Travelling Around London During the London Olympics 2012

Olympics Travel

The Olympics come to London this summer between 27 July and the 9 September. Up to one million extra visitors will be in London on each day of the games.

Below are the best way to travel around London during this time:

Using Public Transport:
Whether you are travelling on the tube, bus or by car the expected busiest times will be between 7-10am and 4-8pm. This is because people will be travelling to and from the events during these times. If possible travel outside of these times.

Some tube stations will be closed on event days, so make the most of other transport modes such as the bus.

Try a Different Mode of Transport:
Get fit! Instead of using the tube or bus or car, why not walk or take advantage of the city's bike hire scheme, the "Boris" bikes. There are over 45 tube journeys that can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Work From Home
If you live in London, why not see if you can work from home over the games! Some companies are actively encouraging this! Answer your emails and watch Usain Bolt.

Plan Ahead
Whether you are attending the games or just trying to travel around London then plan ahead. Keep up to date with the get ahead of the games website -, to keep up to date with travel changes and what is closed when.

Last of all enjoy the games in London.

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