Understanding ninja clothing and gears

Ninja (忍者) also known as Shinobi (忍び) is derived from the Japanese language, which means "Someone who does things quietly or confidentially". They are spies on the Japanese empire era and skilled in the art of ninjutsu ("the art of silent movement"). Ninja Ninpo is the atypical to the likes of samurai. The main skill of the ninja is to infiltrate rather than to kill. Actually the word itself comes from 'nin' which means to infiltrate. That way, the special skills of a ninja is actually infiltrate.

Ninja are required to survive in the midst of nature, therefore they are naturally trained to be able to distinguish edible plants, poisonous plants, and medicinal plants. They have an ingenious method to determine the time of the day and the wind direction. Ninja use stars as a navigational tool when running the mission at night. They are also adept at setting a trap, cook, build shelter, find water and make a fire.

Ninja wear clothes that cover their body except the palms and around the eyes. Shinobi ninja outfit is called shozoko. Shinobi shozoko has 3 colors. Black clothes usually worn when doing missions at night and can also be a sign of death to the intended target. The white color is used for missions in snowy areas. The green color as camouflage so that they are not easily visible in the forest environment.

Shinobi shozoko has many pockets in the inside and outside. This bag is used to store small equipments and weapons, such as poison, shuriken, knives, smoke bombs and others. Ninja also carry a small medicinal traditional box, which is filled with liquid and herbs. Ninja also uses a similar tabi boots. Gap that separates the big toe with the other fingers make it easier when climbing rope or a wall.

Female ninja or kunoichi who usually work by using their femininity when approaching the target through psychological manipulation and mind as their weapons of war. They can approach the target and killed him without a trace. Kunoichi have different missions compared to the male ninja. They are more often stay close to the target, so they are also more likely to use melee weapons such as metsubishi, poison, machetes, rope, and tessen.

Ninja have weapons in a variety of types, shapes, and sizes. The weapon usually used is katana (sword) and it is often placed on the back. Throwing weapons are small knives, or star-shaped discs, known as shuriken. More sophisticated equipments are chain sickle or kusarigama and kaginawa (anchor strap) to climb walls, ashiaro to make fake footprints so as not to be easily tracked while on a mission, metsubushi (egg shells filled with sand and metal powder, usually also filled with powdered mouse droppings) that serves to blind the opponent.

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Someone 4 years ago

I must admit I have read like the exact same thing that has been written on here off several other websites. i.e. Wikipedia, Enter Ninja... Just saying

Someone 4 years ago

I must admit I have read like the exact same thing that has been written on here off several other websites. i.e. Wikipedia, Enter Ninja... Just saying

bitchafied 2 years ago

Nothing on this page mentions the different names of the pieces of clothing it takes to make one outfit for the ninja.

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