Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

Shait Gumbad Mosque
Shait Gumbad Mosque
Kantajir Temple
Kantajir Temple

Tourist Spots in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is blessed with ample gifts of nature. The major tourist attractions in Bangladesh include archaeological and natural world heritage sites like ancient mosques, pagodas world’s largest unbroken sandy beach, green hills, lively sea, verdant forests, colourful indigenous cultures and wildlife. Bangladesh also offers opportunities for angling, water skiing, river cruising, hiking and rowing, yachting, sea bathing or simply communing with pristine nature.

Here tourists from home and abroad can enjoy the experience of watching exquisite setting sun and the rising moon at the same time in the primeval forest of the Sundarbans or the unrivalled splendor of Inani beach when the blue scurf on the black corals continuously creates a magical ambience under the steady gaze of green hills. Bangladesh reveals its beauty in different ways through six seasons, namely Summer, Rainy, Autumn, Deep Autumn, Winter and Spring. Different flowers and fruits are available in different seasons, bringing diverse flavors and fragrances.

Bangladesh is called the land of rivers or the gift of rivers. Almost 300 small and big rivers and their tributaries crises-cross the country. The out flow of water from Bangladesh is third highest in the world, next only to those of the Amazon and the congo systems. The major rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Jamuna, the Brahamaputra and the Karnaphuli. These are an in-separate part of the lives of the people.

Natural beauty is not the last word for Bangladesh, as it is full of various historic sites which have encircled the land and also attract tourists who come from different corners of the world to look at the ancient archaeological sites and various religious establishments. A few of the main archaeological sites are:

Mahasthangarh: Located at 18 km. north of Bogra town. It is the oldest archaeological site of Bangladesh situated in the Western bank of river korotoa. The spectacular site is an imposing landmark in the region having a fortified area and its ancient ruins spread out with in a semi circle of a total 8 km. radius.

Paharpur: The most spectacular Buddhist monument, a gigantic temple and Monastery at Paharpur is in Noagoan district. Architecturally and historically Paharpur vihara is a treasured heritage of the world. It is identified as the reputed Sonapura Vihara of the great Pala emperor Dharmpala.

It is the biggest vihara south of the Himalayas. This immense quadrangular monastery with 177 monastic cells enclosing the courtyard, its elaborate northern gateway and numerous Votive stupas, minor chapels and extensive ancillary buildings within the 22 acre courtyard is dominated by a lofty pyramidal temple in the centre.

Mainamati: Mainamati once known as “samatala” a land lying almost even with the sea level, isolated eleven mile long spur of dimpled low hill range known as the “mainamati lalmati range” runs through the middle of Comilla district from north to south. Excavation on this range has revealed over 50 ancient sites dotting the hills, mostly containing various types of Buddhist remains of the 8th to lih centuries AD.

Kantajir Temple: In 1752 the Temple was built by Maharaja Prem Nath of Dinajpur. This is a 50 square three-storied edifice rests on a slightly curved raised plinth of sandstone block, believe to have been quarried from the ruins of the ancient city of Bangarh near Gangarampur in West Bengal.

Shait Gumbad Mosque : The most magnificent and largest brick mosque in Bangladesh is undoubtedly the Shait Gombad Mosque situated in Bagerhat district.

Lalbagh fort : Lalbagh for, an incomplete Mughal palace fortress in Dhaka stood on the banks of the River Buriganga in the southwestern part of the old city.

Other monuments: Star mosque, Baitul Mokaram mosque, Chhota sona mosque, Mosque of Baba Adam, Shrine of Hazrat Shajalal and Hazrat Shahparan, Shrine of Sultan Bayazid Bostami, Shrine of Shah Amanat etc.

The Picturesque Hills: The hill districts under Chittagong division are a paradise for lovers of nature with many places of breath taking beauty from congested and polluted cities of plains. The three hill districts are Khagrachhai, Rangamati & Bandarbans.

Tourists are sure to enjoy the riverine beauty of Bangladesh. From tourism point of view it is popularly said “visit Bangladesh before the tourist come.”

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Alosea 5 years ago from Illinois

You paint a very different picture from my visit to Dhaka and Chittagong.

zakir chowdhury 2 years ago

very nice article

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