Top things you should do Before and After you get to a new country

Before I start this hub, I would like to dedicate this to people who are thinking of living in a new country, travelling to different places and experiencing new things. This is a list of what I had done and what I should have done when I first experienced going to and living in a different country. This is a list of what I think is most important to do before and after your journey but it ultimately depends on what you choose to do. Enjoy!

Before going to live in a new country.

  • Find Out which country you would like to live in. Gather all facts you know about the country and see if it would benefit your life in anyway, for better or worse?
  • See If you have any relations, friends living in the country you would like to move too. The more friends and family you have over there would help you be able to start your new life in a different country.
  • STUDY UP! Knowing more about the country and it's cultures, traditions and heritage would help get a good overall grasp on the people and their lifestyle.
  • Learn the Language. Learning the country's language would help you gain the understanding of people's speech and of course will help you communicate with the locals. If your language is similar get yourself familiarised with the different terms of words that locals may use.
  • Get your families advice. Make sure your family knows what you are planning to do before going to live in a new country. Ask their advice and what they would do, the decision overall is yours to make but getting advice from people who love you is always a good thing.
  • Make sure you have Money. There is nothing worse for you to buy the airline ticket and then realise when you get to the new country that your money supply would only last you a week!
  • Have a Plan. Make sure you know what you will be doing once you get to the new country. Have plans such as finding a job, getting in contact with your family members or relations, planning where you will live or stay etc.....
  • Make a contact list. Once you leave your old country it is best to always stay in touch with your friends or family members. Remember it is good to keep in touch just in case a problem whether it be health or financial may happen to you. It's good to know someone is always willing to help you out no matter where you are.

After you get to the new country

  • Get off the plane and out of the airport. You need to get used to your new home. Immerse yourself with your new land. Breathe the air.
  • Find your home. Get to your planned living area and unpack your things.
  • Be curious. Let's face it know ones a genius so become a child again and ask around, walk around your new area. Ask anything about everything to people you meet that may stump you (it is okay your new so don't be scared).
  • Be active. How will you learn to love your new country if you don't get out of the house?
  • No excuses. Don't let anything deter you from anything. Your new you have to know everything that is going on in your new country.
  • Don't be a grouch. You may have the case of " I just got off the plane I'm so tired." Don't be, know one would like to talk to you or want to talk to you.
  • Meet new people. If you have relations or family over in the new country get in contact, otherwise get to know your new neighbours and the community.
  • Find your job. You can't survive without money duh!
  • Tell your family and friends how your doing. Obviously they would want to keep in contact. Keep in touch.
  • Give it a chance. Everything deserves a chance to impress you. So as soon as you have time, take the chance to sight see around your new country.
  • Make new friends. Indulge yourself with the locals. Do what they do and see what they see.
  • Everyone makes mistakes. If the locals laugh at you for doing something that's funny to them or you just not getting used to their customs, give it time everyone makes mistakes, you will get used to doing things their way.
  • Of course have fun, be happy, it's your new life live it.

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nms profile image

nms 7 years ago from Cochin

Good one

sarahshuihan profile image

sarahshuihan 4 years ago from USA

Great tips. I agree that being patient and giving your new surroundings a chance is something that will help most travelers.

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