Visa Exemption for Filipinos

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Visa Free for Pinoys

If you’re a Filipino and a holder of Philippine passport who likes traveling and exploring the beauty of the world, but hates the visa requirement to some countries, frown no more for you can still go to wonderful places without hassle-visa-appointments.

The list of countries below doesn’t require a visa for Filipinos prior to arrival. All you need are passport, plane tickets / itinerary, and some money for your tour.

No Visa for USA for Filipinos

Note that the recent article about free tourist visa for Filipinos who wish to travel USA is not yet confirmed and absolutely not true (as of now).

Japan free visa will be confirmed by June 2014.

Keep our fingers crossed.

No Visa Required for Filipinos in the Following Countries…


ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)

  • Brunei Darussalam - 14 days
  • Cambodia - 21 days
  • Indonesia - 30 days
  • Laos - 30 days
  • Malaysia - 30 days (sufficient fund must be at least 500USD)
  • Singapore - 30 days
  • Thailand - 30 days
  • Vietnam - 21 days


  • Azerbaijan - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Taiwan - 30 days if holding a valid visa for Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Schengen countries, United Kingdom or United States. Check at to meet the requirements.
  • Georgia – 90 days visa issued upon arrival, 360 days visa free to those who have temporary residence of Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait
  • Hong Kong - 14 days
  • India - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Iran - 15 days visa issued upon arrival if holding an e-visa pre-approval code obtained via email from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at
  • Israel - visa-free for tourists (no. of days of stay will depend on Immigration); visa-free for holders of diplomatic and official passports; visa required for business)
  • South Korea (if arriving at Jeju Island only) - 30 days
  • Macau - 30 days
  • Maldives - 30 days visa issued upon arrival, extension of maximum 90 days is possible by paying MVR 750
  • Mongolia - 21 days
  • Nepal - 15/30/90 days visa issued upon arrival for around US$25/40/100
  • Sri Lanka - 30 days visa obtain upon arrival if holding Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). You can get this prior to arrival at
  • Timor-Leste - 30 days single entry visa issued upon arrival for around US$30, extension is possible up to 90 days


Want to travel many countries in Europe in one visit? Have a Schengen visa by completing the requirements listed in this page -- Schengen Visa Requirements for Filipino Citizens


  • Cook Islands - 31 days
  • Fiji - 120 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival and can be extended
  • Marshall Islands - 30 days visa issued upon arrival and can be extended
  • Micronesia - 30 days
  • Niue - 30 days
  • Palau - 30 days visa issued upon arrival, additional USD 50 for extension
  • Samoa - 60 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
  • Tuvalu - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Vanuatu - 30 days

North America

  • Bermuda - 31 days before but since May, they now require visas for Philippine passport holders
  • Costa Rica - 30 days Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
  • Dominica - 21 days
  • Haiti - 90 days
  • Nicaragua - 90 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Saint Lucia – 6 weeks Visitor's Permit issued upon arrival
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 30 days visa issued upon arrival
  • Turks and Caicos Islands - 30 days

South America

  • Bolivia - 90 days
  • Brazil - 90 days
  • Colombia - 90 days
  • Ecuador - 90 days
  • Peru - 183 days
  • Suriname - 90 days


  • Burundi – 1 month visa issued upon arrival
  • Cape Verde Islands – visa issued upon arrival around £ 25
  • Comoros – visa issued upon arrival
  • Djibouti – 1 month visa issued upon arrival
  • Gambia – visa issued upon arrival
  • Kenya - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for US$50
  • Madagascar - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for MGA140,000
  • Morocco - 90 days
  • Mozambique - 30 days visa issued upon arrival. Extension of 30 days is possible around USD 66
  • Saint Helena - visa issued upon arrival
  • Seychelles – 1 month Visitor’s Permit issued upon arrival if holding return ticket, sufficient funds (minimum USD150 per day of stay, and proof of accommodation)
  • Tanzania - visa issued upon arrival for around USD50 to USD200
  • Togo - 7 days visa issued upon arrival if with return ticket, 3 passport photos, and yellow fever vaccination certificate
  • Uganda - visa issued upon arrival for US$50
  • Zambia - 90 days visa issued upon arrival for USD 50/80/160 single/double/multiple entry

Other countries and Territories:

  • India - Visa upon arrival valid for 30 days (limited only to New Delhi and Mumbai airports)


**Information is intended for tourist visit purpose only

**Details may change anytime after the update due to new laws so double-check the immigration rules of the country you’re planning to visit

**Transit visa may be required when you're not on a direct flight

**Sources: International Air Transport Association (IATA), Qantas, Wiki, Visalink,

Some important notes:

