Typhoon Ondoy Floods the World with the Power of Love and Compassion

Beyond the devastating sights of flooding, the panic cries for help, the horrific stories of survivors, the agonizing sounds of discovering a loved one’s body, the hazy eyes of victims who have lost everything they had in the floods affecting various parts of the Philippines, lies a powerful display of overwhelming love and compassion from every other human being all over the world.

It is in moments such as this that humankind is able to rise above any obstacle to help out a neighbor, a stranger, a people in dire need of help, assistance, support, compassion and love. The Philippines may have lost millions of pesos worth of properties and yet it has given rise to millions of heroes all over the country and millions more from all over the world.

Rescuers carry a man in need of medical assistance after Typhoon Ketsana, locally known as Ondoy, hit Cainta Rizal, east of Manila.- Reuters
Rescuers carry a man in need of medical assistance after Typhoon Ketsana, locally known as Ondoy, hit Cainta Rizal, east of Manila.- Reuters

Typhoon Ondoy Triggers Love and Compassion into Action

This is the power of boundless love and compassion. No natural calamity like typhoon Ondoy can ever stop man’s inherent nature to express love and compassion to those in need. Man is willing to risk their own lives, use their own resources to save other lives, give food, clothes and shelter to victims, create fundraising projects to manage immediate release of funds to flood stricken communities and do all sorts of things just to extend help.

That two pesos given by a nanny’s little boy, out of his own meager allowance, to help Ondoy flood victims is as valuable as the helicopters sent out by corporations to do rescue work. Every little act of kindness and generosity speaks volumes of love beyond comprehension. Every bit of charitable act declares compassion reverberating through out the land.

Typhoon Ondoy Energizes Love & Compassion

I cannot help but be awed at the overflowing energy of love and compassion happening around me. I cannot help but increase my faith in the goodness of mankind. I cannot help but be filled with pride at the relentless efforts of my fellow Filipinos in doing their respective share to lend support to the various projects being undertaken by public and private organizations to send aid to the calamity victims. I cannot help but be grateful to God who has allowed us all to possess this natural power to love without limits, to love without conditions.

This hub does not only highlight the power of love but also provide readers the opportunity to send more of that loving abundance to the flood victims. Below are just some of the the hundreds of institutions that have provided ways you can send your love offerings.

Typhoon Ondoy's Opportunity To Give Love Offerings

  • The Philippine National Redcross (PNRC) suggests that people donate the following: food items such as rice, noodles, canned goods, and potable water; Medicines such as paracetamol, antibiotics, and multivitamins; and toiletries such as bath soaps, face towels, toothpaste, blankets, and mosquito nets.
  1. CASH or CHECK. Please send cash or check donations to the PNRC National Headquarters in Manila. Checks should be made payable to The Philippine National Red Cross.
  2. BANK DEPOSIT - Account Name: The Phil. Nat’l. Red Cross


Port Area Branch

DOLLAR ACCOUNT : 453-0039482
Type of Account : SAVINGS

United Nation Branch
DOLLAR ACCOUNT : 8114-0030-94
Type of Account : SAVINGS

AndaCirclePort Area Branch
DOLLAR ACCOUNT : 151-2-151002182
Type of Account : SAVINGS

Sta. Cruz Branch
DOLLAR ACCOUNT : 375-283500026
Type of Account : SAVINGS

Sta. Cruz Branch
DOLLAR ACCOUNT : 132-070001012
Type of Account : SAVINGS

  • GMANews.tv provides disaster emergency hotlines (911-1873, 912-5296, 912-2665) or go straight to Kapuso Foundation Inc. to give out your donations.
  • Abs-cbnnews.com’s Sagip Kapamilya (Family Rescue) 413-2667 / 416-0387,No 13 Examiner Street, Quezon City, Look for Ms Girlie Aragon
    ABS-CBN Foundation Inc for overseas donation: 1-800-527-2820 or www.abs-cbnfoundation.com

Photo from Rueters
Photo from Rueters

Typhoon Ondoy's Cleansing of the Spirit, Heart and Mind

The destruction caused by the floods brought by Ondoy may have crippled a portion of the Philippines but the cleansing power of water has paved the way for many to reflect and tackle issues on global warming, the quality of drainage planning and construction work in the country, the socio-political, economic, graft and corruption problems besetting the Philippines and the like. It has opened doors for individuals to take a stand and make their thoughts known.

I am confident that the coming days will reveal a stronger nation, with a mindful people ready to take on more challenges with dignity and pride. I am confident that the power of love and compassion will continue to show its face amidst wars, violence, environmental disasters and natural calamities.

I am confident of you and me giving all that we can for love and compassion to prevail.

Daisy Ba-ad

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VioletSun profile image

VioletSun 7 years ago from Oregon/ Name: Marie

Daisy: This hub moved me; I felt the power of your words. It is yet another reminder of the inherent good that is in mankind and the power of love. I will see about giving a donation.

