Travelling to Roswell

From the USA Museum in Roswell
From the USA Museum in Roswell | Source

Not the most exciting travel destination, but it still draws tourists regularly. Roswell's great claim to fame is the connection with extra-terrestrial visitors that supposedly took place in 1947. It's a must-visit location for anyone interested in aliens, paranormal phenomenon or general pop culture fads.

What Happened at Roswell?

A quick background on the events at Roswell. Well, entire books have been written about the mysterious events in July 1947 and so I cannot completely outline it all here. Basically, a rancher outside of Roswell came across a wide field of crash debris that eye-witnesses claim was from a downed UFO, complete with alien bodies. The military took over the site and reported that it was simply a weather balloon and training dummies. Many people believe that the entire incident was a true alien encounter and that it has been covered up for all these years.

What is There to Do?

Admittedly, the draw of Roswell is its unique history, not the abundance of attractions or sites there. The main tourist destination in Roswell is the International UFO Museum and Research Center. The museum houses a large collection of historical evidence and documentation pertaining to the UFO incident. These materials make up the bulk of the displays at the museum, and you can also find crop circle photos and evidence of other extraterrestrial events other than the one at Roswell. The museum is also home to the annual UFO festival. And of course, they have a gift shop.

Other places to visit are the Roswell Museum and Art Center., home of the Robert Goddard Planetarium and the Spring River Park and Zoo. Nearby to the town, is the Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge.


There are 2 major hotel chains in Roswell, a Holiday Inn Express and a Best Western. Both can provide complete hotel services and amenities.

How to Get There

The town of Roswell is located in south-east New Mexico, USA. The town does have its own international airport so you can fly directly there, or you can come to Roswell from Albuquerque by car. Driving will take some time, as the trip is over 200 miles.

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