Top 10 Secluded Beaches of the World

Do you love a day at the beach – basking in the sun, splashing in the surf, and lounging in an ephemeral state of relaxation? Here’s a selection of top 10 international beaches that virtually guarantee at least a modicum of pure solitude, with ample room for your biggest beach blanket and wide-angle vistas of exquisite natural beauty from every perspective.

Phra Nang Beach, Thailand

Top Features

  • Phra Nang beach is part of a small peninsula located between the city of Krabi and Ao Nang beach.
  • Phra nang beach is also beside the Railay (also called Rai Leh) beach which is accessible only by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access.
  • The three main areas of Railay consist of West Railay, East Railay and Tonsai.
  • You must see the strange cave located on Phra Nang beach, which is ten minutes walk from East Railay beach.
  • The Phra Nang beach and Railay beach are renowned for its snorkeling-friendly reefs, soft sands, lush jungle and the warm waters of the emerald Andaman Sea.

Baia do Sancho, Brazil

Top Features

  • The Sancho Bay is the most beautiful beach in Brazil. Insulated, covered by native vegetation and limited by a high cliff, here birds build their nests.
  • Red-tinged sands and turquoise-trimmed shores define this pristine bay, which unfolds on the main and only inhabited island of Fernando de Noronha, an Atlantic archipelago off Brazil’s northeastern coast.
  • The Sancho Bay is the viewpoint of the Dolphins where you can see the spinner playing in the sea. Indeed, the view as a whole is simply wonderful!
  • The Sancho is a bay with crystal clear water that allows the boats to stop bath, without causing damage to corals.
  • Enjoy the spawning season of sea turtles (January-June). The visit is prohibited between the hours 18 pm and 6 am.

Palmetto Point Beach, Antigua

Top Features

  • Antigua boasts 365 beaches along its shores, but none is as deserted as the magnificent swaths of secluded beaches found on its sister island of Barbuda, some 25 miles to the northeast.
  • Even the island's finest stretch, a 7-mile expanse from Palmetto Point to Coco Point, is typically so deserted that you can expect to share your day with seashells instead of people.
  • Barbuda is 24 miles north of Antigua in the middle of the islands in the Caribbean chain. Barbuda is a relatively large, relatively unpopulated island that is primarily a bird sanctuary, very unspoiled and very unique.
  • Palmetto Point, where The Beach House is located, is home to one of the famous and beautiful pink sand beaches.
  • On arrival in Antigua, visitors traveling to The Beach House are offered complimentary Meet & Greet Service, where they will be met upon arrival and assisted through Immigration and Customs.
  • When reaching Barbuda, you will be greeted and transported to the resort where you will be received by your own personal service ambassador, welcoming you with cold towels and a refreshing beverage.

Costa de la Luz, Spain

Top Features

  • The Costa de la Luz is a section of the Andalusian coast in Spain facing the Atlantic; it extends from Tarifa in the south, along the coasts of the Province of Cádiz and the Province of Huelva, to the mouth of the GuadianaRiver.
  • A popular destination for vacationing Spaniards, in recent years the Costa de la Luz has become more popular with foreign visitors, especially the French and the Germans.
  • From the small coastal cities of Huelva to Cádiz and on to Tarifa, over 50 miles of dune-backed beaches beckon with fine white sands trimmed by pinewood trees, animated fishing villages, and wide Atlantic-facing waters.
  • Abundant year-round sunshine ensures that this Costa de la Luz, or “Coast of Light," is well-deserving of its moniker. Yet its shores manage to remain blissfully crowd-free and devoid of unsightly high-rise development.
  • But come July and August, once the breezes quell and ocean ripples flatten, the sands heat up with the perfect combination of summer sunshine and much coveted seclusion.

Shipwreck Beach, Greece

Top Features

  • The beach of Navagio or Shipwreck or even Zakynthos smugglers cove is the most famous of Zakynthos beaches and one of the most famous of all Greece. It is the trademark of the island and has been photographed millions of times. This superb beach is located in the eastern part of the island, close to the Anafotiria village.
  • It was initially called Agios Georgios but owes its new name to the shipwreck of a boat that transported illegal cigarettes, in 1983. The deep sea left the remains of the ship on this beach.
  • With the years passing, the sand completely surrounded the ship which looks now as if it was emerging of it. The vestiges of the ship can be seen in the middle of the large white sandy beach which has amazing turquoise and crystalline waters. Huge vertical cliffs of white rocks are surrounding the sand creating a unique and enchanting image.
  • To reach this paradise, one has to take a little boat from the small port of Porto Vromi. Those taxi-boats are leaving every hour and the trip is about 30 minutes. Cruise tours departing from the villages of Volimes or Porto Vromi will ferry passengers to the famous shore, as well as to the island’s other treasure, the BlueCaves at Skinari – massive airy grottos that are big enough to snorkel, swim, and boat through.

