Top 10 Most Dangerous American Cities

CQ Press recently published its 14th annual rankings of the most dangerous cities in America. "The list is based on a city's rate for six basic crime categories: murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle theft", says the report available on CQ Press's website."It includes all cities with a population of 75,000 or more that reported data to the FBI for the six categories of crime." They surveyed 378 cities..

10. Cleveland, Ohio

9. Richmond, Calif.

8. Memphis TN

7. North Charleston, S.C.

6. Birmingham, Ala.

5. Camden, N.J.

4. Oakland, Calif.

3. Flint, Mich.

2. St. Louis, Mo.

1. Detroit, Michigan!!!!! Standing ovation

Do any of you live in any of these cities?

Was this list acurate?

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Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 9 years ago from North America

Flint Michigan is for cetain! I've seen some of the crime, but still like the city.

BUTCH 9 years ago


Joe 9 years ago

i was born and rised in detroit and it very bad but if you want to make it some where you got to get but ill never leave i love detroit

MARISOL 8 years ago


Jerrell 8 years ago

This sick for me to learn detroit is the most dangerous city. I don't agree by far. Me and my girlfriend both white have visited detroit so many time in the last years. I do understand what you are talking about. You will not get robbed as so many will tell you. This site is wrong and detroit on track for great.

Jerrell 8 years ago

If this site rattle you call me I will show ya GOOD TIME O AND SAFE TIME.5175804362

griffin 8 years ago

detroit is a very dangerous city if you live in the detroit area.i buried 36 of my friends i grew up with by my 16th birthday.detroit gives a new meaning to the word,lk,crips bloods,detroit has it all.we also have the highest unemployment rate .you do the math.ive been shot,stabbed,you name it!i now live in phoenix,and its nice to not have stray bullets flying through your window.if you visit detroit,wear a vest,pack a lunch,and if your soft-"stay the hell ouy of detroit",we eat weak people!

little shy  8 years ago

Born and raised in Detroit. I feel if you don't have it the hard way first you might not end up with the best for last. Detroit is like any other place. You have to watch out for everyone. If we keep bringing down the city how can we get somewhere. I plan on moving cause I have kids to raise and i just think they want us blacks out. When we leave the city will boose a great deal and we will not be allowed back in. Please don't listen this site is wrong. We are constantly adding to Downtown Detroit and the view of the other country across the water is cool. But the view of the prison is not so cool. Hey come see for yourself.

Sara 8 years ago

Being Born and raised in Flin Mi i had 2 kids by the time i was 19 with no jobs and nothing to do all tere is are drugs and beds now 24 i moved my self and my kids to dourango Co and it was the best thing i colud have every done not to knock home im just glad i don't live there any more and that my kids have a fighting chance Sara

JD 8 years ago

I grew up in flint and it isn't as bad as people say it is. Most of the violent crime is between people who know each other it isn't against random people. The theft is mostly from crack heads who usually are stealing small stuff like things people have left in their car, shoplifting, or siding off abandond houses. Generally if you aren't involved in something questionable you don't have anything to worry about.

Leah 8 years ago

Well, I was born and raised in Cleveland Ohio.... Actually I LOVE where I am from and I am very proud of our city.... I am 23 and I have buried a few friends but things are not at all as bad as people say (or read)... We have our bad apples and we have our ROUGH neighborhoods... However there is nothing here.... These guys that sell drugs and kill each other are acting this way for a reason.... All these people are not a dangerous threat to EVERYONE they cross.... See people (for the most part) are not very "friendly"... We keep to ourselves and don't put our noses in other people's business and we expect the same courtesy... Now that doesn't mean people won't have disagreements that elevate into serious problems.... Just for the most part clevelanders are reserved... HOWEVER if you get on that bad side we can be a little vendictive!!!! That's where the crimes come in....

