What are the Top Recreational Winter Sports and Activities

Are You Ready For The Winter Sports ?

Winter Sports are sports that are played during winter on snow or ice. However kids enjoy recreational winter sports like Ice fishing, snow man making and snowball fights. Winter sports have become popular through sport events like Winter Olympics Games, Asian Winter Games and the Winter Paralympics Games.

Most of the Winter Games are often held in Europe such as France and Switzerland, Canada and the US. The next Winter Olympics will be held in Russia for the first time.

These include

  • Ice hockey
  • Ice skating
  • Ice Skiing
  • Sledding
  • Snowmobiling

Ice Hockey and Ice Skiing

Ice Hockey:

It is the official winter sport of Canada. The players skate on ice. They use hockey sticks to direct the puck into the opposite teak’s goal post. There are five skaters and one goal keeper for each team. Injuries can occur as there is lot of physical contact between the players and they need to keep moving or skiing for long periods. The players therefore wear helmets, shoulder pads, knee pads, protective gloves and padded shots.

The sport is played in Canada, US and Europe where there will be sufficient ice. There are men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey Championships. It is a popular sport in Canada.

Ice Skiing:

This sport uses skies for traveling across the snow. It has its origin in the Scandinavian countries like Norway and Greenland where skiing was the basic means of transportation. It was also used for hunting and military purposes. The boots are connected to the skies and they use helmets to avoid head injuries.

Skiing is a popular item in the Winter Olympic Sports. There are different types of skiing: Alpine and Freestyle Skiing.

  • Alpine skiing is also called downhill skiing and is performed in a skiing resort.
  • Freestyle skiing includes aerial acrobatics. The skiers use jumps to perform these tricks.

Ice skating and Sledding

Ice skating:

This sport uses skates to glide over the ice. Skating began in the Scandinavian countries centuries back when they used polished bones instead of the present day steel skates.

Skaters use helmets and knee pads to prevent injuries during a fall.

In figure skating, the skater jumps, spins and performs individually or as a couple or in a team. In is a main event in Winter Olympics.

Men wear pants while women wear skirts and leggings under the skirts.

The Russians are champions in this sport.


It is a sport in which the rider remains seated on a plastic or wooden vehicle called sled which carries him down through the ice. It was an earlier means of transportation among the agrarian society in Europe during terrible winters.


These are similar to sledding but uses motor cycle like vehicles to travel across the snow. These machines are two or four stoke engines. They are known to cause soil erosion, air and sound pollution thus disturbing the wildlife in countries like Canada.

Fatal accidents happen when the rider loses control of these machines.

Snowman Making and Snowball fights

Ice fishing:

The angler uses fish hooks or spears to catch fish from frozen pond or lake.

In modern times, drilling is also done with the hope of catching a fish.

Snowman Making:

It is a favorite past time for the kids during winter. When sufficient snow has fallen, it is collected to for balls to make a snowman. This is then decorated with hats, jackets, shawls, sticks, vegetables like carrots as a nose, berries for eyes.

Snowball fights:

Snowballs are thrown with the intension of hitting others. It becomes a pastime for kids during winter. It is not a sport but fun filled recreation during snowfall. It does not require any formal training to become masters of this game; so everyone just loves it.

Funny Winter Sports Accidents

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