Three & Four Star Hotels - The Poor Man's Five Star!

A classy four star hotel!
A classy four star hotel!

If, like me, you love posh hotels but, also like me, you find the flamboyant expense of a five star hotel too much to bare then you should probably look to the four to three star hotel bracket. The relative difference in hotel experience between a four star hotel and five star hotel is slight - but what is different is the price!

The Difference Between Five Star and Four Star

Five star hotels are traditionally awarded their status due to the fact that they are open all year round but that extra star means the hotel can, in a prudent business manner, whack their prices up somewhat. Four star hotel though are often only open at peak seasons through the year and as a result their costs are lower which means a saving is passed on to you.

With a five star hotel you can expect the best of the best with no reductions in the cost of all areas of the hotel, including amenities, d├ęcor, service and furnishings. The four star hotel usually has the same level of quality; including multiple restaurants, 24 hour room service, a swimming pool, fitness facilities, business and conference facilities.

The Difference between Three Star and Four Star Hotels

Unlike four stars and five stars, where the difference is often negligible, the difference between four star and three star hotels is often more noticeable. Although a lot of the features available in a four star hotel will be available in three star accommodation (24 hour dining, swimming pool, internet etc.) the quality of the rooms and service is noticeably reduced.

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