Places To Visit In China

China offers the world many wonderful attractions. If you have visited China before you will agree that it was an experience that you will remember forever. There are many tours available to you that offer different experiences and attractions, and its important that you find the right ones! Here are some of the finest attractions China has to offer.

The Great Wall is situated in Beijing and is a great opportunity to see one of the biggest landmarks in the history of China. Stand from the top and admire the wonderful views and work that has gone in to the security of the wall, ready for battle. Click here to Learn more...

The Terracotta Warriors - Another totally unique wonderful site. Sometimes unheard of and under estimated. Dating back to wonderful findings in 1974. Terrecotta Warriors in battle form. Click here to Learn more...

Guilin and the beautiful Li River. A trip not to be missed if visiting China. Experience the most beautiful, scenic sites in China. The River begins at the Cat Mountain in Xingan and runs through Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous. A Truly wonderful experience. Click here to learn more...

Beijings Forbidden City is arguably the best preserved landmark in the world for beautiful palaces. Click here to Learn more...

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Shanghai boasts many attractions that are not to be missed out on when visiting China. This includes, The Bund, Nanjing Rd, Yuyuan Gardens, Jade Buddah Temple, Wonderful Restaurants and hostility. Click here to Learn more..

The Pandas - If you have travelled to China to see wonderful things then you most certainly will not want to miss out on seeing the wild pandas. Click here to Learn more..

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