Toowoomba Accomadation Types

There is a huge variety in Toowoomba Accomadation. Toowoomba is situated on top of the Great Dividing Range and about 120 kilometers due west of Brisbane. Toowomba is known as the Garden City and has as its main festival the Carnival of Flowers every September. The Carnival of Flowers is the longest continuously running festival in Australia. Toowoomba is also the first major center coming in from the west and therefore has strong rural links with its economy. Toowoomba was once known as the city of 40 schools, 40 churches and 40 pubs, these days there are a few less pubs and churches and a few more schools.

So for the travelor visiting Toowoomba for business or pleasure there are many options for Toowoomba Accomadation.

By far the most common type of place to stay in Toowoomba is motels. They are all situated on the main roads in and out of Toowoomba. The main motel areas in Ruthven Street near Kmart and the other end of Ruthven Street on the way to Highfields. There is also a cluster at the top of the range which are all close to the well known Wies Restaurant. Cheaper options are out on Taylor Street and Bridge Street on the Dalby Road.

Some of the pubs in Toowoomba also have accommodation such as the Southern Hotel and in the city centre there are some apartments but at the end of the day it is all about staying in motels in Toowoomba.

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