The list of countries above won’t let you need a visa BEFORE your arrival. Doesn’t mean you won’t need one forever. I just listed the allowed days just like when you’re going to SG for example, you may visit the place until the allotted days without a visa. You can also extend your stay but you have to comply with their visa requirement – that’s the time you have to secure a visa or permit depending on your purpose (work, business, study, etc)

The other countries require a visa upon arrival. It’s usually done at the port of entry or at the immigration bureau of that country. They usually ask you about your purpose of visit/travel and check your documents like your passport (which must be at least 6 months valid from the date of expiry), valid IDs (when I say valid it means it’s not expired and is accepted by all government offices), return tickets, and money. They usually require you to hold proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay. Some strict countries checkpoint authorities require documents such as employment letter, hotel reservations, personal invitation, permit to travel and the like. They have the authority to refuse your entry if you fail to comply with them.

Feel free to leave comments below and use it to share your visa concerns and experiences with others. You can exchange related stuff in the comments section just like a forum. But please you guys, I made this effort to share this for everyone and it’s free. I have updated the details, too one by one. Please respect this page and don’t throw nasty comments to anyone. Filipinos are polite, courteous and hospitable. I want to see that in here. Help each other instead of turning each other down…THANK YOU.

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Gil Sumalinog Poderanan 3 weeks ago

Hi, I am a Philippine passport holder, Do I need a transit visa in amsterdan going from Philippines to Panama and to Nicaragua as my final destination? Please advise.. Thank's a lot!

cherry 2 months ago

may kaibigan po ako working in saudi arabia at matatapos npo yung contract nya next month, posible po bang makapunta sya ng bahrain bago umuwi ng pilipinas? ano po b ang dapat nyang gawin?

Rosario jikihara 9 months ago

I have a Philippines passport and am here at Japan holding permanent resident card I would I like to travel Australia next year please help me know the requirements I need .please am waiting as soon your reply

Jorj 11 months ago

I am a Philippine passport holder with valid employment visa in Malaysia and temporary resident visa in Canada. After my trip to Canada, I plan to stop over for 3days in Germany before heading back to Malaysia. Do I need visa to enter Canada?

Mark P. Dela Cruz 12 months ago

I'll just share my experience in travelling abroad for work. Sa United Arab Emirates, nakuha ko iyung working visa ko (I'm not sure kung working visa talaga or transit visa lang) pagdating ko sa Dubai International Airport. Sa Fujairah pa kasi iyung joining vessel namin. Sa Egypt naman, pagdating namin, iyung agent ang nag-asikaso ng visa ko saka doon sa dalawang kasama ko (mga seafarer po kami) noong 2nd deployment ko as OFW. US$10 ang halaga ng visa (sticker) saka tinatakan. Noong umuwi ako (2nd and 3rd homecoming), sa Turkey kami bumaba at nabigyan kami ng Exit Visa/Transit Visa (tinatakan lang) at pinirmahan ng Immigration Officer sa puerto. Pangalawang uwi sa Istanbul tapos ang pangatlo, sa Izmir muna before going to Istanbul. Thanks! ;-)

lhyn 15 months ago

I'll go in morroco ....from kuala lumpur to morroco may I know what my documents prepare??its true that no visa in morroco? Please reply urgent

Mariel Casimero 20 months ago

good day!

I'hope you can help me, about my question may I'ask I'm planning to go and visit in nepal for 6-7 days may I'ask if i need a visa for that stay. please consider my question i really need a answer.can you please email me at for your reply.



profile image

superkakel 21 months ago

Iam Michael, an OFW working in Jeddah,KSA. I have my final exit on June 01,2015. There is a Malaysian company invited me to have my interview and probably for contract negotiation.In short, I need to travel in Malaysia from Jeddah (to be provided by them).What are the documents I need to prepare?I need to stay there not more than 30 days. The accommodation to be provided by them.

christina 21 months ago

Do i need a visa to visit my friend in qatar? He' s american and working there in qatar.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 23 months ago Author

Thanks, will update that

profile image

francopeter 23 months ago

Kosovo is not VISA free

anymore for some time already

Jona 2 years ago

I am a filipina holding a philippine passport and will travel to Sri Lanka with my German husband. Do I need a visa before or uppon arrival. We will stay there for 14 days only. hope someone can help... thanks..

