USA Roadtrips

The beginning....

 As the young child of a single parent, who was raising me in the 60's and 70's on a secretary salary, the extent of vacation was a yearly 2 week stay at The Carolina Beach Motel. Picture a 2 story motel , painted white with aqua green trim. Now, the positive side was, it was ocean front and there was a pool. The only two things a young girl of 8 needs. We went to that same motel every year for about 6 years running and stayed in the same efficiency room. This was a good thing since there was little money to eat out. During our entire 2 week stay we might go out to eat two or three times. My mother began to realize that we needed to broaden our vacation destinations. However, money was the obstacle.

Thus began my love of ROAD TRIPS!

Mother would decide one Friday, out of the blue, that we needed to drive in any direction as far as we could go in a weekend. There were limitations that hindered our travels. Primarily, the money to rent a motel room. So some of our first trips involved staying at the rental homes of a professor that my mother worked for. Nothing like staying at the bottom of Grandfather Mountain in an empty home with no electricity or water. There were daily trips to the gas station to fill up buckets of water and the primary source of heat was the gas stove. (Yes, I know - we could have died) but we would have been warm and toasty if we had died-pardon the "toasty" pun. I could not resist. In addition, in order to save money, we would go through Greensboro, NC and pick up my aunt (mother's sister) and my cousin Mark. Ruth would contribute to the gas fund. Please stay tuned there are more ROAD TRIP tales involving my crazy aunt Ruth.

Back to the bottom of Grandfather Mountain. As we lay there at night, in the dark, chattering from the cold, we would talk and tell ghost stories. For sound effects we would get the roaring engine braking of large tractor trailers coming down the mountain. Now, when I say, we sat at the bottom of Grandfather Mountain, I mean at the bottom in a sharp curve. Yes, we were living life on the edge and it was ............... wonderful.

As you can see, my ROAD TRIP life started out by traveling on a shoestring. I hope to move forward through my life and ROAD TRIPS with all that wish to share. I promise laughter, good pix and maybe a few tears. I hope you will join me.


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