Top five reasons to visit Slovakia

Slovakia can be referred to as one of the best kept secrets of Europe. And no wonder it has been hidden from the eager eyes of the traveller: the Slovak Republic only became independent in 1993.

Although there are many reasons why you should visit Slovakia, this time we will only give you five of them.

  1. Not only the highest but also the most beautiful Slovak mountains are the Vysoke Tatry, or the High Tatras. Without doubt, this region is the most attractive tourist destination Slovakia can offer. No wonder it has become the symbol of the Slovak Republic. Tourists, mountaineers, hikers and skiers visit it bz the thousand every year. And if you are tired of all the hiking, why not hop ont the cogway railroad, also called “zubačka” in Slovak. If you are just an average hikerr and not a skilled mountaneer, I recommend you to use the suspended cableway going directly to one of the highest peaks, Lomnický štít. If you are lucky enough you’ll get the most marvellous view, and you can also spend a night in the highest placed hotel in Europe. 
  2. On my personal list, the Slovak capitol city, Bratislava made the number two position. To be found in the south-west of Slovakia, Bratislava belongs to the youngest european metropolitan areas. Recenty, it has experienced constructional boom, which luckily also included reconstruction of its historic center. On your visit to Bratislava you should not miss the nearby Devín castlewhere the Danube and Morava rivers meet. Symbol of Bratislava's rich history, the Bratislava castle has recently undergone a renovation, now you can visit it in its full glory. And once you are up there, enjoy the beautiful view not only on historical part of this city, but also on the neighbouring Austria and Hungary. 
  3. With a big jump, I’ll advise you to visit Kosice city and Eastern Slovakia. Are you interested in variety of the national cultures of Slovakia? Just right in Southeastern Slovakia you can find a country of many languages and traditions. Admire the unrivalled customs of characteristic regions, or the rich history thereof, which almost every place of this region breathes it. Those who are found of the natural beauties will not miss certainly a visit of the surroundings hills, or a trip to some of the picturesque caves. This part of Slovakia will provide you certainly with many unforgettable memories and experience.
  4. The underground cave system of the Aggeletek kras was listed in World and Nature Heritage in 1995. There were four opened to public caves in Slovenský kras – Domica cave, Gombasecká cave, Silická cave and Jasov cave included in the UNESCO’s Natural Heritage list. In the year 2000 Dobšinská Ice Cave was added to the aforesaid, and this cave together with Demänovská Cave of Freedom and Demänovská Ice Cave are the most visited caves in Slovakia. 
The best-known caves of the Slovak caves are declared to be the National Monuments. Fourteen Slovak caves are opened to public. Most of them are karst, some are of ice and of exceptional value is the Aragonite Cave in Ochtiná. This one is classified among three opened caves of such kind in the world and it is an unrivalled cave of such kind.
  5. I will write a hubpage on Slovakia’s aquatic parks in the future, but let me now just mention one of them. A relaxation-sports areal AquaCity Poprad uses the geothermal energy of Poprad bore hole, temperature of which is almost 50°C. Thus, water in swimming pools is naturally warmed at temperature of 30°C – 38°C, and thanks to this it is possible to swim here also in winter. There are the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water attractions, playgrounds, saunas, bars and coffee houses place here at your disposal. The wellness centre with inhalation rooms, Jacuzzi and snow cave are very popular for visitors.

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Treathyl FOX 5 years ago

Slovakian artist, Andrea "Adka" Jones, would have been Reason #6, only she now resides in the United States. She makes me wonder what other hidden treasures were left behind.

sarka0905 4 years ago

Slovakia dosent have any treasures left behind.. it IS a treasure :) thank you for this article I really enjoyed it :)

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