Tips to find a job in China



Tips to find a job in China

How to find a job in China?

China is a land of opportunities for many foreigners. Finding a job in China can be easy for some and difficult for others.

As vacancies often exist before there is any published notice of the job -
it is your job to find out where. Your first task to make it easier to find it.


Here are some tips that can help you find a job in China:

1. Increase your networking contacts
There are many apps, forums and websites that expats usually use. Make use of these to increae you social network. More network means more contacts.
For example, Wechat is a free social networking application very popular in China.

2. Facebook groups
There are many facebook groups for jobs in China. Join these groups. When the right job is available, apply for it as soon as possible.

3. Job Sites
There are many famous job sites where job vacancies are available. However, many of those websites are not trustworthy. Many people have been cheated before or these
ads are just fake. So beware and apply to those thrustworthy websites only.

4.Mobile apps
Mobile app is now a very easy and popular way to be kept updated about job vacancies. There are several mobile apps that offer this kind of service for free to help
foreigners finding a job in China. One of the trusted mobile app with good reputation and rating would be ExpatExpress app. Besides Expatexpress- jobs in China feature,
other features include news, law and visa, mobile Top Up, Google Maps, Translator and events in China.

5. Through internship program
Internships in China are mostly unpaid, but they can often lead to good job offers, either at the company or institution with whom you did your internship,
or at other foreign companies that generally prefer to employ people that have some work experience in China.


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