Tommy G 8 years ago

man chi-town should be on this list man

Tammy 8 years ago

neva talk bout memphis or TN straight and plain i waz born in TN and it awesome

DENNY 8 years ago


crip killa  8 years ago


trap or die 8 years ago

Atlanta need 2 b on here bruh

LatinKing305 MIA 8 years ago

Where Miami at? Come 2 liberty city and c wut up!

jet black 8 years ago

come 2 birminhham alabama and u will see bad bro

jet black 8 years ago

just in downtown birmingham alabama friday in a downtown park a female from mississippi shot dead gunshot to the head how sad things happen these days

EL MEXICano 8 years ago


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reek inferno 856 7 years ago


bEASTOAKLAND 7 years ago


for real completely 7 years ago

people should stop taking pride in how crap their neighborhood is, america is a shithole and its all our own fault. shut off the dam tv, turn down the music, and have some pride.

kandy 7 years ago

i believe detriot is not even that bad because i lived in detriot till i was ten but then i moved up in the suburbs but i still go out there when i stayed i never got shot or robbed now there is a drug problem but the killing you can leave that up to compton seriously like you don't get robbed like that and every city has killing you need to go to atlanta they got it bad for robbing so stop puttin down detriot other cities are hatin because we the founder of motown and we are the auto indistry and we make the best cars so they gone act like we bad riiiiiiihgt i wonder why chicago aint up her huh they aint put they real crime rate up didi they STOP HATIN SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! b*!&#$

whitney 7 years ago

I was raised in Flint MI. Its the best city in the world. Not joking. Really its not as bad as people say it is. As times go by people just tend not to care. The crime is usually between enemies. People who visit here don't think much of it but to me its a cool city :)

Olijuan 7 years ago

Oakland nigga's

jebx bouck94 7 years ago

man i live in detroit and it is horrible im 14 and ive already seen some f#%ked up sh*t

Alex 7 years ago

I live near Cleveland and spend a good amount of time in the city, and the crime is not as bad as what people say it is. The police and security have stepped up tremendously and have cut crime rates. Cleveland is definatley no longer in the top ten. It may be within the top 100, but not top 10, and probable not even top 25.

sam 7 years ago

i stay mobbin eadst oakland 8200 nd birch!!!!510 E.S.O on my mama

Rasheed 7 years ago

Im from tha Northside of Milwaukee WI. Its as dangerous as Detroit!

 7 years ago

got robbed the Otha day in hazleton, PA its full of litter nd gangstas i think its pretty dangerous pretty much all cities are dangerous the is no rating

Richmond 7 years ago

Done with all this b.s.

FartCake2 7 years ago

Detroit is a wonderful city with an amazing history. I live across the border in Windsor, Ontario and often go to Detroit. Downtown is beautiful and you won't have any problems,you just need to stay away from the ghetto. People who say Detroit isn't bad are kidding themselves,I love the city too,but the facts are right. You don't have to have been robbed or shot for it to be bad, it is HIGHLY dangerous.

Small TOWN Killa 7 years ago


Small TOWN Killa 7 years ago


GottiBoyz 7 years ago

New Orleanz man that's the hardest place that there iz muthafuckas

titus_g 7 years ago

cleveland niggas

bronx all di 7 years ago

i say bronx ny shud be here and brooklyn if you can survive one day here then ur lucky

Anthony Verducci New York, New York 7 years ago

This is wrong it should be more like this

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

2. Detroit, Michigan

3. LA, Compton, California ( The birthplace of the bloods, crips full pf Surenos, MS-13, 18th street, Latin Kings, Netas and smaller gangs like Salinas and shit 4. 4.Camden, New Jersey

5. Newark, New Jersey

6. Chicago, Illinois (Project side is just horrible and crime rates are going up)

7. Flint, Michigan

8. St. Louis, Missouri

9. Oakland, California

10. Birmingham, Alabama

De 7 years ago

All because of black and latino gangsta's that's why, hey I'm half hispanic but all you hip hop morons will pay in hell someday.

Robert Kinsey 7 years ago

Sounds accurate to me

jfig 7 years ago

Brick City, NJ AKA Newark, NJ Should be way before Camden, Newark has the most violence in the whole state and any NYC Borough. The statistics are still high even after they play with the numbers. Just stay out

Izzy f BABiE; 7 years ago


sheniqua  7 years ago

its ben hard for me and allls my baby daddies to get by in dirty killadelphia. popo be cuttin down on us corner hoes and my main baby daddy is gettin lock up in county next week. philly show love

BHJH"P 7 years ago

richmond is actually getting worse than oakland now i live in oakland if you know how to get around your all good just put richmond in front of oalnd and its all good

