :)

Karen N profile image

Karen N 5 years ago from United States Author

Thanks Missred and Chasemillis.

For a lot of people Lambert's is the highlight of their visit to Springfield.

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saif113sb 5 years ago

Good work and nice hub. thanks

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