SHERYL 2 years ago

Hi I just would like to ask regarding visiting countries like South Korea and Japan. I am a Philippine passport holder and I already have a plane ticket for Incheon, South Korea in April. My visa is on process now. Would that be possible that my entry will be Incheon South Korea and exit will be in Tokyo, Japan? I am looking forward to receive your reply in my email add Thank you.

misch21 2 years ago

i am a philippine passport holder and currently as an OFW working in oman(as a nurse). i actually have residence visa in oman. i plan to visit dubai for 3-4days before going back to oman, after spending my annual vacation in the question is, will i be allowed to travel to dubai from philippines?do i still need to have visa to travel to dubai?and if i need visa,what are the requirements? thank you and God bless!

peter 2 years ago

hi just want to ask if i need to get a visa for taiwan. i have a canadian temporary residence visa and planning to visit my taiwanese girlfriend.please advise.thanks.pls email me

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 2 years ago Author

You'll have nothing to worry. You just need to answer/show what the immigration needs such as your visa, passport, valid IDs, airline tickets and hotel accommodation. They usually ask where you will stay and how long and the purpose of your travel. If you're stating at a friend's or relative's place, show them an invitation letter from your friend bearing his/her Id or passport in the letter.

Alemm joyce 2 years ago

Hi im alemm i just wanna ask about my visa i have a schegen visa already and i have a sponsor my flight will be on march 3 im just curious if i fall in line in the immigration r they still asking me any documents even my visa was already approve to the embassy do i still need any documents to the immigration ,. Kahit na kumpleto ko nang napasa sa embassy kaya na approve ako sa visa thanks and godbless

Maricris Allego 2 years ago

Good evening,

I have a question and i hope you will be answer my question immediately...

I have a close friend and soon to be my boyfriend,pag nagmeet na kami in person..he live at Penang,Malaysia..he invite to visit in just one month...and maybe extend longer...if ever...i have already a passport,and siya ang bibili ng ticket's for me back and this is my

need ko pa bang mag show the money at least 500USD? Kasi sagot niya naman all the expenses for me pag nandon na i need to provide an invitation letter from him?

Para ipresent before my flyt...

Please answer my question immdiately

This is my contact number: 09062098346

My email accnt:

More Power

Gessa 2 years ago

hi, ask ko lang na submit ko na all my documents in german embassy including all my xerox copy. Then sabi sa embassy ipapa deliver nalang yung passport ko after 3 to 5 days. Ask ko lang if pati mga original documents ko papadala din nila? im worried baka hanapin sa immigration. THANK YOU

Marco Torres 2 years ago

Hello HubTwentyFive,

Thanks for your list. It's really helpful. It inspired me to go to India and Israel last year. Both trips, I got my visa on arrival. For India, I landed in Bangalore my second trip and they also give a visa on arrival there.

Anyway, I just want to ask if the Kenyan visa on arrival for Filipinos is still valid. Please comfirm based on your latest info.

More power.

Marco Torres

honey 2 years ago

Hi there! I hope I could get a positive response on this, I'm currently working in Oman, I want to visit my friend in japan before I go straight to Philippines on my vacation. Unfortunately there's no agencies arranging for visa in japan here in Oman and our employer only gives us our passports during our vaction leave, is it possible that I could arrange it through Philippines embassy here in oman? Or can arrange it through agencies in Philippines, what could be the requirements? Thank u! :) may u help me on this.

Erwin 2 years ago

Hi. i am presently working here in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. After my 2 year contract, am i possible to exit - visiting Norway first, before going home to Philippines?

Erika Lyra 2 years ago

I have a question po. I'm actually planning to study to Malaysia. I had 2 attempts to travel to Malaysia but I got OFFLOADED TWICE. And this this time nga, I'm going to apply for a student visa to enter Malaysia, but yes, I'm really going to study there. But is it possible to get offloaded again if I hold a student visa, and attempting ti enter Malaysia for the third time? Kasi before when I got offloaded twice, I have my requirements complete naman, like invitiation letter from my 1st cousin's gf who's been there for 7 years already and a supporting inv. letter from her company's executive director. And also a roundtrip ticket, COE from the company Ive been working, Company ID, passport, hotel accommodation. But still they denied me. So, is it possible na maoffload again? And what could be the reasons po if ma-offload nga ulit ako? Thankyou!!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 2 years ago Author

Yes, Filipinos don't need a visa to visit SG. You are allowed 30 days. If you will stay in a friend's house, you need invitation letter but then your boyfriend is not a resident of SG. I suggest you get hotel accommodation instead. Bring round trip airline tickets and hotel accommodation, valid IDs in the airport.

vanessa 2 years ago

Can i travel to singapore without needing a visa?. Will be staying there for a week. Actually my boyfriend is inviting me to visit him there in SG. He is originated from cyprus and he is visiting SG for a University business. Do I also need an invitation from him?. I need your help. I hope you can help me. It would be highly appreciated. Thank you.