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

When I heard about the floods in Manila, the first thought went to my brother (who is undergoing his specialization training in his medical field), it was a relief to know he was okay. Also my other relatives and their families are okay. But the devastation of many pains my heart as we hear the news everyday. The pictures and videos are heartbreaking. But you are so right Daisy. Amidst all these, I see people (Filipinos and people from all over the world) reaching out, helping, sharing and going out of their way to show their love and support and kindness. I am teary eyed as I read your hub; as I recognize indeed the beauty of the human spirit. Let's help in any way we can. Love and light to all our Filipino brothers and sisters.

emievil profile image

emievil 7 years ago from Philippines

Hi dayzeebee. I also wrote a hub about the typhoon but it's more on the negative effects. I'd like to link your hub to mine so that the readers can visit your hub also (if this is okay with you). Some hubbers are actually asking us where they can donate =). Thanks in advance.

Susan Ng profile image

Susan Ng 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

From CARA Welfare Phils - "Compassion And Responsibility for Animals":

"Our hearts go out to the people affected by the typhoon and resulting floods that occurred recently. We are thankful there are so many compassionate people and charities helping to give these people a second chance at life. A second chance is often something a lost animal may never get. They sadly tend to get ignored during times of crisis. Imagine in one moment having a loving home and then finding your master and home are gone. You wander the streets looking for food but no food is found. We at CARA are here to help!

We don't have a shelter but the compassion of CARA members who foster stray animals can give these animals a second chance at life. We understand not everyone has the space, money, or time to foster an animal but you can still help. Any donation of cash, pet foods or supplies will go directly to the animals saved in the coming weeks. Please find it in your hearts to give these animals a second chance at life.

Material items can be dropped off at CARA Clinic (between MMDA blue bldgs off EDSA) Carson Bldg, Basement Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati (02 8825323 or 09107297026). If you would like to make a cash donation, please contact us at infocaraphil@yahoo.com."

breakfastpop profile image

breakfastpop 7 years ago

Very moving Hub. My thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this terrible tragedy.

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Cebuanos: Here is a link to some of the donation centers in Cebu. http://cebu.lovingabundance.com/2009/09/cebu-donat...

ripplemaker profile image

ripplemaker 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

Cebuanos: Are you a runner? Join Run for Ondoy Victims on Oct. 18, 2009. For more details: http://cebu.lovingabundance.com/2009/09/run-for-on...

Teacher Susan, thanks for that information about helping the animals. I will post that in my blog.

Nancy's Niche profile image

Nancy's Niche 7 years ago from USA

This hub stirred me in many ways and frightened me too…I sponsor a boy in the Philippines, and to date, I have not had received any messages concerning him or his family. I pray they are all safe and well…Thanks for sharing such insight with us…

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hello Marie, yes indeed, I continue to be amazed at the goodness displayed by man. I am grateful and continue to pray that basic supplies reach the victims who are still trapped in various places where no land transportation can reach them. Thank you for your love. Blessings:)

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Yes Michelle, nothing touches me as deeply as the beautiful amazing display of man's loving spirit. It just goes to show that as a people we can do much when we are united and focused on delivering those who are suffering. I know God is proud of humankind and will bless all of us tremendously. Hugs:)

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Emievil yes please do so. I have the link of your hub in this article already. May we all continue to pray for the many volunteers who are willing to wade on cold water for hours just to do rescue as many as they can with whatever available floating material they could use. I am proud of the ability of Filipinos to improvise rescue gadgets. Iba ang pinoy. Blessings:)

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hello Teacher Susan, oh this is indeed a valuable information. I saw some video clips of some dogs lovingly carried by some owners amidst the flood and even some pigs being included in some of the rescue work. Thank you for adding valuable information in this hub. May the work of CARA be given supported too. Blessings:)

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Breakfastpop, thank you for giving us your moral support. It is much appreciated. Blessings to you:)

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hello again Michelle, thank you for posting the links. May we continue to do what we can to help out our brothers and sister in need. Bless you my friend:)

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hello Nancy, I felt warm knowing you sponsor a Filipino boy and am praying that all is well with him and his family. If you wish you could email me through hubpages and give me his name, address and contact number and we can give you an update of whether the area where they live is affected or not. Thank you and God bless you:)

bingskee profile image

bingskee 7 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

what an insightful way to see the whole thing. indeed, there are love, service and compassion overflowing. i hope and pray that these will help heal the part of the land that is greatly affected.

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi Bingskee, thank you for appreciating my take on the event. I'm really proud of how we as a people have come together go the distance for those afflicted. Godbless:)

RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 7 years ago from Tucson, Az

this touched me tremendously, reminded of katrina/my family and I were in Bay Minette, Al at that time and it was wonderful to be able to help/horrible to watch the effects of nature. Your article is uplifting. thank you!

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hello Barbra, yes it is terrifying to watch the effects of natural calamities and at the same time awesome to witness the overwhelming power of love at work in the same scenario. Thanks for commenting. Blessings:)

MarkMAllen15 profile image

MarkMAllen15 5 years ago

Very inspiring hub, dayzeebee. I really love it.

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