FlintToyd 7 years ago

Flint used to be one of the automotive capitals of the world and Now that GM has all most pulled out of Flint the people that run Flint think they can make Millions on having it a college town. I don't, who wants to send their kids to college in the third most Dangerous City the USA, not enough Cops to patrol the city and now they are cutting Firefighters. Im glad Im not running Flint and trying put more kids in harms way.

h2k  7 years ago

nigga im from dowtown cincinnati. the most dangerous country in the country bruh. yal niggaz jus don't know cincinnati gets it in an we should be in that top 10

man mann 7 years ago

i done been a few places done lived in detroit,kentucky,florida n georgia. its thugs, gangstas n real niggas every where but what i do know fa sho is gary ind. str8 from west 37th ave in glen park come c bout it, gangsta island gatekeepaz. 219

courtney 7 years ago

Birmingham, Alabama is horrible!!!! kids taking guns 2 school murders left and right cnat walk on the street by yourself without getting robbed yall shouldn't be bragging about how bad cities are it aint nothing 2 be bragging about

North Oakland Boi 7 years ago


Aye 7 years ago

Breh get active 2300 bloCc east Oakland cOme here and you will get gassed nigga youtube search db the general nigga khmer crips suwoop killa!

Tony 7 years ago

Just got robbed in detroit today probably not going back

Pinnacleman 7 years ago

I live in St. Louis and the crime isn't as bad as they make it. Not to mention the Downtown has come along way.

april 6 years ago

what about dc yall niggas is doing yall thang but these niggas is soft ass shit down here1

kkk 6 years ago

how many times do you think these guys said nigga jesus

Vernon davis 6 years ago

Brooklyn, you already know homeboy

kbuxccnh 6 years ago

wheres la or inglewood or long beach or san jose

kbuxccnh 6 years ago

some parts of san jose california like creekside on the eastside

GKB4life 6 years ago

Who ever say day The D is not dangerous cause they went there and nothing bad happened are dumb as hell. Where did u go the ball game...went to watch some hockey. OF COURSE THE DOWNTOWN AINT BAD. God damn visit mexican town if u not Latino you dead. God damn see a hobo and he Jack u for yo shoe laces that's how poor he is. I wear a vest evry day down here, got my blade and my glock ready at all times. Buried 6 of my niggas. This place is nothing to mess with. I got beat the fuck up for cuttin through a dealers house. Damn this place is shit and I don't think it can be saved

yayarea41 6 years ago

YEE reppin' the bay area, u don't thizz round richmond or oakland or ull get smoked

richboi510 6 years ago

Blud, yall don't even know, da rich is straight cutty. try coming out here and see if you don't get shot. i put that on mamas yadadamean

its hard out here 4 a pimp

Loaded Gunnzz 6 years ago

I SAY chicago should been on the list cause southside isn't to play with. All of these city has its point but i was born and raised in chitown,but my opinoin on cleveland ohio i think that shouldn't been on here cause cland isn't that bad it's more an old people city, that is a joke on. Then what it clams it supposed to be.

DPops 6 years ago

I have been to all these cities and the one that I am a little skeptical about is Cleveland: next to Seattle, it is probably the cleanest and most outsider friendly city I've ever been to. Being from NJ myself, I am confused as to why Newark isn't on this list. If you're white and walk into Newark, chances are you're dead within an hour. Camden is just about the same way, but only in parts, as there are a few tourist attractions and places to see. On the other hand, you'll see some sort of crime in Newark just about every step you take.

NCIS18 6 years ago

Baltimore is the 8th most dangerous city in America. If you walk around south Baltimore and you don't know your way around, i can guarantee that u will get robbed or shot. Im from Baltimore.

NCIS18 6 years ago

Don't walk around Brooklyn in Baltimore MD unarmed u will get lit up

InfantryGoon 6 years ago

Trenton,NJ all day homie you ! come out and visit

Zach  6 years ago

haha i live in get used to it :)

kiunique 6 years ago

oakland is absoluteley the most dangerous city....people die so much out there that it no longer effects anybody...its expected everyday...its a really good day if no one you know got blasted today...its crazy, i love the town but its a mess

niggzkane 6 years ago

oakland NIGga.wut up

Richmond nigga

east bay ALL day ya heard me?

dakoldestwhoevadunit 6 years ago


mg 6 years ago

i think florida should be in the top ten

c-bas 6 years ago

Detroit the most violent city in the US?? hahahahahah bitch niggaz u got yo shit wrtong... NY BRONX, COMPTON, CHICAGO, CLEVELAND, ST.LOUIS, MIAMI, THE QUEENS, CAPE TOWN,AND A lot MORE FUCKED UP PLACES.... DETROIT HAHAHAHAH I KNOW ITZ BAD BUT IT AINT TOP NUMBER 1 VIOLENT IN US..... But seriously most dangerous place in the whole entire world is AFRICA: HUNGER, DISEASE, REBELS, BODIES LAYING ON THE FLOOR, Nothing compares to AFRICA

Teboho 6 years ago

Johannesburg - South Africa is mst be de.

