USA Roadtrip Humorous Tales 2

Atlantic City Trip

Now, see I promised more stories with "crazy " aunt Ruth so let me tell an aunt Ruth story. I must begin with a physical description of my mother and my aunt. My mother was the third of 4 children. She was so unlike the other 3 that one might wonder if she was accidentally sent home with the wrong parents. The other 3 were born in December, she was born in May. The other 3 had the dominant Native American features of my grandmother. Small in stature, dark eyed, tawny brown complexion and jet black hair. My aunt Ruth was a beautiful, petite funny woman. Now, my mother, tall, fair skinned rosy complexion, brown hair, large in stature and a serious disposition. To be exact, they were opposites but when you put the two together, the laughs were sure to follow.

Well, my mother decided that we needed a road trip to somewhere exciting, so a place that was drivable in a day and considered exciting by her standards was Atlantic City. Mind you this was before the Internet and "". We took off, blind with no reservations..................... and managed to find our way to the outskirts of Atlantic City. Now remember, the limited resources situation. We found a nice little Motel. It was a Single story with drive up to your own door for the mere price of $49 a night. ( a small fortune in 1986 for the 3 of us)

We checked in and got all gussied -up ( Southern translation-put on our best Sunday best) Oh, it was a sight to behold, we were fighting for the mirror, make-up, hairspary- you name it we were fighting for it. We checked each other out for presentation sake, rushed out the door, jumped in the 1986 Bonneville and I peeled rubber as we pulled out of the motel. We were chattering like idiots with excitement as I drove away and then it hit me.....................

"Hey ya'll" pause for them to listen to the question and their expectant eyes focused on me.

"Did anyone happen to get the name of the motel we are staying in?" as the motel disappeared out of sight on a one way 65 mph Turnpike.

Well, several things began to happen quickly including but not limited to the following:

My mother dove for her purse in search of the room key(you know that old type of traditional key with the plastic key chain) She wa hoping for the name to be on the key chain. We were not so lucky.

My aunt frantically tried to turn around and see the motel sign as it faded from view. Mind you, I have one speed -FAST. I never once let up on the gas.

We all began screaming out what we thought the name of the motel was; "Turnpike Motel, Atlantic City Drive Motel, The Motor Lodge" and on and on.

I asked, "Does anyone remember what exit we took?" Blank stares were my answers.................

Off we drove to Atlantic City.................ask me if I remember a thing about Trump Casino. Nope, not a darn thing. I was too worried if we would ever find our way back to our hotel and personal belongings. I was imagining the confused motel keeper when the 3 women never returned for their things and the possible police report and last but not least our embarrassed answer once the police tracked us back down in North Carolina weeks later.


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