Uncovering The Enticement of Lombok Island

Lombok Introduction

Lombok is a part of West Nusa Tenggara Province, which one of provinces in Indonesia. The island covers the land up to 4,500 km². According to research, the mainland and satellite islands are members of Lesser Sunda Islands and Australasia Geography.

Sasak Community moved to Lombok from Java Island at first millennium BC. History says they are native in here. Balinese, Javanese, Chinese-Indonesian and Arabic-Indonesian are the other ethnics in Lombok.

There are many interesting areas in Lombok. Some areas such like Kuta, Senggigi and The Gilis are great destinations for beach escape. Tourists who want to feel the adventure experience in Lombok, they must scale to Mount Rinjani. If you prefer with city break, stay in Mataram is the best option.

When to Go?

There are only two seasons in Lombok; they are dry season and wet season. Dry season starts from May until September. This is a moment to explore the island while rainstorm comes as a little problem sometimes. However, it doesn’t take times usually. In October to April, wet season drops on.

If you can handle busy atmosphere, May, June and July are your times. In February each year, locals celebrate Bau Nyale Event. Overall, wet season interval is the best time to visit Lombok, as the weather remains pleasant and the price accommodation little bit lower, especially in March and October.

How to Get Here?

The best access to Lombok is by airlines. Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air and Merpati Airlines are some local airlines that fly to Mataram City. If you arrive from Singapore, you can use Silk Air Airline.

Another option is boat that usually runs from Padangbai in Bali. In this scenario, the journey takes three until four hours. Sadly, your will meet aggressive hawkers who sell merchandises to tourists. Just say no, thank you, and back off! There are also ticket scalpers when the legitimate sellers close the booth. This thing actually happens during evening. You must kick-off to harbor before mid-afternoon in order to avoid them. Important note, you can use this trick when you have a plan to visit Gili Islands.

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Tourists at Gili Nanggu, which also known as a private island.Activities at Gili Meno.Beach facilities at Gili Air.Not far from Sekotong Area, there is Gili Sudak, where the island offers silence atmosphere.Beach facilities at Gili Trawangan.Sunset goes over Senggigi Area.Sekotong is another exquisite spot in Southwest of Lombok Island.Hill, vegetations, and beach at SenggigiBatu Bolong Temple at Senggigi Area.Sire Beach in Medana Village.
Tourists at Gili Nanggu, which also known as a private island.
Tourists at Gili Nanggu, which also known as a private island. | Source
Activities at Gili Meno.
Activities at Gili Meno. | Source
Beach facilities at Gili Air.
Beach facilities at Gili Air. | Source
Not far from Sekotong Area, there is Gili Sudak, where the island offers silence atmosphere.
Not far from Sekotong Area, there is Gili Sudak, where the island offers silence atmosphere. | Source
Beach facilities at Gili Trawangan.
Beach facilities at Gili Trawangan. | Source
Sunset goes over Senggigi Area.
Sunset goes over Senggigi Area. | Source
Sekotong is another exquisite spot in Southwest of Lombok Island.
Sekotong is another exquisite spot in Southwest of Lombok Island. | Source
Hill, vegetations, and beach at Senggigi
Hill, vegetations, and beach at Senggigi | Source
Batu Bolong Temple at Senggigi Area.
Batu Bolong Temple at Senggigi Area.
Sire Beach in Medana Village.
Sire Beach in Medana Village. | Source

Western Lombok

Senggigi is one of leading destinations on Lombok Island. The area stretches to seven miles on coastal road. Different types of accommodation and public facilities operate in Senggigi. There is also Batu Bolong Temple, which recognized as Hindu Site, at Senggigi Area.

The Three Gilis, which is a combination of three small islands, is a perfect escape for island nomads. Those islands are Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. The Gilis is a nickname to them.

Sekotong invites tourists who prefer into silence atmosphere. This is another charming spot on southwest. In here, Cocotinos Hotel Sekotong Lombok is the only worth residence.

Gili Nanggu is a small island that not far from Sekotong Area. Nanggu Island Cottage is the only accommodation and there is a “zero tolerance rule” for hawker on this island. For notice, it is a private island.

Do not skip Gili Sudak and Gili Tangkong also, while those two islands settle as beauty escape in loneliness and really close to Gili Nanggu.

