Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide

Saving You Money and Time on Your Disney Vacation

Would you love to take a Walt Disney World vacation, but are wondering how to save money on the trip? Happily, it is possible to have an affordable Disney family vacation. While Disney World can, admittedly, be expensive, it does not actually have to be. This is the philosophy behind the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, an e-book written by a former Disney castmember.

The best way to plan a Disney vacation, particularly if saving money is important, is to use some good resources that will help you plan ahead, and save time and money on your trip. Researching your vacation in advance will prepare you for what to expect, make it more enjoyable, and help you keep it affordable.

It is as a planning resource, that the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is so helpful. As someone who worked at Walt Disney World, the author is able to offer a point of view that you are not likely to find elsewhere. With expert knowledge and insider tips, the reader will be able to save money on tickets, transportation, lodging, food, and a great deal more.

Is the idea of an e-book unfamiliar to you? It was to me as well, but I actually think there are some real advantages of an e-book over the traditional hardcover/paperback book. For starters, I really like being able to download the book immediately and have immediate access to answers, and not have to wait for the book to arrive.

In addition, the author of the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide offers unlimited lifetime to her website for updates on the latest Disney parks news and information. Since this is updated monthly, you can be sure of always having the most current information...which is so important, because Disney is well known for regularly changing and adding events, programs, attractions and so forth. Purchasing this e-book allows you to start planning your trip immediately, months before you actually go, and then check for the latest information right before you leave. This is a great benefit that is just not possible with traditional books that are often outdated shortly after publication.

The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide is also a good size: at 100 pages of information, it provides a great deal of tips, ideas and strategies, yet is far shorter than many other books that you could purchase that don't offer half of the specialized information that you get here.

Now many folks find that they don't like to "read" e-books on their computer and I can understand that. But for me, I liked the fact that I could look over all the information, and then print out what I wanted or needed for the future. This allowed me to organize it however I liked, and I found it to be more efficient than bookmarking and highlighting a traditional book which I then needed to lug around with me if I wanted to refer to it.

Can you find this information for "free" by looking on the internet? Well, sort of. Yes, there is a great deal of information available through message boards, websites and the like. But, take it from one who has spent hundreds if not thousands of hours doing just that: it is extremely time-consuming. How much free time do you actually have?

Having a Disney vacation planner can save you hours of planning time and help you make the most of your vacation time. And having a resource like the Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide, with the author's unique castmember experiences, can save you time and save you money too. What a great way to start planning a Disney family vacation!


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