Mike 6 years ago

Africa is cool, we don't shoot for nothing, Johannesburg not so bad so y'all got your facts wrong. I am from Zimbabwe, I bet if you put your worst gansta in H-Town or Chit-town then they try their stunt, they are gone. The police & intelligence don't mess around, just put you in a dark room with a pool of acid, jaywalk and you gone. Its how we deal with gangstas, so bring them to Zim we'll rehabilitate all your gangs.

5s Universal Elite 6 years ago

The city of Cleveland is terrible, shit happens everyday the people are out of control. the police can't protect and serve shit. They'll kill you too (NO tasers)they shoot

rdizzle 6 years ago

where is Compton ..

miss nisha 6 years ago

I lived in the D all my life jus moved to atlant, Detroit is very dangerous I got followed home 2x by a group of guys cant even walk down my own street I lived on the East side MACK and VANDYKE..But i love detroit maybe when better job opportunities come ill move back...and by the way ATLANTA suck to hot, soo prejudice, no jobs all the mexicans crowdin the place, apt extremly expensive if you done hv a good job..Id rather be bk in the D atleast I'D get chld care n food stamps on time smh lol

mpls 6 years ago

this shits wayy off, the chi or N,O's bronks or the comp... are on this shit

Dirty South Diva 6 years ago

I live in Birmingham, Alabama and it really is dangerous. We have to have security everywhere in our house and my mom doesn't go anywhere without carrying her gun, especially at night. I'm only fourteen and four of my friends have already been shot b/c of gang violence or b/c they were an innocent bystander. My brother is only nine and a group of boys are already trying to initiate him in a gang! I can't wait to graduate high school and get out of here!!!

Kevin 6 years ago

How in the hell Richmond, VA did not get included is a mystery to me. This place is fucked. It's on many other site's list. I agree with 7/10 of these listings, but I've experienced worse and better with the cities included.


Faith 6 years ago

Who cares about the order of the cities! Fact is, all you ignorant gangsters need to get it over with and just kill each other, so the rest of us can be at peace. Stop bragging about who's the baddest and who's had it the worst. What proves someone to be strong is how they succeed out of the worst situations. Why would you want to remain in a bad situation? It makes no sense. I know poverty is a major cause to violence, but there are so many opportunities handed over to us, so we can succeed. I'm Hispanic, and I know my mother came here for a reason which is for me to have a better life, and that is my goal. I will not rest until she sees my success and finds that her own struggle was worth continuing a strong legacy. You don't have to believe in God or even have to have someone to show your accomplishments. Just open a got damn book and prove to yourself that you're so much better than what you're destined to be.

Agb20det 6 years ago

It's too bad but the d is def the most dangerous, grew up on the west side and saw some stuff I wouldn't repeat.. My house is one of the few that has been set on fire by arsonists. Beautiful downtown but it's reall small n as soon as u get out the downtown ur in a war zone. West sides real bad and the east side is even worse. Wish I could say it didn't belong on this list but the truth is the truth and Detroit is just not a good place anymore

victora B 6 years ago


alskdjfl 6 years ago

barefoot in the downtown is bad

Anna 6 years ago

Baltimore should be on here. We just appear to have a low number of rapes because our police force discourages people from reporting them.