Long Bay, British Virgin Islands

Top Features

  • The third largest in the British Virgin Islands’ 60-plus island chain, Virgin Gorda (or, the “Fat Virgin,” named so by Christopher Columbus because of its reclining, feminine shape) lures in-the-know seclusion seekers to its largely off-the-radar LongBay.
  • Situated just east of Smuggler's Cove in Tortola's West End, LongBayBeach offers several advantages for visitors to the British Virgin Islands. Accessible either by the steep, rugged road past NailBay or via anchored boat off the coast, this isolated inlet’s white sands and secluded beaches make the perfect land base for further swimming and snorkeling adventures into the lagoon-like waters.
  • Also primed for bird lovers, LongBay provides habitat to blue herons, spotted sandpipers, black-necked stilts, pelicans, and more.
  • Though an occasional sailboat or two anchored offshore might translate to a few extra visitors, this stretch of paradise can most often be enjoyed in almost solitude.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

Top Features

  • The NicoyaPeninsula offers hundreds of miles of waves, white sand beaches and numerous National Parks. The beauty of the Santa Teresa Costa Rica beaches, its seclusion and distinctive style of low-key luxury accommodations have made it the destination of choice among the young Hollywood beau monde.
  • While Costa Rica’s NicoyaPeninsula may already be a bona fide surfer-haven, mainstream tourism has yet to discover the largely untrammeled stretch of secluded beaches along Santa Teresa’s coast on the peninsula’s southernmost tip.
  • You’ll have to endure a nearly 6-hour trek to get here – a car-ferry combo from San José, much of which is on a barely drivable dirt road – which may be why the jungle-swathed stretch from the beach villages of Malpais to Santa Teresa is still so preserved.
  • Perfect days can be spent relaxing at the Bamboo Spa just steps away on the beach, collecting seashells or hiding out in a secret tide pool. Go on an adventure of eclectic shopping in town or sit back and discover the beautiful sights, stories and songs of our small but interesting and cosmopolitan community.
  • Fill your afternoons with adventure, Yoga, Dance or Surf lessons. From horseback riding along the beach to canopy tours in our flourishing tropical jungle, there's an activity for everyone. Tailor made chartered fishing; sea kayaking, snorkeling, diving, hiking and quad tours are available daily. You're sure to have the adventure of a lifetime!
  • The three largest waterfalls in the area and the Absolute Nature Reserve Cabo Blanco are thirty minutes away from the beach. This beautiful reserve has several kilometers of lush tropical hiking trails, excellent for wildlife observation. Monkeys, sloth's, deer, and magnificent frigate birds are common sightings; on a lucky day you may see agoutis and ocelots, but these felines tend to be quite elusive.
  • Fronted by the Pacific’s unruly waves and backed only by jungle, even the few bungalow boutiques and hammock hotels are set beneath the lush canopy, unseen from the sand. Besides a few surfers out by the breaks and perhaps some mischievous monkeys pillaging for fruit in the canopy, you’re likely to have the beach to yourself. Come in the off season (summer through fall) for even more solitude; September brings migrating whales just offshore, often visible from the sand.

Trou d’Argent, Mauritius

Top Features

  • Situated off the coast of Africa in the southwest Indian Ocean, visitors to Mauritius’s RodriguesIsland can uncover a small swath of shoreline with a name that translates to “Money Hole”, a testament to the treasure that is rumored to be buried here.
  • I’d argue that the treasure may very well be the beach itself – Trou d’Argent’s off-the-beaten-path sands tout striking views. Trou d'Argent is a little bay with clear waters, bright sands and beautiful waves. If you ask the locals about swimming they’d certainly warn you about the dangers of swimming in such waters for fear of being thrown into the rocks.
  • Access to this beach is far away from the resort crowds – the 45-minute hike departs from the beaches at St. Francois along a rocky cliff-top path shaded by filao trees (on Rodrigues’ eastern coast).

Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Top Features

  • WhitehavenBeach is a dazzling, unspoiled 6 kilometer stretch of sandy delight along the coast of WhitsundayIsland, Australia. Known for its pure white sand, WhitehavenBeach is frequently the site of weddings, gatherings and celebrations.
  • The water at WhitehavenBeach is a breathtaking aquamarine as clear as fine crystal. The contrasting brilliant white silica sand creates a stark contrast and gives this one-of-a-kind place a feeling of pure fantasy.
  • Hill Inlet, situated at the northern end of the island, is a favorite among visitors and perhaps WhitehavenBeach's best kept secret. At the turn of the tide, the mélange of the water colors coming together makes for an awe-inspiring sight. People walking along the beach can find their way to the Whitsunday Island Lookout where they will be treated with the sight of both the Hill Inlet and the shore of Whitehaven Beach, a truly awesome experience.
  • WhitehavenBeach is accessible by fast ferries, cruising yachts, private boats, seaplanes and helicopters. Many companies offer day trips to the beach departing from ArlieBeach and several of the island resort hotels. For those who want a truly all-encompassing experience, there are sailing trips ready to take visitors around the islands with a stop at WhitehavenBeach, among other beautiful places.
  • Veteran water sports people will love the jet skis, ocean rafts, kayaking, and jet boats available to streak their way over to the beach. Sun worshipers will love the tranquility of stretching out to snooze under the sun and "work on their tan". Snorkeling in and around the beach is very popular and under-the-sea adventurers will be treated to a variety of colorful reef fish and coral. Guided wildlife walks are also a "must do" among many visitors. 
  • There are no pubs, hotels or restaurants on WhitsundayIsland, but the more adventurous traveler can get a camping permit to camp out under the stars on the beach. Travelers who have been to WhitehavenBeach can truly say they have been to the most beautiful beach in the world.

Uoleva Island, Tonga

Top Features

  • Uoleva Island, situated just south of Lifuka, Ha'apai, is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful islands in the Tongan (aka the “Friendly Islands”) group. The island ensures that visitors who make the journey here will be rewarded with perfectly pristine secluded beaches, designed with solitude in mind.
  • Swim, fish, or snorkel the day away (don’t miss the reef-peppered shores along the western end of the island), or opt to charter a boat from the capital at Pangai, situated on LifukaIsland, just a couple of miles to the north.
  • Though known for their inviting and pleasant nature, there are no more permanent island inhabitants here than you count on your fingers, so distractions from your time on the beach – aside from the sprinkling of fellow tourists who may have opted to bunk down at the small handful of island hotels – are guaranteed to be few and far between.

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North Wind profile image

North Wind 6 years ago from The World (for now)

Those beaches look absolutely delicious especially that one in Greece!

Dusty Snoke profile image

Dusty Snoke 6 years ago from Chattanooga, TN

Beautiful beaches. I agree with North Wind the Greece beach was breathtaking.

andycool profile image

andycool 6 years ago from the U.S. Author

Thanks North Wind and Dusty Snoke for stopping by! I appreciate your valuable comments. - andycool

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Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

Awesome hub...awesome photos.....voted up....thanks for all the info....I agree the one in Greece looks very beautiful

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andycool 6 years ago from the U.S. Author

Thanks Cogerson for your supportive comment!

Love & Peace - andycool

tebo profile image

tebo 6 years ago from New Zealand

Wow they are all amazing looking places, and the colour of the water in some is glorious. Makes me want to do some travelling.

andycool profile image

andycool 6 years ago from the U.S. Author

Hey tebo just do it! Thanks tebo for your supportive comment, I appreciate it!

Love & Peace - andycool

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110211 6 years ago from United Kingdom

I reaaly like this article, just seeing thpictures relaxes me.

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Thank you so much 110211 for stopping by and leaving a nice comment! Your positive feedback inspires me to write more such hubs. Have a great day! - Andy

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Il_Padrino 6 years ago

Beatiful places....Maybe you will think that is ridiculous but in my opinion beaches in Poland are also beatiful, even in winter.

andycool profile image

andycool 6 years ago from the U.S. Author

Yes I agree Il_Padrino that beaches in Poland are beautiful too! Poland not only has miles upon miles of golden sandy coastline, but some of the biggest sand dunes in Europe (in Slowinski National Park on the Baltic coast, close to Leba and Debki). The Baltic coast near Gdansk has beautiful white, wide beaches and is highly recommended for a holiday.

Thank you so much Il_Padrino for sharing! - Andy

Il_Padrino profile image

Il_Padrino 6 years ago

I live 30 km from Leba soI know this places very good. But the biggest and the most beatiful beach in Poland is in Swinoujscie. Beaches in Poland have different climate. I was in Sopot yesterday - frozen Baltic - beatiful view. It's a pity, that tourism in Poland has such a bad quality.

andycool profile image

andycool 6 years ago from the U.S. Author

Let's hope that tourism in Poland improves so that people around the world come to know more about the beautiful beaches of Poland. Thanks a lot Il_Padrino for sharing! - Andy

beachantigua 5 years ago

I've been to Palmetto Beach in Barbuda, and it is amazing. The beach changes dramatically with every hurricane.

Another world class beach in Antigua is Half Moon Bay. It is worthy of this top 10!

andycool profile image

andycool 5 years ago from the U.S. Author

Thanks beachantigua for stopping by and for the info! I appreciate your comment.

Orchia profile image

Orchia 2 years ago from Indonesia

Very nice beaches,

another beautiful beach :

VillaMargaritaSTX profile image

VillaMargaritaSTX 5 months ago from St Croix, USVI

impressive list. Jack and Issac's Bay in St. Croix is also a worthy contender.

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