Top good and bad things about Egypt

Good Egypt

Have you ever heard about Egypt?

Have you Ever visited it?

Well, today lets talk about it and lets gather what is good and what is bad there.Lets start with the GOOD things i noticed there:

1- Egypt is in the middle east having the shores on both the Mediterranean sea and the Red sea. It also has the long river "the Nile" which passes through most of its cities. This is not a geographical lesson but this gives Egypt wonderful seen and amazing weather too.

2- At the Red sea, one can enjoy diving or can rent a glassy bottom boat to enjoy the scene of the sea bottom with different types of creatures and fishes.

3- At Giza, Luxor and Aswan you can take an exciting tour through the ancient Egyptian development by visiting the great PYRAMIDS, some famous temples and museums.

4- There are also other exciting places to visit there specially at night as Khan-El-Khalili where you can buy memorizing gifts.

5- Most of people there are helpful with a smile on their faces. They also have high sense of humor.

6- Egyptian food is delicious, you have to try "molokhya", "mahshi", "shish kabab" and some others I could not memorize.

The great pyramids

Bad Egypt

Now lets go through the BAD things I noticed:

1- crowded and random traffic, even the ambulance can not pass through.

2- Poverty is nearly everywhere specially when tourists go a little bit away from their guide, they are surrounded with poor children asking for tips!!

3- Some people exploits tourists specially the cap drivers (they call it "taxi") and ask more money than deserved.

4- Trashes are thrown on streets even if there is a trash basket near it!!

Another thing is that my visit was not so long and I could not spend enough time at each place or to visit more places there but in general it was an interesting vacation.

Egyptian crowded traffic

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sarah 6 years ago

i wish to taste this food. I think it is delicious!!

Nastasha 6 years ago

well i think those are 'special' comments

i visited Egypt last year and I did not see all these places, i'll try next time


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roseflowersrd 6 years ago Author

well Sarah you have to try their meals with a lot of vegetables which are healthy ones

jordan 6 years ago

in egypt there are huge pyrimds that are build in hard rock

John 6 years ago

I am an egyptian, and lived in egypt for many years. The people are really nice and sweet. The peoplem comes with the screwed president that thinks that a democratic country such as egypt should b ruled By on ruler for over 30 years. And he wants his son to continue after him. One word to describe the current rulling party, corrupted. I wish the situation that happened in Tunisia, happens in egypt. Egypt has always been the center of strength to the arab world through out hitory, and I really hope things turn around in that beautiful country.

Jacie Costello 6 years ago


nana santos 4 years ago

veeerie gooooooooodi

seu madruga 4 years ago


Batima 4 years ago

To com problmas do seguro do batcarro, se fode ae nerdao

malak 4 years ago

I am an egyptian and i think that cairo is terrible place to go when on a vacation. I suggest Sharm El Sheikh or Alexandria.

blabla 4 years ago

i think egypt would be a pretty good place to visit

poop 4 years ago

your dumb balbbla

Britney 4 years ago

Really picky about my food so I don't know if I'd like it, and the traffic!! I was so amazed by it. Where I live it gets bad, but I mean........That's horrible!!

sousou 4 years ago

egypt is terrible

Healthyannie profile image

Healthyannie 3 years ago from Spain

Egypt is an amazing place. Lots of history and things to see. Cairo is like an other large mega city in the world - crowded, polluted and poor people. I believe they are found in Washington D.C. as well

Adam 3 years ago

Im Egyptain and Egypt is like the best place ever! The problems come from the crazy presidents that do bad things to the country and want to be president until they die.

Mona 3 years ago

I am Egyptian and i love Egypt i am proud because i am Egyptian

Healthyannie profile image

Healthyannie 3 years ago from Spain

Mona - you should be proud to be Egyptian. The problem is the government not the people. I love the sounds, smells and love walking around the place. Always feel safe and everybody smiles.

Gaby 3 years ago

oh my I just cant wait to live in Egypt! I know the good and the bad of that place, it still doesn't scare me ! im 16 and I dream of being a teacher in Cairo! (: I just cant wait to start my future if I live that long :D

qweqwewqeqw 3 years ago


Salma 2 years ago

Egypt is a perfect country it is my country and it is the best country in. The world it is rich and when we go egypt we have fun and it is better than india of course india is a poor country and does not have nice things

larkn 2 years ago

there are cintadication beteen good things in egypt and bad people in egypt

Zeina Hazem 2 years ago

I'm an Egyptian and I might just be 12 but, I think that during the past few years egypt has been falling apart. But its not the people's faults it's the government's fault and I hope egypt ends up with a better future

Sandy seyam 22 months ago

hi im sandy my country is egypt over there makes me feel happy I going to egypt July 21 I hope its better last time

meme 5 months ago


kareem 3 months ago

the Egypt is interesting but in south the weather is very hot in summer and very cold winter

naomi 3 months ago

i dont no hw it tastes but im shure it tastes great.

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