ChiKa_M3x 6 years ago

jajaja im born n raised en pinche Detroit , n it is bad but i liv in SE detroit wit mi raza n a lot of crime every day either sumbody get killed or house get burned down... but still a nice city lol we next to Canada so yea im 18 n i got to clubbin n get drunk over there like 10 min away from Windsor.XP

junior 6 years ago

I am from LA...lived in Chicago, NY, Lauderdale and now Dallas. I have spent significant amounts of time in the south though and I will tell you one thing. The south is generally speaking far and away the most dangerous region of the country. First, NONE of the cities out west are even remotely close to some of the cities in the south and the east in general. I lived in LA for 10 years and even the "bad" neighborhoods would be considered decent in places like New Orleans, and the most god forsaken place in the nation....Memphis Tn. Midtown is the only neighborhood where drama is NOT capable of erupting at any time in broad daylight.

chi-boy 6 years ago

go 2 chi-tows west sides n yal see wats up ni99as

Ted 6 years ago

LA is full of gangsters! IT SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN THE TOP!!!

zoe boy 6 years ago

they got the wrong cities up there..

shane 6 years ago

st.louis i can tell you is really dangerous ecpecily east st.louis way to many shootings every single day. and this is a small city to

AMber 6 years ago

I was born and raised in Flint, MI. It was normal for me to hear gun shots and sirens all the time. I got away from there, but I still miss the craziness of my hometown. I LOVE FLINT!!!

killa 6 years ago

yall must don't know about las vegas u gotta kom out here in see for yo self wat happing in vegas stay in vegas you'll get killed fast H.T.O GOT IT HUSTLA TAKEN OVA and FUKK yall ckitys BL357D

banksonana 6 years ago

jux try bawku in GH.

your moms 6 years ago

How fun to think of all of you retarded jigaboos typing at your computer, gigantic nostrils flaring in rage because someone else made their city shittier than you made yours. What a blight on major cities to have you death worshiping baboons running a muck and fucking up everything you can get your greasy monkey paws on in an attempt to show just how quickly you can degrade the quality of a town to that of the mud huts you belong in. One day we will have to get rid of your food stamps to drive your nigger asses out of our cities and be done with you. I suppose you have to use violence though as nothing intelligible ever seems to come out of your monkey mouths so I doubt you can solve problems with words like humans do. I think every time one of you spades commits a crime we should sterilize you. Then there will be none of you left just in time for my grand kids to skip down the streets of Detroit without the fear of being struck by a stray bullet fired by some contemptible junkie who wishes to sell a bag drugs he will profit $3 on. I've been all over this country and find it funny that the places that don't have a lot of niggers don't have high crime, or hell some have damn near no crime. If you really want to know if a city is bad, wikipedia it. If the number you see next to african american is over 20% go somewhere else. Problems solved.

chanel brown 6 years ago

I stay In Memphis, Tn and it's not that bad...It's all about who u hang with....But u do have to keep ur guards @ all times.....

Stephanie 6 years ago

I live in Cleveland and honestly its not a horrible city, not much to do but its not horrible..its not about the cities, its about to ghetto gangsters that live in it. Im so sick of hearing about what gangster shot another one. When are these ghetto ass people going to learn that being a loser and living in a shitty neighborhood and getting into the most trouble ISN'T COOL! You all look so ridiculous and everyone is laughing at you, just so you know :) Sorry guys, had to let that one out haha it bothers me!

sexxy niggaa 6 years ago

Camdenn all dayy niggass!!!

profile image

luv4crankage 6 years ago

DC should definitely be on the list. I grew up there my whole life and I'm 16 now and so far I've buried 13 of my friends in the past 3 years. Some of the nicknames given to DC are "Baby Vietnam" and the Murder Capital. But, it is still an awesome city and a great place for culture.

614coallday 6 years ago

columbus is terrible...trash everywhere...rats (hoez) everywhere....thugs everywhere...north columbus=bad east columbus=horrible...south columbus=da worst place 2 b..west columbus=its ok unless u live in the bottoms wich u will die if u dnt kno the ppl that liv suck out here i burried all ma niggaz in da last ...but u gotta love columbus ohio!!!!!!!! windsor terrace...mac town...fram gang...south field...d block...linden...brentnell...p street...5th ave...joyce...eastgate...brittany hills...short north...the bottoms...hilltop...winding hillz...park park...point dex...summerset...buck town nigga!!!!!! shout out 2 bow wow nigga 4rm da hood real tlk!!