joan yatoc 2 years ago

saan po tayo pwedeng mag aply ng tourist visa dito po ako now da hongkong..papuntantang qatar po..tanx

profile image

allensky143 2 years ago

Correction lamang po!!!!! Nag tour ako sa India and I entered in New Delhi from dubai, actually i have return ticket going back Manila, bakit 17 days lang binigay sa akin ng imigration ( stamp) ,nagulat talaga ako at pag kaka alam ko 30 days ang ibibigay.. Paki clear na lang po sa makakabasa huh,

JR 2 years ago

@Stella bettr don't tell na meet kau ng bf mo sa bali,.. kc dami pang tanong2x.. jst tell na visit ka on your own. pera plus booking = enough. bring company id/docs to play safe

Keith1906 2 years ago

Philipino living and working in Jordan wants to go to Bahrain for ten day vacation. Hotel cant give visa. Anyone know how I get a travel visa to Bahrain? names of hotels or agencies will help. Hotels only seem to support business trips.

flora 2 years ago

hello I would like to as about to Ecuador im working visa in middle east and I will going home this july 9. I want to visit in Ecuador soon on on third week of july..then my uncle in a merica they buy me plaine tiket go in back return to the phiilipines how a make it sure na di ko magkakaroon ng anu man problema sa ambassy ng philipines at di masasayang pera tiket na binili I want to know that na di ko mahihirapan o iipitin.. because I search in a website they allowed the pilipinos visit in Ecuador withoust visa from 90 days pls help me and give me advice..and ideas from this matters thank you for kindly response..

yolinda grapa 2 years ago

hi,i just want to ask if what's the necessary documents to have a visit visa going to australia even for 15 days

rose 2 years ago

hi its my first time to travel to meet my fiancé in dubai im worried if i need show money?im holding a tourist visa and gonna stay ther for 6days. thank you

Stella 2 years ago

hi i would like to ask po, if anu pa po need?

if ever i would like to visit bali, indonesia. i have reservation, ticket return back and show money. but my bf he is from europe. dun po kami mgkkita sa indonesia. kailangan ko rin po ba ng invitation letter from him? pls let me know soon po thank u.

john 2 years ago

hello im going to brazil this april . do i need a transit visa in s.a johannesburg? manila to hongkong to south africa to sao paolo.

im vergz 3 years ago

can I ask a question

what if I'm going to nassau bahamas and I got my contract to work there do I need a transit visa for my flight.

Alyssa 3 years ago

Hi,Good day to all!,im a Filipino holding a philippine Passport,i want to visit Ecuador soon,.is anyone here knows if what are the immigration here in the Philippines needed so that you can fly?,,because i heard that even it's a free visa , there is a possibility that it can not granted or deny,.so what are the important things to do to be sure that we can visit ecuador without any problem in exiting here in the Philippines ?..thank you hope i can get some ideas as soon as possible,,God Bless us all!

Tas 3 years ago


I find this page very useful. I am a Filipino and I would like to visit Brunei. I would like to ask you what are the requirements aside from the passport. Is there a show money involved and if there is, how much? As a would be tourist, do I also need to present an invitation letter considering that it would be my first time there if ever? I am confused.

Thank you and more power. God bless you!

aldrin rito 3 years ago

a blessed day po, do Filipinos need visa to go to Papua new Guinea for 2 weeks to 1 month vacation?

Liza 3 years ago

Hi! gusto ko po humingi ng payo bago umalis, plan ko po magtour sa South America next year,tulad ng Pero pagkatapos ng Peru plan din namin magtour sa Bolivia at sa iba pang mgkalapit na countries doon na wala pong visa para sa atin na kasama ang Bf ko from USA,pero ang bf ko ay manggagaling na sya doon tapos ako naman dito po sa Pinas,,ask ko po kung ano kailangan gawin at ihanda para hindi po masayang ang time at money,,need po ba ang return ticket o pwedi po ba ang onward ticket?.,first time ko po magtourist sana mabigyan nyo ng idea,.maraming salamat po.GB!

GE 3 years ago

@Manda and Cris. Gone to Georgia last August 2013 and I got the visa upon arrival. Visa fee : $35. Awesome place.

profile image

ayms saba 3 years ago

im a filipino and legally residing here in itlay for 16 years,, how can i get my visa for going to kabul afghanistan.... pls let me know.. i want to travel there this coming december 2013 .. i will stay there for 5 days only.. pls help me

imeeh 3 years ago

im a filipino citizen but im legally residing here in italy for 16 years.. my question is how can i get my visa for going to kabul afghanistan since i haven't found any afghan consulate here in italy.. please let me know

Sheryl 3 years ago

Hi, good day! would like to ask if no need visa to travel Dominican republic? what things should I prepare for my travel? My Fiancée and I planning to take vacation there,since it takes 4hrs for him to travel from US and I'm from Philippines. Thank's a lot and God bless.

oterol 3 years ago

im planning to visit my sister in japan before i go straight ahead to Philippines. Is it possible? By the way, i'm here in saudi arabia. Do i need a visa to enter japan even though i have an exit/re-entry visa to saudi arabia?

pao 3 years ago

im planning to visit korea but they need visa can i visit jeju without visa?

