Things to consider in a family friendly hotel in Phuket

Keeping the kids happy while on vacation is good for your peace of mind
Keeping the kids happy while on vacation is good for your peace of mind

Taking your children on vacation can be an opportunity for lifelong memories, but there are also a lot of things to take into consideration in order to ensure your family holiday is a stress free success. Beautiful and exotic Thailand has many things to offer the whole family, including many resorts that have taken steps to help all members of the family enjoy themselves.
The following are items to be reviewed when looking forĀ  family friendly Phuket resorts.

Family friendly rooms.

Adjoined rooms are a must when traveling with children that are younger, however some hotels take it to the next level with rooms specifically designed to make your time at the hotel more comfortable. The Holiday Inn Phuket Resort offers kid`s suites, their "room within a room", providing children with their own private space with fun facilities like, bunk beds, their own TV and video games. Or, you can opt for a family suite with rooms that connect and rooms designed with kids in mind. Your kids will be delighted to find a box of toys in these rooms, as well as video games, video and a TV set. Rooms like these really reduce the stress level for both parents and kids, as the parents can relax in the room knowing that the children are safe in the next room, and the children can do their own thing in their own room.

Kid's Clubs

While it seems that just about every hotel and resort has a place to leave the kids, it`s a good idea to do a bit of investigating to see not only what kind of activities are available, but which of the activities are included for free and which ones charge extra. Also, it might be helpful to know which hotels do basically the same activities everyday, and which hotels have a longer, more diverse schedule, like the revolving 2 week schedule at the Laguna Beach Resort, ideal for longer stays.
Things like Playstation or XBox consoles, DVDs, and arts and crafts are pretty much standard in all Kid's Clubs, but families looking for a little more variety might enjoy any of the resorts in the Laguna complex of resorts that offers exciting activities at the Quest Laguna Phuket Adventure facilities.
If you have teenagers, finding a hotel or resort that offers something for both smaller kids and teenagers is a smart move. With filtered internet connected computers and more age appropriate games, the JW Marriott Resort & Spa and the Holiday Inn Phuket Resort is great for teenagers visiting with families.
The aforementioned Laguna Beach Resort hotel, for instance, features baby elephants that are sure to be a hit with youngsters and families. At certain times throughout the day children can ride the baby elephants and even frolic with them in the water.

Baby sitting services

Most Kid's Clubs like the ones mentioned here accept children from 4 years and up. If you would like to have a relaxing time by the pool or have a romantic dinner without your young children, you should be able to do so knowing that your children are being safely watched by someone that is trustworthy. While a lot of hotels and resorts offer babysitting, both in the Kid's Clubs during the day and in your room in the evenings, Evason Phuket & Six Senses Spa goes one further and actually offers overnight "sleepover" services, a closely supervised overnight babysitting service.


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