614coallday 6 years ago

columbus is terrible...trash everywhere...rats (hoez) everywhere....thugs everywhere...north columbus=bad east columbus=horrible...south columbus=da worst place 2 b..west columbus=its ok unless u live in the bottoms wich u will die if u dnt kno the ppl that liv suck out here i burried all ma niggaz in da last ...but u gotta love columbus ohio!!!!!!!! windsor terrace...mac town...fram gang...south field...d block...linden...brentnell...p street...5th ave...joyce...eastgate...brittany hills...short north...the bottoms...hilltop...winding hillz...park park...point dex...summerset...buck town nigga!!!!!! shout out 2 bow wow nigga 4rm da hood real tlk!!

AMGKC^rIp 6 years ago

Kansas City, MO Homie dat's where those true Gangstas bke kiCCin in Cuz, yah dig? Cat's out in the 816 is Crazy as fuCC and an Loc always gotta whatch fa those scandalous ass suCCa Ni66az. All Money Gangsta KliCC Crip AMGK^ wit dat Westside Mafia Cuz King bkoulevard till dem ni66as put me 6 feet deep, Sixx Poppin Five droppin, fuCC Dem Slobks punk bkustas C-RIP RIDER till i die homie much love to all dem sets dat where dat bklue C's up B's down

Devyn 6 years ago

I was born in CLEVELAND,Ohio and it isn't that bad.

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Iguana6699 6 years ago

I have been to many places discussed here. Oakland, Detroit, Bronx, Chicago, LA. Lots of world places pretty bad too - Africa, would some tough guys get by with no gun. I've been to some nasty mind your own business and dress down. The point is, there are places in most cities where you just don't go. 90% is usually OK.

White Chocolate 6 years ago


RiCaN Mami  6 years ago

East Camden!!!!^^

Demize. 6 years ago

Let me get one thing straight for all those " GANGSTA'S " Out there typing hard over a computer.

Every city has it's hood. Every hood has it's Ghetto.

Me personally;

I've lived in Brooklyn all my life.

Got family in Detroit, Compton and Oakland.

None of them are all that bad. Sure, I'm sixteen and I've buried 30+ friends.

I blame that on who I hang out with , though. Not on random killings and shit. People don't just ' get shot ' for no reason. It's a f*cked up world, with some f*cked up places. No city is all that hard. If you really wanna go see hard move out to Iraq or some shit. It won't be a stray bullet, it'll be a stray RPG.

America has it good.

..When it comes to crime, anyway.

manic 6 years ago

yo man, shit crazy man, its like what ever, people just tryen to get buy and some niggas just get retarted when it comes to money, man i was liven in camden CMD new jersey now im in cleveland ohio, shit all look the same to me, i mean in the hood, there is that 1 thing that people want, that's cake and if you from the hood you know in a good ass week you could come up with 10 stacks are more, i work at BK now and ma check is like 350 every 2 weeks, so all hoods the same and now u know why: youtube that shit

manic 6 years ago

a yo if you a camden nigga you trippen cuz that pic aint even in camden dog, that shit shot over the bridge, lol that shit philly, you tell the dude on this site he shore as hell aint been to camden,

yo man, shit crazy man, its like what ever, people just tryen to get buy and some niggas just get retarded when it comes to money, man i was liven in camden CMD new jersey now im in cleveland ohio, shit all look the same to me, i mean in the hood, there is that 1 thing that people want, that's cake and if you from the hood you know in a good ass week you could come up with 10 stacks are more, i work at BK now and ma check is like 350 every 2 weeks, so all hoods the same and now u know why: youtube that shit

kris 6 years ago

First off..the picture of oakland is really a picture of SAN FRANCISCO...who ever took the picture I jus want you to know u have no clue what oakland is about!!!!!....oakland is bad but mainly to those that have NOT spent too much time there..its all about what you do and who you know..that determines how safe you will be inmy city

Raekwon 6 years ago

why niggaz out here talkin all like you mah hood shood be in dis lisst, yo miami is hard like nigga come da fuck on why you wwant to be like your city is bad i live in camden and dat sshit is hell aint nothito be proud 3 of mah niggaz died last week in a walk by

tyler 6 years ago

man, i saw a gun shootin in richmond

Jake 6 years ago

I grew up and currently live near Cleveland and it is agreat place. It should not be on the top 10.