Cris 3 years ago

Yes please can you answer Manda's query as I plan to travel to Georgia too. Is the above list the most updated one?

Ron 3 years ago

But I have a sponsor there. My sponsor is willing to help me and process my visa in Australia.

Ron 3 years ago

Hello! I would like to ask if I can travel to Australia without any visa good for only 1 week or 2 weeks? Can I process my tourist visa in Australia once I'm already in Australia? Thanks and God bless!

Ed Orino 3 years ago

Hope more countries will be added to the list in the future.

John Paul 3 years ago

hi i am filipino, can i travel to singapore came from saudi , do i need visa? please reply asap..

Manda 3 years ago

I am Filipino ,can I travel to Tbilisi Georgia? bcoz in the internet of Ministry of Georgia,tbilisi we are not listed. pls reply asap.

Will 3 years ago

Hi, an Indian travel agent said I could get a one way flight to India (Bangalore), but i really got the feeling he just wanted to make a sale. Does anyone know if that is true? Can a Filipino enter India without showing a return ticket? I do not want a round trip ticket because i may want to stay longer than one month; and rather not decide on my return date as of yet.

sheen 3 years ago

hi im presently working in qatar n i plan to travel to itenirary ticket from qatar stops over colombo then to singapore, same with my return i still need any visa for such country..?pls update me d soonest coz its this aug alredy..thnx so appreciated.

Lynn1282 3 years ago

Hi hope anyone can help me. My boyfriend is an Afghan national and he's going here in the Philippines. What are the requirements for him to stay here in our country at least for a month or so? What are the documents needed to allow him to stay here as he plans also to do that. He has a valid visa and passport but he still needs to know the other documents needed. I've search the net and found out that there's no Afghanistan embassy here in our country. Hope you could enlighten and help me.

cheng 3 years ago

do i need show money to visit hongkong for only 2 days? if so, how much that would be? I am from philippines, and Iwish you can help me regarding my concern.

eva 3 years ago

hi! now am getting really panicked. i am a filipina with philippine passport who is living in norway. i have everything booked and prepared for kenya and tanzania. i am leaving in 1 month. we had a person made things prepared for this travel so we don't have to think about the itinerary and all. and she said i could get my visas upon arrival in kenya and tanzania. but i saw in other sites that i have to get my visa to kenya prior to arrival., i am really getting panicked because im leaving in 2 days for another european country and when will i apply it. i hope everything that says in this site is really true, otherwise, im doomed. please tell me i don't need a visa to kenya and tanzania prior to arrival.

peach 3 years ago

hello im married with japanese man,its my first time to go japan and i need some steps in entering NAIA airport till i wait for my boarding time..coz i don't know where will i present my papers first..thank u

mavain 3 years ago

hi there,, i filipina living here in israel.. i have phils passport and wanted to visit azerbaijan,, its written in this site that i can get visa in arrival, but in other site i need visa.. pls help really planning to visit my father-in-law living in baku.. thnx

Summer86 3 years ago

Hello there,

I'm a temporary resident in Philippines and i wish to go to either Singapore or Hong Kong, do i need a visa before i travel there?


chie 3 years ago

slam, I just want to ask with regards to this matter. I am currently working in saudi MOH, and i will go for vacation this month to brunie darusalem. I will passed by kuala lumpur because that's the only way or route near to brunie..I have my re-entry n exit single from surely i will come back to suadi for work.My purpose in going to brunie is to visit my i need another visa..?.?or same cause i am holding philippine passport....

Abe 3 years ago

Hi...I have a Philippine passport and a US Permanent Resident Card (Green Card). Do I need a visa to travel to Turks and Caicos? This site says I don't but other sites says yes. Please help. Thanks!

gellie 3 years ago

Hi. Im travelling to Brazil.. I used my philippine passport for my travel docs.. but i just recently became a naturalized US citizen.. and i have a US passport.. do i still need to apply for a visa?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 3 years ago Author

Yes if you're a Filipino citizen you need a visa to visit Guam or any territory under US

sherry 3 years ago

i am a filipino residing i need visa for guam? thank you! :)

arlene 3 years ago

Im filipina I've plan to visit guam w/my Japanese husband w/in 5days only,its need a visa?

