Top Business Accessories For the Mobile Executive

Having the Right Business Accessories

Traveling for business is not a fun affair, you can’t enjoy the plane ride because you are putting together presentations or reading summaries or examining reports or prepping for your meeting in general. Preparation is key and having the right business accessories means that you can concentrate on the more important stuff; getting it done and getting home early.

1. A Laptop Case or Sleeve

One of the things that a business traveler doesn’t want to do is to carry around stuff. The more you have in your hands the more likely you can lose something and not miss it until you need it for the presentation. You’ve seen businesspeople with the roll on luggage and the bulging computer bag. Well no more. I was able to get rid of the computer bag by trading it in for a laptop case. I put the computer in my carry-on bag and that’s it. No bulky computer bag, the case protects my computer, it now fits in my carry on and I have one less bag to worry about. When you shop for a computer case or sleeve, think colorful but professional. The color and pattern of your sleeve should help you to spot it when you are getting ready to pack but it should still have a professional look so that you’re not going to get snickers when you take it out of your briefcase. It should be waterproof and the material should be thick enough to protect your laptop from any pens that might jab it when the contents of your bag is being jostled (such as when you run to catch your flight).

2. Business Card Holder

You can't have too many business cards when you travel; you never know how many people and prospects you will meet. You never want to run out, so this is one of the most important business accessories you should have. Get a business card holder that can hold as many as 25 business cards. The holder should match your profession; if you're in banking or finance it would be a leather business card holder, if you're in fashion the design of the case is more important. You should also have at least 100 business cards in your briefcase or travel bag to replenish your card holder.

3. Writing Portfolio

Don't sit down at a meeting to take notes without a professional-looking writing portfolio. A pad and pen isn't going to do it and conveys to the rest of your colleagues at the meeting that you are not prepared or even worse, that you don't care about the meeting. A leather-bound writing portfolio with a pen holder and slots for additional pens, businesscards and a fold for loose paper and a slot to slide in yellow tablet paper would be the minimum features that you would need in your portfolio.

4. Swingline Stapler - It's Collapsible

Business travel also requires that you deal with a lot of paper and if you’re not careful, paper can get away from you. One way that you can organize your paperwork is to staple them together. Now most road warriors wouldn't consider a portable stapler as one of the most important business accessories but with all the paper you are carrying, it sure comes in handy. But don’t carry a regular desk stapler, they are bulky to carry and increase the weight of your bag. Buy the Swingline Tot Slim Collapsible Stapler. The key word here is collapsible. But this stapler is not so small that it is ineffective; it can staple up to twelve sheets at once. I don’t know what I would do without this stapler.

5. Travel Wallet

Another way to deal with all that paper is to have a travel wallet, it is one of the most overlooked business accessories. Stow away your boarding passes, claim checks for your luggage, hotel information , travel itinerary, and if needed, your passport. These days the whole airline industry is cutting back and the nice agent will most likely not provide you with a sleeve for your boarding pass. Having all your travel paperwork in one place means you don't have to waste precious time looking for it. Also, the travel wallet is a great way to hold all your receipts in one place so it would be a lot easier to complete that expense report. You want to consider travel wallets that are slim but can still hold all your papers for travel, waterproof in case you spill coffee on it, and have an eyecatching color but still look professional.

6. Tide Instant Stain Remover

This remarkable bleaching pen has saved me more times than I can remember. For some reason, stray pen marks are highly attracted to my shirts. Food has consistently found a way to place a stain on my clothes. And sometimes you don’t always have the time to have your shirt laundered to take out that stain. Tide Instant Stain Remover is indispensable for those occasions filled with mishap. Rub the pen tip on the stain and it’s gone. Now you don’t have to worry about looking like such a slob.

7. Alarm Clock

Having an alarm clock just makes me feel in control. When I go to a hotel and request a wake-up call, I’m not always sure that I will get it at the time I request it. The bedside clock in the hotel room can be a puzzle to figure out and I’m usually too tired to do so. My travel alarm clock is as dependable as the sunrise and is one of the most important business accessories. I don’t have to figure out how it works, I can set it to wake up at the time I want, it’s portable, small, sleek, and can therefore easily fit in my carry on. Now I still request a wake-up call but it’s nice that I have an alarm clock to back it up and prevent me from worrying about arriving late.

8. A Small Case for your Rechargers

All our portable electronic gadgets have really made travel more productive. A cell phone, ipod, blackberry, PDA, iphone -- all these modern tools require a recharger. Often times we just put our rechargers in our bag and forget about it until the time that we need to it. Then out comes all these cords in a tangled mess that would make Medusa envious. A case such as the E-Tote Protective Case from Brookstone helps you not worry about tangled rechargers. Three rechargers fit in this case and too my surprise, I have found that the case actually helps me to remember to put all my rechargers together. I have yet to lose one recharger on the road. In addition, there's enough space to put in a spare memory stick and/or a memory card. The hard protective case will protect the contents from any hard impact. Furthermore, the case comes in several colors: bright green, cherry red, grey, and pink.

9. Breath Mints

The last thing you want to do is drive off a potential client, current client or even a colleague because they can smell the garlic in the pizza you had for lunch. Halitosis is never good. Do yourself a favor and everyone a favor, always carry breath mints, whether that's in a form of Tic-tacs, Breathsavers, Listerine strips, Altoids, what have you but always have them on hand when you travel on business.

With these nine business accessories you never have to catch yourself unprepared for any business situation.

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ediggity profile image

ediggity 6 years ago

The Tide instant stain remover pen is money. The only draw back is that sometimes it smells like baby puke. Only until it dries though.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

LOL! Edig, I've never really noticed the smell!

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