Traveling To Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around The World

Safety Tips While Travelling to Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Traveling is supposed to be full of fun, when you can wind out all your frustrations, may be at work or from any other stressful schedules. But at times, you might hear of occasions where traveling might have turned out to ruin lives of several people at different points of time. You might yourself have experienced such situations while traveling through different countries. Sure, risks are intrinsic part of any travel, but some countries can be absolute danger for an unaware traveler.

Travel dangers can come in any form, may be a crime, theft, natural disaster, threat from wildlife, terrorism, riot etc. Whatever the case, some places are still worth visiting despite these dangers. Being aware of the dangers of such places, may help you to enjoy your trip, despite all the risks.

Here are some of the tourist destinations which are irresistible, yet dangerous to visit:


Dangerous Tourist Destination : New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the beautiful places around the world where tourists can enjoy and spend their time. Its beautiful landscapes, friendly people and amazing food make us want to visit the place again and again.

Even though the beauty of this place attracts you, there are several factors that might make you hesitant to visit this place. The drunken bar fights and drug addicted teenagers create threat to the tourists. The thrill-seekers, who visit this place often, engage in extreme sports causing number of deaths of the tourists visiting this place. The earthquake that occurred in Christchurch also cause fear in the tourists. As a part of taking safety measures, the tourists can keep away from earthquake prone areas.

Try to avoid nightclubs, drinking too much, walking alone in secluded areas, causing any kind of provocation etc. Also avoid high risk sports. If safety measures are taken, New Zealand is one of the safest places to visit with your family and enjoy your vacation.

Dangerous Tourist Destination : Australia

Australia is an awesome place to visit with its warm sandy beaches, desserts, mountains, beautiful landscapes, man-made landmarks, wineries; National Parks with great collection of animals, birds flowers etc.

Even though this beautiful place attracts you every now and then, you should take into account some of the dangers hidden in this place and take necessary steps to avoid them. Some of the dangerous creatures, most of them found near or in water like crocodile, white shark and jelly fish might cause danger to the people who visit this place. It will be safe if you go to the beaches where there are many people around and surf life savers are there to keep an eye on you as well as other tourists to this place.

It is also a place where you can find some of the most poisonous snakes and spiders. But these kinds of dangers can easily be avoided by keeping away from the places where you find them and being a little more cautious about such dangers.

Dangerous Tourist Destination : South Africa

South Africa is one of the most diverse and fascinating countries in the world with its beautiful landscapes, history and culture. It has the best and least crowded beaches in the world.

The wild life parks are also worth visiting. But you should be aware that the level of crime in South Africa is unfortunately high and one should be very cautious while visiting this place. Robbery, armed assault, car theft, pickpocketing occur everywhere in South Africa. The place is known by the visitors and media as the rape capital of the world. There may also arise other issues like terrorism and political tension.

As precaution, avoid isolated places, especially beaches after dark, avoid display of expensive jewelry or other items, do not carry large sum of money along with you and always travel as a group. If you remain careful and stay alert you have less chance of experiencing these crimes.

Dangerous Tourist Destination : Haiti

Haiti is blessed with all the beauty required for a tourist destination. Its mountainous scenic views, beautiful islands, beaches, parks, lakes – all are outstanding. You can also visit the historic sites, monuments and museums over there. But dangers too exist here.

The tourists visiting this place should be aware that there remains a persistent danger of violent crime, including armed robbery, murder, rape, and kidnapping. The limited capability of the government to resolve crime makes the security threat to the tourists much more complicated. It is advisable to avoid all large gatherings, as you cannot predict crowd behavior. When any tension arises, try to remain calm, avoid any kind of confrontations and leave the area as quickly as possible. Fake roadblocks, hijacking, burgling and riots, are all common occurrences in this place.

It is estimated that eight percent of the cocaine that enters the United States is from Haiti. Also, the extreme poverty in this place makes it more likely a place of crimes. There are also strange practices of witchcraft and black magic in Haiti. One should always keep in mind that assistance from Haitian authorities is often unavailable.

Dangerous Tourist Destination : Lebanon

Lebanon is a beautiful place where you can enjoy the beaches, skiing and splendid nightlife. But certain parts of the country seem to be dangerous. Terrorist groups are highly active in certain parts of the country and there are chances of attacks.

The tourists should also beware of kidnaps that happened in recent years and take safety measures accordingly. Always try to keep your visits to the main tourist sites and that also through main road only. Also, try to travel with recognized group or with people who know the area well. There are also chances of vehicle crimes and bag snatching prevalent in the area. Since driving standards are poor, the accident rates are high. Avoid driving on your own and after dark. Political tension is there in the country and there are frequent demonstrations, road closures and localized conflicts.

Before traveling to any country, be well informed of the place and take all the necessary safety measures. Any kind of crime or danger should not be a hindrance to your trip or the fun you are planning to have, if you take the required precautions. Stay alert and be aware. If you take care, you can surely enjoy your holiday without any issues.

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