Edwin 3 years ago

In my experience, there is a visa on arrival for Filipino citizens at the international airport in Entebbe (near Kampala). But you have to have at least a 6-month valid passport and a return ticket. I checked my passport now and no expiry date was written (only date of issue) but I supposed it should be valid for 15 days - I only stayed for a few days at the Baha'i House of Worship in Kampala so I didn't bother to ask. Confirm this with the travel agent when you get your return ticket to be sure. Better get an invitation letter (by post) indicating that your boyfriend will cover all your expenses once you get to Uganda - with supporting papers about his employment, passport copies, etc. If you're coming from Manila, most likely you fly to Dubai, then to Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) with a very brief passenger pick-up stop in Kigali (Rwanda). The flight is long and the last thing you don't want to experience is not being allowed entry. Enjoy your stay in Uganda!

blyemsweetchie 3 years ago

I just want to ask if there is need a visa going to travel from PHILIPPINES going to UGANDA,KAMPALA CITY?

What are the requirements needed??

This is my first time travelling in EAST AFRICA and my boyfriend invites me to visit in there also.

mar 3 years ago

this is very helpful. thanks a lot for the info. i want to ask if i will go to

Kenya from ABudhabi, will the visa be still upon on arrival and i need to pay 50USD?i just want to know if its the same as above. thanks

nd 3 years ago

hi im wanting to visit canada for 21 days how much show money if any do i need

Hussain 3 years ago

I want bring worker from Philippine what the procedure & how much I will pay to labor agency to get pass from airport

profile image

shanelup 3 years ago

Hello I am just curious on how many months should i wait for my family reunion visa to be granted?Does anyone knows?or does anyone has an experience on this type of visa?i just had my interview today and they gave me a paper asking for additional copy of an ID of my sponsor who is also the father of my german son from germany,then dropby lang daw ng weekdays sa embassy to submitt..Thanks in advance!

GANDA 3 years ago

hi,im Filipino residing in UK and married to a British national, may i know what european and non european countries don't need for me to have tourist/schengen visa?thanks

js 3 years ago

@beng & jerome - if you're traveling to ASEAN countries like Thailand, they usually don't require anything else at the immigration except for the passport and the return ticket. However, remember that we are required to fill out the embarkation form so you should at least know the address where you will be staying.

If you're a first time traveler (no stamps on your passport), you might be required to show a hotel booking and proof of sufficient fund especially if you don't have a pre-arranged tour package or itinerary. If you say that you will be staying with a friend or a relative, you might be asked for the invitation letter.

As regards traveling to South Korea, Filipinos are required to secure a visa unless you're visiting Jeju Island only - in which case, you will only be required the return ticket and the address where you will stay.

beng 3 years ago

hi i want to tavel in South Korea or Thailand..what else do i need to show to our immigration here (phil.immigration) before i leave the country,beside passport,ticket-return ticket,pocket money? Do i need to provide a letter from the place of my destination? Please help.

thank you

vickyms.purple 3 years ago

hi i need your help...

profile image

mari10 3 years ago


mejo mahigpit ang the UK ngayon. ako I have an EU RESIDENT PERMIT, and im married to a german- but i still need to obtain UK VISIT VISA kahit 3 days lang. i was told by the lady dun sa office (its not consulate, its just as office coz im living in EU) that you need to have sufficient funds para magrant ng visa. well i guess TWENTYFIVE will say, CONTACT THE NEAREST CONSULATE. but yeah i gave you more info.

richard 3 years ago

hi i'm a Filipino citizen holding a turks and caicos islands working I have to secure a visa to stay for 3 days in UK?

Jerome 3 years ago

My sister was offloaded lasy 03 March 2013 by our immigration as she was asked to secure an invitation letter from our cousin who was working in Thailand. My sister doesn't have an invitation letter as the Philippine embassy in Thailand says no invitation needed as per my cousin's inquiry. My sister already have two way plane tickets and 20k showmoney but still the immigration doesn't let her in. She has no hotel booking because she will be accommodated by our cousin's house. Now, can she go to Thailand without an invitation letter from my cousin or still can not? Thanks for the advice.

Rosey 3 years ago

Ive been to EGYPT last year and TURKEY last week.. Both they required VISA.. Hope this help..

Zykrie Ursal 3 years ago

hi i need your help,im in cyprus now my working visa is still valid till september2013,now i have new employer from SURINAME south america,which is they don't need visa for problem is that is it possible i can exit in cyprus going to suriname?there is no direct flight going there and there planning to connect me in holland.Is it hassle for me here in cyprus to immigration before i leave?I need your suggestion.Thanks.

Dahling 3 years ago

Is it possible to transit in Barajas Madrid T4 when I have a connecting flight to Dubai, destination Manila, from South America?

vince 4 years ago

what is visitor's permit upon arrival... do I need letter of invitation??