Dre 6 years ago

Everything will be ok

Kevin 5 years ago

I lived in New York, NY and it was rough. Bayridge sho respect! But my family moved away wen i was six and we moved to Cleveland, OH. Roooough place. Then we moved to Cincinatti, OH. It was actually pretty bad wen i lived there. Then wen i was around ten we moved rite outside of Camden, NJ. Camden is worst of all. Worse than Detroit worse than Compton worse than anything in the country. Seriousley noone can take a walk up a Camden block without being mugged. No im in Philadelphia, PA evry day. Its rite across the river from Camden. Long Beach, CA is pretty bad to i hav family out there.

third 5 years ago

ive been its pretty tough

Chris M 5 years ago

I lived in Oakland California for a large portion of my life and i feel that these rankings are largely incorrect. Oakland should not even be in the same catagorie as Detroit and st. louis. I lived in East Oakland and witnessed what people think is the most "dangerous' things that go on. They often confuse crime with cultures. The sideshows and ghostridings were just as much fun as dangerous. I lived in a predominatly black surenos neighbor hood and i would say that this rating is inaccurate though it definatly isn't any amesbury massachusetts lol.

chi town latino boy 5 years ago

what you mean!!!!! Chicago should easily be number 1

Lil tre 5 years ago

I wus born and raised in Flint,MI. Only 16 and i done seen mo shit than just about any grown ass man could say dey seen. I go to Northwestern High School and i must say dez niggas is crazy here. dey bringin guns to school smokin loud weed in da bathroom and you can smell it all the way in da classroom!!! sellin dope in da hallways. MY freshman year it was a big hood fight that broke out between my hood which is gundry hood and another hood which is merrill hood 1 kid got punched in the throat and choked to death on his tongue. When i wus 11 i seen my lil sister get shot in da head right in front of me... she wus only nine years old. i buried about 5 friends las year and dis year. dis year i buried 2 so far. 1 of my cousins jus got shot 5 times wit a 45 but luckily he survived.our house done got broken into so many times it don't make sense. Its like a war out here niggas is starvin ain't no jobs. all our GM plants shut down so now all we got left is buick and dey ain't tryna hire.i'm sure every body remember da serial stabber we had dis year in flint he wus on CNN. stabbed like 15 people here and then went to virginia and stbbed another 5. da same way in Detroit dem niggas starvin too tryna make a dolla outa a dime. Fuck goin to Haiti and all dem otha places FEMA need to come to da hood cuz we need help too. AND FUCK ALL U RACIST HATERS POSTIN SHIT BOUT US IN DA HOOD, JUS BECAUSE U AINT BEEN DER... AND I BET U WOULDN'T MAKE IT A MINUTE.

fdsa 5 years ago

wher brooklyn nd da bronx at my niggaz

Bobby 5 years ago

I swear Michigan is the baddest state in the united states Im from and I still live in Lansing and I've been through a lot of shit and I'm only fifteen and already this city took 2 people out of my life forever gunned down but if you want to stay safe just leave Tha state

hockeykid 4 years ago

Camden is unarguably the worst city in america. I am white, and if you drive through camden fast enough, you might make it. the people are SO desperate. if you haven't been to camden and you think a city like philly or chicago should be #1, i advise you make the trip over here and see for yourself. it looks like someone literally used an atomic bomb on the city, or what's left of it anyways... Trenton is also extremely bad, only for a few blocks though. Trenton is definitely the last place you would want a blonde female to be standing by herself!

dr eye ball 4 years ago

this does not have any information on tolets

detroit for life 4 years ago

Ya Detroit we da bomb don't tuck with us the west hasn't got nothin

FWG313 4 years ago

All these hard Ass thugs trying to make their hoods sound hard.... Numbers don't lie.... U wanna make the list then go commit some crimes instead of talkin bout how hood u r on the computer. Murda mitten... Dirty glove... 313

MissJamieD profile image

MissJamieD 4 years ago from Minnes-O-ta

Wow, seems like America in general is a craphole of violence and crime. Not good, not good. Interesting hub though.

DYT 4 years ago

dayton ohio bout to knock Detroit to number 2 we gettin there asap

MARK TRAINA 3 years ago



Planning a trip abroad? It’s probably best to check out the State Department’s list of travel warnings for countries with unsafe political situations. At the moment, the State Department has issued travel warnings for 34 countries, from the Central African Republic and El Salvador to Iraq and North Korea.

Well, just as State warns Americans about dangerous places to travel, so too do foreign ministries in other countries — and some countries warn their citizens to avoid heading to certain cities in the U.S. France, in particular, warns travelers to be careful in a large number of specific cities.

