Vacation is a time of reassessing....

It has been several years since I was able to take a real "vacation", one that lasted more than 3 days and had no real agenda attached to it. This year, we bought a new recreational vehicle and were able to go un-tethered from our home without worrying over an impending vehicle breakdown. There is something more magical about driving together along life's highway than following behind the rig in a small car.

Heading south after days of preparation, we ended up pulling into a rest area the first night for about 6 hours of shut-eye. We later were able to make it to our first stop: Stewart Mineral springs in Weed, CA. But this HUB is less about WHERE we were and more about how we were. It is a look into the spiritual experience of "be-ing" in the moment and the realization we are already the "all that is". God, or whatever higher power we choose to believe in.

Taking the time to confront our busy lives and move into the solitude that a spiritual experience may offer, takes a concerted effort. It is easy to be distracted, to be sucked back into the technology that surrounds us and bombards us with information, important, but also useless. Gone are the days when we found things out "later"...everything is so entrenched in the now , we learn globally of things usually in the blink of an eye. For instance, on this vacation, a helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan by the Taliban that killed 30 soldiers, most of them Navy Seals. We also had a financial blood bath on August 2nd when the markets tanked and our Standard and Poors rating went deep six. All in the blink of an eye. Life lost, money lost, people grieving.

One of the rare occasions that I have had within the past few days was the ability to stay in a wonderfully quiet State park in California on the Smith River in Northern California. Generators could not be used between 8pm through 10 am. There were no hookups, it was bear country and set along a winding clean river amidst the tall redwoods of the state. We were able to open the windows, and could hear absolutely nothing, save a few chirps of some birds. Heaven? You bet. Our ears are bombarded with such a cacophony of sound that we rarely even notice it until we have no sound to compare it to.

Vacations are underrated. We spend so much of our lives invested in our work, our hustle and bustle of family living, our struggle to do and do.....and we forget to be and be. Sitting amongst the tall trees, and the flowing streams we have the ability to regenerate our souls and to commune once again with the "all that is". There is nothing to keep us from such communing unless we choose to add music, or the telephone calls form the outside world, or the lure of the internet. We simply can find the important balance if we can make the choice to disconnect for a while from the outside world.

Vacation is a time to reconnect ones body, soul and heart to the beat of the mother earth. Standing with our feet firmly planted on the ground, or walking in a ever moving stream of water, we can envision our lives flowing like the same river in which we stand, returning us to the source, which is always there for us to return to. Life is good....and we are on your way to the fullness that life offers us and we have forgotten about in the mad rush of the outside world.

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Sierra Greer 5 years ago

Two thumbs up for solitude!

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 5 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Aley, reading this hub I felt my anxieties dissolve into gratitude. You wrapped words around your quietness and shared it like a meditation on bliss. Voted up and awesome. I can't thank you enough.

Aley Martin profile image

Aley Martin 5 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA Author

Blessings and thanks to you both for coming by and joining me in my solitude...I am going to try to being it back with me into the "real world" which is not always an easy thing to do!

Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 5 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Nope, but this hub opens the space for solitude. Again, great job.

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 5 years ago from United States

I love your description of the wonderful benefits of this type of vacation. The solitude does sound Heaven sent and you just don't get that feeling at home. Rated awesome.

Aley Martin profile image

Aley Martin 5 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA Author

thanks both! :)

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Beautiful hub, Aley. I rated it up. Going into the wilderness (even with an RV) is a retreat, so there is definitely an easier jump to remember the spiritual connection that we all have than say, vacationing in Disneyland.

Wonderful points. I've been in the area that you speak of and it is an amazing symphony of nature and silence-deep star activity that allows one to experience the infinite nature of the Universe, and a quiet that touches the heart and soul.

Glad to read you were rejuvenated.

Aley Martin profile image

Aley Martin 5 years ago from Sumner, Washington,USA Author

Thanks Denise! I bet it would have been oodles better in a tent alongside the river, but these old bones cannot handle ground sleeping anymore! lol. Appreciate you coming by and commenting gal!

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