Alexee Trino 4 years ago

Hi I am planning to travel soon to Prestina Kosovo. Do I need a transit visa if my flight will layover for a few hours in Zurich or Istanbul? Hoping for you reply soon thanks :)

Pinoy Israel 4 years ago

@Nicola, I am a Filipino based here in Israel. Are you trying to say to come to Israel via Kuwait then Philippines after? If that's your question then sorry to say it's not possible even you are a Filipino citizen with Kuwaiti visa... and I am 100% that Israel doesn't have Embassy in your location for details to ask for help, etc. Israel doesn't have any diplomatic ties to most Arab countries only to its neighbouring countries like JORDAN, TURKEY, EGYPT and CYPRUS. But if you are European visa holder then it's possibles and also if you are exiting from Philippines to Israel as tourist visa then that's another issue you need to undergo a lot of interviews. Filipino mostly come to Israel are religious/ministry works, tour groups and business transactions but lucky if you manage to come individually as tourist not unless you come here to work as caregivers.

Murfee E 4 years ago

hi i as a Philippine passport holder, is visa required to visit Mauritius as tourist? if yes, what are the requirements to apply? many thanks !

nicola 4 years ago

Hi im Filipino , im now here in kuwait is it ok to go to Israel only one way ticket because after israel i go back to the Philippines. What papers do i need? Hope u can help me with this.Thanks

Mayani 4 years ago

Good Day! My family has a US multiple ( 10 years ) entry visa. We are planning to visit Guam this summer . Do we still need to apply for a visa? I know Guam is a US territory but I just want confirmation. thanks and more power!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Yup I think you need a tourist visa to go to Mexico. Wow Cabo! That is an awesome place. Jealous! :)

Khris_09 4 years ago

Hi there. I would just to ask if I need a visit visa to Mexico even if I have a US Tourist Visa? Am planning to go to Cabos or Cancun via NY.

bebe15 4 years ago

ask ko lang po kun sino na un nkapunta sa sri lanka?ung ETA po ba, gaano katagal bago maaprub?same day ba?or mag aantay pa ng ilang araw bago mkareceive sa kanila ng approval...plano kase namin pumunta nxt wk,pero nde pa kmi nkaaply ng ETA. thanks and God Bless to all!

krissy904 4 years ago

I have an American bf who will be in Abu Dhabi for 2weeks, he wants me to join him there... How can I apply for visa? I was told, I should have relative there first..

I have active US visa. Can that help?

mark 4 years ago

im here bahrain.. planning to visit nepal for 3 weeks do i need a certain visa to enter nepal? Do i have to pay something? Please help meneed information.. pls email me for the answer at thanks youq

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Brazil is one of the most favorites of many travelers. I'm glad it is among the list of no-visa requirement for Filipinos

stellar 4 years ago

I was in Brazil for 4 months last year. Filipinos can stay for 90days and can go to Policia Federal to request extension - max of another 90days! We're allowed to visit brazil 180days/year! :)

ayen 4 years ago

hi would like to travel in goergia for 15 days this coming end of january or 1st week of february i need to apply a tourist visa?

thanks and god bless

JUDGE 4 years ago


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Kurita yeah apply for a tourist visa. Just download the application form from the Japan Embassy and submit the requirements at the embassy too. I think there are local agencies who offer visa assistance to those who wish to travel in Japan, you might wanna find one near your place.

@Mario you can visit some European countries just by having one visa called Schengen. But UK is not one of them because it is not included in the list of Schengen territories as of now. If you wanna know more about Schengen visa and its requirements, see it in my profile here or just see the page I added along Europe and Kosovo from the article above

profile image

mari10 4 years ago

@twentyfive .. I am married to a German and holding a EU resident permit. My friend and i are planning to go to Turkey or the UK for a week but im still trying to figure out if i need a visa or not. Ive read some articles and most of it says, theres a bond between EU and Turkey, Switzerland, Croatia and other non-EU countries, and i don't need a visa. But im wondering, the UK is part of EU, why would i still need a visa for the UK? please let me know. I don't wanna read the previous messages and suggestions coz theres a lot of changes in the past few months regarding visa exemptions. and I highly trust you on this. Thanks

profile image

Kurita okamura 4 years ago

Hi poh^_^pude po ba magtanong pude po ba mgtour punta Japan kasama ko anak ko...galing na po ako Japan 3yrs ago...pls help good advised thanks n Godbless!

profile image

Kurita okamura 4 years ago

Good afternon^_^ pude po ba humingi ng advised saiyo. Gusto ko po sana dalhin ung daughter ko sa Japan travel lang po? Galing na po ako ng Japan nandito po ako sa pinas 3yrs na po ako gusto ko po sana tour sa Japan kasama anak ko? Chance Lang ng bata...pls help me good advised for me...thank you n Godbless....

