Unofficial Guide To Disney World

The Unofficial Guide to Disney World

To get the most out of your Walt Disney World vacation you really do need to have a great guide book. Disney World is huge. Over 42 square miles with 4 main theme parks,2 water parks,a huge selection of and entertainment options.

So a trip to Disney World takes some planning. One of the very best guide books is The Unofficial Guide to Disney World. More than 4 million copies of this book have been sold - and it has helped millions of families get the most from their vacation.

Unofficial Guide To Disney World 2009

The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World? 2009 (Unofficial Guides)
The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World? 2009 (Unofficial Guides)

One excellent place to buy the Unofficial Disney World Guide is Amazon - there is a discount of almost $10 off list price.


What Does The Unofficial Guide to Disney World Include?

The Unofficial Guide is the most comprehensive guide you will find. This is no lightweight! The 2009 Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World has 864 pages packed with information.

  1. Excellent Touring Plans. Knowing how to get around Disney World is key to understanding how to get the most from your visit and save time in line. Conquer this and quite simply you can see more stuff! The Unofficial Guide Touring Plans have been developed over many years and are tried and tested. The claim is that you can save as much as four hours of standing in line in a single day
  2. The Unofficial Guide has tips and opinions from Disney World guests. This Disney guest feedback is extremely helpful in giving the reader many points of view so they can decide which options are best for them.

  3. An excellent rating system for 250 hotels in the Disney World area. This section includes the Walt Disney World Resort Hotels as well as those non-Disney hotels in the area

  4. Reviews of the Walt Disney World Restaurants.A very helpful and comprehensive Dining Guide with ratings form Disney World visitors. Also included are some restaurants outside of Disney World.

  5. Each Disney World attraction is described and rated according to the age group of the guest. Useful summaries of each ride which often include diverse readers opinions and tactics for how to get the most from each attraction.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World Drawbacks

Firstly let me say this is a brilliant book. I have bought each new edition since around 2002 and I have used it a great deal. But this guide book is not for everyone. It is hugely detailed. For many this is a good thing. If you are the type of person who has the time to study this indepth you are going to get a tremendous amount out of this book. But if you are looking for a quick overview this is definitely not it!

Also if you are looking for a book which you can carry into the parks with you then this probably isn't the one either. It is heavy and bulky! I would recommend buying this book to study at home and perhaps one of the lighter more compact guide books to take around with you.

Other Great Disney World Guide Books

There are of course many Disney World Guide books available. Here are my favorite picks.

The Complete Guide Walt Disney World

This is simply one of the best books available. If you can then get this and the Unofficial Guide - you will have all the guide books that you need. What is so great about The Complete Guide To Disney World is not only is is brilliantly written and researched covering all the main details you need, but also it has such beautiful color pictures. You will want to keep this one as a memory of your vacation as it is such a beautiful book.

PassPorters Walt Disney World Guide

The authors Jennifer and David Marx are just so passionate about Disney it shines out of every page of this book. Well researched and very accessible this book is not as indepth as either The Unofficial Guide or The Complete Guide to Disney World. But it has a unique format. It is a spiral bound book with worksheets,planners and places for keepsakes. Not only is it a good overview of the parks before you visit it is more interactive than the other books. The planners and guides are very useful in setting out what you want to see and do whilst at the parks. If you are looking for the best maps then this book should be your choice.

Birnbaum's Walt Disney World Pocket Guide

This is a new book which has a good overview of the parks. It is an excellent choice if you want to carry it around the Disney parks with you as it is compact. It features fold-out maps, a removable day-planner, and a secure pocket to keep your passes.

The Healthy Guide to Walt Disney World

Go to Disney World and eat healthily and get fitter? Is this really possible? Well it most certainly is if you follow the advice in this excellent guide. This new book is one of my favorites. I like not only the subject of the book but also the writing style - informative and honest!

 -Where to find organic food products
- How to improve your Disney Marathon and Sports experiences
- Special Dietary Needs tips (including Vegetarian, Kosher)
- Where and when are the best places and times to maximize fitness
- Latest information on resort expansions, restaurants and food choices

This is a great 'add on' book if you are going to buy one of the main guides.

Whichever book you choose always make sure you get the most updated version. Things change quickly at Disney World!

The Unofficial Guide to Disney World 2010

The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2010 (Unofficial Guides)
The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World 2010 (Unofficial Guides)

The Unofficial Guide to Disney World is due to be available on August 24, 2009. As this guide book is revised every year it is always best if you have the most up to date edition. So if you are traveling to Disney World in September 2009 and beyond then pick up this newest edtion.


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Great job on the Hub! I may need one of this planning guides for my trip to Disney next year. :)

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