Toronto Islands

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

To live in a car-free community for many is a way of life in the Toronto Islands and is the largest urban community of its type in North America. These islands located on Lake Ontario in the city of Toronto can be accessed via ferries, boats or one can fly into the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport also know as the Toronto Island Airport, located at the western end of the islands. This airport is only used for regional airline service, medical emergency flights, small charters and private aviation.


Plenty of fun things to see and do at Centre Island

Centre Island is the largest of the islands and is home to Centreville Amusement Park that opened in 1967, which operates daily during the summer. The park has a miniature railway, Far Enough Farm and a 1907-vintage carousel. There are over thirty rides and attractions on 600 acres that include a Log Flume Ride, Rocking Ferry, Bumper Boats and more. The Carousel Café family restaurant is right on the lake and has a Patio to sit out on and enjoy a cold drink along with delicious salads soups and many other dishes, appetizers or full course meals. There is a Shopsy’s Island Deli Bar & Grill that has their entire selections of award winning deli sandwiches. Many people picnic here at one of the 40 picnic sites scattered among the islands. Centreville Amusement Park is a fun place to visit whether you are a child or an adult with so many things to see and enjoy.

Franklin Children's Garden
Franklin Children's Garden

Franklin Children’s Garden

Franklin Children’s Garden is a wonderful place for children to come to enjoy and learn about gardening, or enjoy storytelling in the storytelling amphitheatre. While here be sure to visit the wildlife pond. The garden was inspired by Franklin the Turtle books written by Paulette Bourgeois.

Algonquin and Ward’s Island

On Algonquin and Ward’s Island there are somewhere around 260 homes, a public school that goes only up to grade 6. After grade 6 the students have to go to the mainland to further their education. All roads are paved however only the use of service vehicles are allowed on any of the islands.

House Toronto Islands Ward's Island
House Toronto Islands Ward's Island | Source
Beach Ward's Island Toronto Islands
Beach Ward's Island Toronto Islands | Source
Hanlan's Point
Hanlan's Point


There is no shortage when it comes to beaches, as there are six in total where you can enjoy a swim or a relaxing stroll.

At Hanlan's Point the beach offers a nude section, should this be your fancy.

St. Andrew by the Lake
St. Andrew by the Lake

St. Andrew by the Lake Anglican Church held its first service on the Islands in July of 1894.



Because of boating being so popular here, there are four yacht clubs and a public marina. You will find several clubs here, which include Sunfish Cut Boat Club, Toronto Island Canoe Club, and the Toronto Island Sailing Club (Located on Muggs Island). The Toronto International dragon Boat Race Festival is held here every year.

Rock Concerts

On Olympic Island a rock concert called the Olympic Island Festival is held every year, which was started in 2004 by Jay Ferguson of the band Sloan.


Haunted Lighthouse

On Gibraltar Point you will find Toronto’s oldest landmark being the Island Lighthouse that has been there for over 200 years and some say that it is haunted.


How to get to Toronto Islands

Ferries to Toronto Islands are located at 9 Queen’s Quay West, which is located on Bay and Queens Quay, west of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.

Where are Toronto Islands

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Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

ahorseback, You sure can. I'll give you an official tour :)

ahorseback profile image

ahorseback 4 years ago

What a perfect place , Can I go !.....:-}

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Uninvited Writer, Many children have many wonderful memories of Toronto Island. My husband lived in Toronto while he was growing up and he and his siblings loved Centre Island.

Uninvited Writer profile image

Uninvited Writer 5 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

I spent many summer days over on the Islands, great place for a city kid.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Stephanie, There are many people that live close to Toronto that do not know about Toronto Islands. I am sure you would enjoy this spot. Thanks for coming by to visit my hub.

Stephanie Henkel profile image

Stephanie Henkel 5 years ago from USA

I have been to Toronto several times, but, unfortunately, never knew about the Toronto Islands. They look fun, relaxing and beautiful and will be on my list of places to go on our next visit! Your photographs are wonderful, too! Voted up and useful!

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

hillrider thanks so much for stopping by and yes it is a great city.

hillrider profile image

hillrider 5 years ago from Mid-west United States

One of the many exciting and metropolitan sights to see in my favorite city. Thanks for sharing Sue ...

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

katrinsui thanks so much so glad you enjoyed it.

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 5 years ago

Wow! what a wonderful place to visit. I really enjoyed reading it. Pictures are fantastic.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

prasetio These islands are pretty cool and I recommend anyone that is going to be in the Toronto to visit the Toronto Islands. Thanks so much for reading.

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 5 years ago from malang-indonesia

Wow... this was so beautiful. Thanks for writing this. I really enjoy your review about Toronto Island. I liked all stunning pictures here. I hope I can see this island in person. Well done, Susan. I give my vote to you. Take care!


Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thanks Chatkath and crystolite. You can also bike around the Islands which is a great way to see it.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Nice hub with good pics that really made me to start thinking of how to visit the the Toronto island

Chatkath profile image

Chatkath 5 years ago from California

One place I have always wanted to see! Thanks for the great tour!

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author


That is too bad that you have never made it over here. I am sure you would enjoy Canada as I would the U.K. and hopefully I will make it across the pond someday. Thanks for reading :)

Merlin Fraser profile image

Merlin Fraser 5 years ago from Cotswold Hills

Sounds like a lovely spot... I could live without cars, of course in many instances I could live without most of the people wh o drive them as well... But one thing at a time !

In all my world travels never did make it to Canada!

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

dahoglund, I am sure you would enjoy seeing the Toronto area.

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada Author

Thanks so much Will. I would love to have a home on Toronto Islands but there is a huge waiting list and it is not very easy to get a home here. The residents lease the publicly owned lots and the owners of the homes are only allowed to leave the homes to their spouses or children. When someone sells a home here the Island Trust gets to decide whether or not the purchaser qualifies to live here or not. The people that originally leased their lots have the lease until 2092. I have read that the waiting list is about 25 years so that let me out.

dahoglund profile image

dahoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

I've never seen Canada except around Lake Superior. This looks like an interesting place to see.

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

The big draw for me in Venice was the lack of cars. Now I know of another spot.

Great Hub.

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