Here’s what other countries, mostly France, say about American cities:

Boston: Avoid walking at night in Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury, and be wary of “petty crime” in Chinatown, the North End and Fenway.

New York: Be wary in Times Square and at the Statue of Liberty, and don’t go to Harlem, the Bronx or Central Park at night.

Washington: Northeast and Southeast should be avoided, and Union Station is dangerous at night. “Le quartier Anacostia n’est pas recommandable de jour comme de nuit.” Translation: Don’t go to Anacostia, day or night.

Baltimore: “Considered a dangerous city except downtown.”

Richmond: “Do not visit the city on foot.”

Pittsburgh: The French urge their citizens to avoid Mount Oliver, Hill District, Homewood-Brushton and Hazelwood.

Cleveland: Avoid Cleveland Heights, Lakewood and Euclid. That warning got Cleveland Heights Mayor Edward Kelly upset. “The French government is foolish and doesn’t know what they’re talking about,” he told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Detroit: “The center is not recommended after the close of business.”

Chicago: Stay away from the West Side and anywhere south of 59th Street.

Houston: Be vigilant if traveling through Downtown, south and east Houston at night.

St. Louis: “Eviter le quartier nord entre l’aéroport et le centre-ville, mais la navette reliant l’aéroport est sûre.” Translation: Avoid northern area between the airport and the city center, but the airport shuttle is safe (Hat tip to our friend Chris Good, of ABC News, for spotting that nugget).

Atlanta: The French are nervous about the southern part of the city, and downtown after dark.

New Orleans: Northwest of Dauphine Street, northeast of Ursulines Avenue, north of St. Charles Avenue and south of Magazine Street are areas of concern.

Miami: “Canadians have been the victims of crime such as break-ins, assaults and pickpocketing in the Miami area, sometimes during daylight hours,” Canada’s foreign ministry warns. France says attacks on tourists in Florida are rare now, but were frequent a few years ago.

Los Angeles: France warns tourists to take care in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Long Beach, and to avoid Watts, Inglewood and Florence.

El Paso: The British Foreign Office warns tourists about violence along the border with Mexico, and the border crossing at Ciudad Juarez specifically.





ACG 2 years ago

Funny, where are the Texan cities? And why the gun image. You a pinko U.N. commi SS officer?

methodical shark 2 years ago

Been to just about every city talked about on here....born in's insane...everything u hear is true..except 1,000 times worse. Oakland is rough Louis and Baltimore and Flint all gangsta as hell. Never been to Camden but I heard it's nothin but bitch ass nigga's trying to prove they hard...a few of em might be..but u Camden ass bitch ass niggas c'mon up to Detroit or take ur bike to Oakland ( u know u got no money for a plane ticket) and u will see the for real for real...and after we jack yo bike just to see ya piss yourself you'll walk back to Camden and realize the D and Oakland are hard like Lions..y'all hard like a math test..

methodical shark 2 years ago

I'm just playin wit u Camden...u got ur hood n all but u all just $$ at all Detroit we get money I was only joking w ya. Besides we know u punks can't afford bicycle' try hoofin it up to the D ..we won't take ur rotten shoes from'll be fine here. One look at ya and we will c u ain't about money so we probably give u a pass ...unless u start talkin that stupid stuff about ur tiny little village being's rough tho I'm sure. No running water..and smokestacks giving u asthma n shit. Just work on learning to read and write any hopefully u can come get an auto plant job or something here ...i just feel sorry for u to be honest...oh and try and c a dentist if ya can swing cuz says ain't nobody in Camden NJ with more than 3 teeth

Motherbynature profile image

Motherbynature 21 months ago from Los Angeles, CA

I can't believe people on here are literally angry because this list doesn't line up with what they learned on t.v. and in rap songs. This is hilarious!

I was raised in Compton. Yes, there is violence but not anything close to what people think. My husband is a country white guy from Washington state. He moved in with me in Compton and he was so freakin' shocked that Compton didn't look like the ghetto people want it to be. I used to love bringing my college friends home with me so they could shut the hell up with their stereotypes. It worked every single time.

People need to grow up. Numbers don't lie. Get a plane or train ticket and go see for yourself. Travel will cure that ignorance. Please believe me!

Anyway, nice article. I'm done

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