Customer Service and Excellence:Touched by Two Angels

My Other Guardian Angel

Go Jet Angel B: Emily T
Go Jet Angel B: Emily T | Source

The Face of Customer Excellence

Go Jet Angel A Cabin: Brianna
Go Jet Angel A Cabin: Brianna | Source

Caring is Everything

I love to travel on the holidays to see my children. Hardly a year goes by that I don't find a reason to visit them on Thanksgiving or Christmas in addition to other special occasions. This year, I chose to be there for my granddaughters's 16th birthday, just 2 days after Christmas.

Choosing a flight was easy, as I wanted to be sure to arrive a day early, so I could rest and then prepare for the special day. This was a carefully planned trip, I chose non-stop flights on smaller jets, in an attempt to not expose myself to multiple strains of viruses unavoidable on flights with larger numbers passengers.

What I didn't plan on was contracting a virus prior to my departure which could have turned traveling into a nightmare. I was relieved to find when I boarded the plane that there were a few seats which were not inhabited, a relief for me, as I did not want to expose anyone to what I was coming down with.

Armed with an ample supply of Kleenex, I seated myself and prepared myself to contain my cough which began to worsen with the lack of air circulation, and all the activity on the plane. When we took off, my ears plugged and I was unable to clear them until an hour or so after landing.

What I was not expecting was the absolutely delightful response to my obvious discomfort that I received from the kind and caring flight attendant in my cabin. She greeted me with a smile, and asked me if I needed anything, initially water. She not only stopped to care for me, she was equally and exceptionally as pleasant with each of the passengers on the flight.

Unlike the standard lack of response we have grown accustomed to on other airlines and other flights recently, both Emily and Brianna, stood out from even the most seasoned flight attendants I have observed. They floated throught the cabins gracefully, always smiling and making those aboard our smaller flight feel like they were not only welcome, but important.

Together as a team, rather than the self-centered easily-offended, supposedly-seasoned attendants, who make you feel like every request is a bother, and/or ridiculous and uneccessary. It was the kind of flight that goes too quickly, as you forget the hours that go by. You walk away with the hope that you may get the same treatment on the return trip.

I was so moved by their hosptality that I made sure to tell them right then and there. Then I asked them if I could take their picture, as I didn't want to ever forget the moment. I had to take Brianna's picture on the go, as I was exiting, because she was doing what should be done, assisting some people in First Class with their children and luggage.

Unfortunately, on my return flight, everything changed. I encountered the usual, abrupt indifference that brought me right back to the reality of traveling as it really is, without feeling or concern. Fortunately, my needs were minimal, as my pneumonia subsided and I would have been afraid to ask in light of the attitude encountered as we boarded.

Later, during the beverage "service", I was abruptly handed an unannounced, unrequested diet soda (which I happen to be alergic to). When I attempted communication, which was apparently incovenient, my drink was snatched away with not even an option for replacement. Thank you United, I am so impressed.

How can we continue to settle for this type of treatment, with the high prices of tickets and the added costs for baggage with no reasonable service provided? I think the solution is fairly simple, commend those who deserve commendation and ignore the rest who are rude and inconsistent.

Shouldn't it be obvious that traveling is difficult enough by virtue of going through security lines and being made to carry so much personal luggage because of baggage charges? No one is asking for much as far as I can see, the only thing that is a burden is drinks and cleanup.

So Emily and Brianna, I salute you and your exceptional commendable service and look forward to seeing you again on some future flight somewhere. Keep doing business the way you do, and someone will be blessed everyday.

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Comments 7 comments

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Good for you for highlighting these two! :)

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 5 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

God places "Angels" in our path at many different times for many different reasons. I know you will agree.

ChaplinSpeaks profile image

ChaplinSpeaks 5 years ago from Charleston, South Carolina

I hope your two angels get this thank you message - they so deserve it! Yes, I agree to praise employees who are awesome. We may forget that sometimes, though we often jump to report or write up bad service. Thanks for sharing! Hope you are feeling better.

KellyMcB profile image

KellyMcB 5 years ago from USA

Those that go above and beyond should be commended. Awesome that you did this. Great hub!

SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

SimpleGiftsofLove 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks RTalloni, they absolutely deserved kudos and of course I told them face to face and they were so touched, I was inspired to write about it here!

Dave Matthews, thanks for your comments, I am going to write about my travels to Africa, and yes, I experience angelic intervention often and totally know that they are real protectors!

Chaplin Speaks, thank you for your comments, when someone is abrupt, I feel sad for them, there are so many better approaches to conflict, and grace is always appropriate, eh! I am feeling better now, and back in the writing groove, thanks for your concern and wishes!

KellyMcB, you are right, and there are so many people in service to humankind that go unnoticed, I like to consider it my personal mission to encourage and foster that good will! Life would be so empty without bright spots like Emily and Brianna, and you and many of the amazing writers and readers in our HP community!

phdast7 profile image

phdast7 5 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

Nice Hub! There is so much poor service or no service today, we should all take note and make a big deal about it when we receive great service. I am so glad you did. You have inspired me. L)

SimpleGiftsofLove profile image

SimpleGiftsofLove 5 years ago from Colorado Author

Thanks Phdast7! Yes there is! Customer Service seems part of the past. Although I have to say that United falls short on the phone service, these two gals on Gojet made up for it all.

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