Top 10 Places to Visit in Seattle - part II

 Hope you have seen the part I of the list of top 10 places to visit in Seattle and here is the second part of the article. Seattle is a great city with a good mix of both modern city life and nature untouched within a short distance to the city. You will notice that Seattle is not just for coffee buffs hanging out at Starbucks joints, but also for nature enthusiasts.

6. Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Aquarium - top place to visit in Seattle
Seattle Aquarium - top place to visit in Seattle

 Listen to the calls of region’s orca whales. Stand within a circle of glowing jellyfish. Run your fingers along a sea anemone’s soft tentacles. Delight in the antics of the sea otters. At the Seattle Aquarium there’s always something fun to discover.

7. The Pike Public Market

 Born in 1907, Seattle's Pike Place Market is the granddaddy of farmers' markets and is one of top places to visit in Seattle. Today, it's a major tourist attraction with 200 businesses operating year-round, 190 craftspeople and 120 farmer booths - plus street performers and musicians. Flowers by the bucketful, flying fish, fresh pastries and fruit, handmade cheeses, local honey, wine, an assortment of restaurants, import goods, antiques, collectibles and lots of surprises are around every corner.

Pike Market
Pike Market

8. Ride the Ducks of Seattle

 You haven't seen Seattle until you've seen it from a Duck! thus making it to the top 10 places to visit in Seattle easily.

Travelers of all ages love Ride the Ducks! Hilarious, Coast Guard-certified maritime Captains will take you on a fun-filled, musical tour of the Emerald City. Amphibious World War II vehicles will show you Seattle from both land and water!

Ride the ducks! pic
Ride the ducks! pic

9. Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium

The 29-acre Zoo is large enough to offer an awesome array of animals yet small enough to let you get really close to them. The keepers often roam the grounds, taking animals on strolls so you can see them up close. You can see seahorses and sharks, peacocks and penguins, wolves and walrus and polar bears all in one place.

Seattle zoo
Seattle zoo

10. Experience Music Project

Exploring and celebrating musical diversity is what Experience Music Project is all about. Whether your preference is blues, jazz, hip-hop, funk, punk, country or rock 'n' roll, you'll find something here that strikes a chord. Explore musical milestones and movements, and meet the music makers-on stage and behind the scenes-who all share one sonic language.

Experience Music Project
Experience Music Project

Places to visit in Seattle

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Yo Yo YO! 6 years ago

Seattle is gorgeous. The flowers are fantastic, and when the sun comes out, the beach is beautiful. Even when it's raining, there are friendly people, scary hills (not THAT bad...) and MANY things to do! One of my favorites was the Ride the Ducks of Seattle. VERY fun, and everyone was immensly friendly. This is my second summer here, and I love it! The shopping is also excellent. The only bad thing would be the traffic!

awesome 6 years ago

It was awesome

munge patrick 5 years ago

America is beautiful...very!somebody take me!

seattle resident 5 years ago

i agree with all the things on the top ten list, except for the point defiance zoo. its not in seattle; its in tacoma, which is about an hour south of seattle. if you don't want to get stuck in traffic or leave the city, the Woodland Park Zoo is located in north seattle, about 10-15 mins from downtown. the location is perfect, the exhibits are some of the best in the world, and they have some really cool animals, like the sumatran tigers.

Robby_Jilly 5 years ago


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