Sire Beach provides serenity and sparkling beach at Northwestern Lombok. This beach stands in Medana Village.

Eastern Lombok

Loyok is an ideal area for tourists who hunt bamboo designs in Lombok. The community is very skillful into craft from generation to generation.

Further, there is also a village that famous with woven cloth in Lombok. It is Pringgasela. Formed under traditional method, the woven cloth looks so natural. To those who want to know the details, you must write this village into the list.

Tete Batu is another lovely village that you must visit in Lombok. This rural village has outstanding panorama and fresh weather. Stay in this village is a worth decision! You can check and find the information about Green Orry Inn on the Internet.

Sembalun Lawang is a secret mountain village that offers beautiful panorama. It also the closest passage to Mount Rinjani's summit. To those who down into culture tourism and nature lovers, make sure to not skip this village.

Around 40 miles at Eastern Mataram, Jeruk Manis Waterfall exists in natural forest. Locals identify this place as a "healing natural center". They believe that the water can heal all kinds of sickness.

Northern Lombok

There is a village has unique and funny name on Northern Lombok, it is Obel Obel. Beach is your main attraction in here. Visitors can rent local boats to explore nearby area. Just make sure to bargain before the deal up.

The appearance of Bayan Mosque shows Islamic influence at past to Lombok Community. I am not sure how old the mosque is, some sources say it has lived since17 AD. Same as the name of it, this mosque has become a landmark in the village of Bayan.

There is a sweet couple island at northern area of mainland, Gili Lawang and Gili Sulat. No one lives here, and mangrove vegetation dominates some part of the area. The good thing is, snorkeling or scuba diving is absolutely worth to do around the islands.

Belanting is also a good spot for underwater activity. You will pass it before you end the journey at Gili Lawang or Gili Sulat. Just a little bit notice about it, the community has specialization into honey production in this village.

Central Lombok

Mataram is a capital city of West Nusa Tenggara Province. It is a central pulse of Lombok Mainland. Mataram performs important task in administrative and business activity.

Ampenan is an old city in Central Lombok. Yes! It is a good attraction for culture and history lovers. The city draws culture and life at past in Lombok.

A beautiful summer palace, it is Narmada Park. This palace has existed in Lombok since 1727. Locals believe that water fountain can make their skin look younger. If you doubt with it, just try it. For mention, the name itself represents Narmada Nadi River in Central India.

Mayura Water Palace represents the appearance of Balinese Culture in Lombok. Moreover, it is a main attraction for tourists in Cakranegara.

Suranadi Park has a value for exploration. Further, this park stretches until 50 hectares. This park also runs for conservation area.

Baun Pusuk, which stands on highland area, is a nature attraction and home from grey monkey. The distance is about 10 miles from Central Mataram. Photography lovers can enjoy the view of ocean and hill vegetation from here.

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Not far from Kuta Area, there is Tanjung An Beach.Kuta Beach in Lombok.Tanjung An Beach, which nearby to Kuta Area.
Not far from Kuta Area, there is Tanjung An Beach.
Not far from Kuta Area, there is Tanjung An Beach. | Source
Kuta Beach in Lombok.
Kuta Beach in Lombok. | Source
Tanjung An Beach, which nearby to Kuta Area.
Tanjung An Beach, which nearby to Kuta Area. | Source

Southern Lombok

If Bali has Kuta, thus Lombok has it either. For comparison, some people say Kuta Lombok better than Kuta Bali does. In here, Kuta Indah Hotel has friendly rate for budget travelers. At close by, Dwiki's Bar completes the area for chill out. Looking for upscale lodging, you can choose Novotel Lombok Hotel or Tastura Beach Resort. Not far from Kuta, there are Mawun and Tanjung An. For shutterbugs, you can capture the image of them through your camera.

You can find many immature areas in Lombok. Further, Selong Belanak is one of them. Noise and light pollution are very rarely in this area. Tranquility atmosphere and star light dominate the area in the evening. For staying, I like to suggest Villa Sempiak to all of you.

Located in West Lombok Regency, Sade is one of traditional villages in Lombok. Sade village is accessible, where it sets on the Praya – Kuta Roadway.

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