Things To Have While Travelling

There are things that you have to carry with you to make travelling a breeze. Whether you are going for a coast to coast flight or a short trip on a train or bus it is a must to prepare all your things and arrange them in your luggage to make sure you travel hassle free.

Passport, IDs, and Documents - Keep them handy pls...

If you are going out of the country the first thing you might want to prepare are your travelling documents. Your passport, visa and identification cards must be in a handy, waterproof case that has a strap or sling that you can carry with you anywhere you go. You must bring extra pictures of you and your family and also have your credit cards handy in a card case as well. Make sure that everything is set and updated before you keep them away. Do not keep these inside your clothes luggage instead keep them in your bag or purse just in case you need to present any identification. Travel safety is always the key when travelling here and abroad.

Travelling book, Map, Translator - Still in your purse!

Have a travelling guide book, map and translator or pocket dictionary of the country you are going to visit. Or if you are just travelling locally, a local map would be handy to have around. Have the local currency of the country you are going to visit handy before you leave or if not hand carry a few dollars to exchange. Your credit card or debit card is also useful just in case you don’t have local money with you.

What's Everything In Your Bag?

Prepare your clothes carefully. Take note of your purpose of visit. If you are going on a beach vacation bring extra swimsuits and wraps. Bring shirts that can be worn casually or formally to avoid a heavy luggage. Pants and skirts must be in neutral colors to match any colored outfit. Bring a blazer or a jacket and also a small hat and sunglasses.

With regards to shoes bring one formal one and another for just walking around like a sandal. Depending on where you are going, you might need extra gear like if you are going to a cold destination you need extra jackets and gloves. If you are going for a business trip then you need to bring suits and also an extra belt and tie. The number of underwear you bring must be depending on the number of days you would be gone times two. You will never know if you ever need a new one. Keep all socks, underwear and intimates in a separate bag. Footwear must also be in a separate zip lock bag. Sometimes there are airline regulations that prohibit passengers from bringing toiletries with them. So just bring the essentials.

As for your favorite cologne, a small spray bottle, your deodorant and shaving cream, place them in a toiletry bag. You can purchase soap, toothbrush and toothpaste when you arrive. Don’t forget your daily medications and their prescription handy with you during the trip.

Oh, Don't Forget The Gadgets - Who hasn't have them, eh?

When it comes to gadgets to bring there are a lot to choose from. If you love to listen to music where ever you go you can bring your MP3 player with your own headset or ear buds. You can bring a PSP if you like to buy time playing games. If you have your own laptop or tablet you can use it to take notes while you are on your trip, play multimedia or browse the web. If the mode of transportation does not have Wi-Fi you can use a USB dongle Internet stick. Just load it up and you can use your laptop anywhere. Remember to bring your laptop accessories too.

So going from here to there is certainly better if you plan ahead of time. It is not just getting there; it is really what you do before you get to your destination that matters to make the trip a great one.

...then don't forget common sense when travelling. Have a safe trip!

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lgmhead 8 weeks ago

It's very important to make a list of the things you will need before traveling, this will help you to not forget the things you really need and helps you to mantain order. It will make the traveling experience more comfortable giving you security that you have everything on hand and not having to buy anything extra.

joe ike 8 weeks ago

well sometimes people forget essential things while travelling we may not know how important remenbering things are but this is just an eye opener to travellers while we want to travel.

its an awesome article by the author. from cologne to necessary things we need. thank you for posting

Jonathan Cuttler 8 weeks ago

I just love traveling. And whenever I do travel, I tend to carry with me a lot of stuff especially gadgets like a camera, my laptop, iPad, phone and more. Many are the times I tend to forget one or two accessories like a laptop charger or spare batteries for my camera. Thanks to this article I will now be planning my trips ahead to avoid such confusions.

Mile 8 weeks ago

I think that documents and clothes are the most important things to trow attention on, all others are not essential. How many times people prepare for travel and bring inappropriate clothes because, for an example, season on travel destination is winter, not summer as they thought so they must buy new clothes. So, besides this, you must check geography of your travel destination.

These article is useful for every travel you made, as a tourist or for business.

vivacola 8 weeks ago

I love travel in our lives. very important to make a list of the things you will traveling . Even when we are at travel we love to go climbing, snowboarding, cycling…anything. We can’t sit still and when we travel, we love finding new adventures to try.

romaz 8 weeks ago

altough i did not travel in my life but i really like to travel all the world , taking alot of stuffs when traviling is not a good idea because it make it hard for transporting the bags and to remember what you brought with you when you traveld before going back since you dont want to forget any thing

taking just the important and neccesiry stuffs with the minimum number of each stuff kind is the best idea like you said about the shoes one formal and one for walking not two formal

when i travel i will read your article againg to know what to take ......

thank you for your important article

Amanda 8 weeks ago

Congratz! It's a very useful article for everyone who don't know what things must take before making a long travel. I think that the passport is the most important document but also cash, credit cards, cellphone with activate roaming and some clothes are relevant things. I urge everyone to read this article.

Yassine Yassinou profile image

Yassine Yassinou 8 weeks ago

to make a long journey must be preventive, don't forget anything on paper passport Credit Card,phone and more. Many are the times I tend to forget one or two accessories like a laptop charger or spare batteries for my camera. Thanks to this article I will now be planning my trips ahead to avoid such confusions.

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