Pubs, Bars and Nightclubs in Maynooth Ireland, Mantra, The Roost, Bradys and more

Maynooth, due to it’s location next to Dublin and being the home of NUI, Maynooth, is naturally a nightlife haven backed full of fun, cool people and craic. Whichever level of clubbing or nightlife you’re in the mood for, Maynooth can generally entertain, with it’s huge range of quaint Pubs, lively Lounges and well known Nightclubs including the infamous Celebrity spotting Mantra Nightclub.

Maynooth is located in the north east of Kildare and is considered to be part of the greater Dublin area, this means it has full Dublin buss services, 66 and 67, which travel constantly to and from Dublin City Center and also Irish rail services.

Below is a list of Pubs and Nightclubs in Maynooth, all of which are worth a visit or two…or three.

The Roost Pub

If you’re in the mood for a dimly lit, quite, friendly and easy going atmosphere then The Roost Pub is a must. The Roost is quite a large pub with separate bars, a public bar, lounge area, mezzanine bar and a music bar. It is a combination of old meets new and has many of its original pieces in place. It is located just across the road from Maynooth castle.The Roost has a huge seated smoking area.

Mantra Lounge

Mantra is well known as the no.1 club destination in Maynooth, but during the daytime hours the downstairs section of the club remains a fancy and fabulous, chique and modern lounge which has beer and cocktails on the menu. Mantra is a must do it you feel like having a drink in a high society premises.

Saints Bar

If you’re in the mood for cocktails and modern chique surroundings, then Saints Bar is ideal with it’s large selection of cocktails at reasonable prices. This cocktail bar is located at the Glen Royal Hotel just off the Main Street Maynooth.

Brady’s Clock House

Brady’s has a traditional pub style cosy interior with tiered seating areas and a small seated smoking area. Brady’s has a good amount of bar staff to take your orders so there’s no need to walk to the bar for your drinks. Like other pubs it’s dimly lit and has a relaxed atmosphere.

Caulfield’s Bar (Piano bar)

Caulfield’s Bar is a must if you want a relaxed atmosphere, gorgeous surroundings, an occasional piano player, friendly bar staff and a wooden patio style heated smoking area. Caulfield’s has a great seating layout with sofa style seating in the centre, higher seating at the sides and a tiered seating area at the back of the bar which is quite cosy and secluded.

O’ Neill’s Bar

O’Neill’s is again a dimly lit cosy old style bar, which had a recent re decorating but retains it’s old pub style.

O’Neill’s, like all other pubs mentioned above is on Main Street Maynooth and in viewing/walking distance from each other.

This quaint bar has much pub style seating and a small patio style sheltered smoking area which is a lovely area to sit during the summer months.

Newtown Inn

Newtown Inn is Maynooth newest establishment, which has a small pub style bar section full of locals and an impressive contemporary well lit, high ceiling, church style lounge area complete with pool tables. The lounge area is recommended if you want a great atmosphere and a game of pool with pals. There is also a seated, sheltered and heated smoking area hidden at the side.

Newtown Inn is not located on Main Street Maynooth, but is literally 5 minutes walk from main street, over Bond bridge and is hidden in the Meadowbrook-Beaufield residential area.

Mantra Garden Bar and Club

Mantra as mentioned above is the no.1 clubbing destination in Maynooth, with its funky, chique, contemporary and Buddhist style décor. Mantra has been known to be good for celebrity spotting, well dressed people and a great time.

The club covers two floors, with a huge ground floor that plays old classics to modern classics and a top floor that generally plays livelier pop and house tracks. Both floors boast indoor style heated smoking areas with an Asian-Buddhist style décor complete with a giant gold Buddha statue and waterfall and tropical foliage.

Entry is not free, but on occasions it is downstairs before 11pm.

Downstairs – 5euro

Upstairs – 10euro (sometimes is free for ladies)

The Roost (Upstairs)

The Roost, before Mantra arrived, was the no.1 club on the scene and was a must do for every college student here. This infamous club is still a great place to party and let go and is generally packed full of cool and easy going people every night. The club is like a maze with many little alcoves and hidden areas to sit and generally plays pop music all night. The one disadvantage about the Roost is that there is no cloak room so coats must be left with a group for safety.

The club has a massive smoking area that is usually jam packed full of all sorts of people and is a great area to socialise.

Entry is Free 24/7.

Brady’s – B2 (Upstairs)

Brady’s club, B2, is located upstairs in Brady’s Pub on main street Maynooth and is one of Maynooth’s hotspots being in the top 3 clubbing destinations in the town.

Brady’s is a lot of fun with quite a big dance floor and great music ranging from classics to latest pop. The club is very popular and is usually quite packed so if you like your space, Brady’s is not for you.

Downstairs there’s a small and very sociable seated smoking area with seats aligned along parallel walls – which is what makes it so sociable!

Entry is Free 24/7.

O’ Neill’s (Upstairs)

Another popular club in Maynooth is O’Neill’s which is just above O’Neill’s Bar mentioned above. The club is a smaller sized club and is not generally as packed as other clubs but is still good fun and if you hate not being able to move in clubs then I’d suggest you come to this one. O’Neill’s plays the latest tracks and has a cute and slightly hidden dance floor.

O’Neill’s has no cloakroom but it’s very safe to leave your coat down.

Entry is Free 24/7.

The SU Bar ex

The SU, aka Students Union, is the students bar located in the north campus of NUI, Maynooth and is one of the most fun places you can be during a late night bar extension, ‘bar ex’. During the day, and college hours, the bar is a great sociable place full of college students playing pool and if you are young and want to go for a drink during the daylight hours then feel free as most college students are doing the same and will keep you company.

Make sure to occasionally check the SU bar website for any upcoming bar ex’s as they are the top place to be in Maynooth regardless of Mantra and Roost. Some bar ex’s will host famous groups and previous ones have seen groups such as, The Vengaboys and The Coronas.

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