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You can apply at the Embassy of Canada in Malaysia since you are working and living there now

gmatsudaira 4 years ago

hi, need help. I am a Philippine passport holder. I am currently working in Kuala lumpur, Malaysia and have a working permit until sept of 2013. I am planning to apply for a tourist visa to Canada to visit my sister. my question is, do i need to apply back in Manila? I can apply in Singapore?

any information will be much appreciated.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please contact your airline for that as some may not need transit visa en route

profile image

ladyhill 4 years ago

hi! I'm a Philippine passport holder and will be traveling to Namibia transiting at Lusaka Airport Zambia. Do I need a transit visa for Zambia. If so, will I get it before departure from Manila or upon arrival at Lusaka Airport. Please give me advice on this inquiry. Thanks.

profile image

ladyhill 4 years ago

I'm a Philippine passport holder and will transit at Lusaka Airport in Zambia en route to Namibia. Do I need a transit visa for Lusaka. Please give advice. Thanks.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You can obtain the visa on arrival and you can stay in Kenya up to 3 months.

aserrin11 4 years ago

my fiancée wants to go in kenya for 3 in philippines do i need visa going to kenya i am a philippine passport holder

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You will still need a visa to visit South Korea even if you will be coming from Bahrain because you are a Filipino citizen.

profile image

lalhing 4 years ago

Hi! I am a Filipino passport holder currently working here in Bahrain would like to work in South Korea. My question is: can i cross the border from here in bahrain to korea for job? Thanks...

Shaila 4 years ago

Hi! I just want to know how can a Filipino apply for Liberian visa?

bigboy 4 years ago

hi there girls,just ak me if you need any help

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Please apply to the Egypt Embassy near you

habibi 4 years ago

hello l want ask you if l go to egypt cant l meking there the visa

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jean Charry mentioned above no transit visa is required if the connecting flight out of London is confirmed (for 24-hours) unless the route or airport is changed. See Charry's comment above. For assurance please call your airline company

@Jhajha You will allowed to travel Singapore as long as your documents are complete especially if you are a minor. They will ask you about the purpose of your trip and you must be consistent in answering

jean 4 years ago

im jean currently in hongkong for a tour.. my next destination is casa blanca.. ill be transiting thru london-paris then casa blanca. do i need transit visa?even if im just going to have coonecting flyts less than 24 hours. tnx.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Jack if you live in Jordan and you are a Filipino, you still need visa before traveling to other countries but you won't need one if the country you are visiting are included in the list above

Mariechie 4 years ago

@charry...Uk does not require transit visa for philippine passport holder, if the connecting flight out of london is confirmed, and must be within 24 hours....unless there is a change of airport.

jack 4 years ago

what are the visa requirements for a Philippine passport holder living in jordan?

jhun fuentes 4 years ago

hi, good day to all...i am a filipino 25 years old, working in Jeddah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, anyone can help and give me advice on how to get a visa going to Australia, thanks to you all, hoping for your immediate reply...God bless us all...^^

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes, everything else is recorded and stored in the computer database system of the country you were in..

catherine.. 4 years ago

ask ko lang ho kung nkarecord pag nadedeport or na refuse to enter sa isang bansa pero d nmn tinatakan ung passport. matatrace ba un sa ibang bansa na pupuntahan mu?


twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Ramces you better go to their embassy and apply for one. For Azerbaijan, we need a visa before we visit the place

@Viryder I only listed Dominica not Dominican Republic. Filipinos need visa to visit Dom. Republic

@Sarah You are welcome. It is a pleasure :)

sarahjenrafon 4 years ago

Thank you much for the information. More power!

viryder 4 years ago

hi! im a filipino citizen and currently working in korea. i wanna travel to dominican republic. i saw this country on your list but im kinda worried about the transit visa...what are the requirements to go to dominican republic from korea?? thank u very much...this site is so helpful

ramces 4 years ago

there is no Georgia Embassy or Consulate here in Saudi Arabia.. the nearest one s in Kuwait...

i try to communicate through email they said its possible but... problem is assurance from going out from here in saudi arabia..

i don't see any information in their website that we can get upon arrival as well as Saudi Arabia temporary residence is not included in their list of Middle East Countries..

hope you could give me further information on this

how about azerbaijan?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Faith You can visit the embassy of Kosovo for that. I don’t think there is a direct flight from Manila to Kosovo as of now. It’s always better to bring enough cash in the currency whre you’re going and just bring atm card for emergency. Make sure you comply with the airport’s anti-money laundering act

@Sarah we are allowed 3 months of stay without a visa in Haiti. However, we need visa before visiting Dominican Republic. Check the your airlines if there are direct flights to Haiti or Dominican Rep. but I think there aren’t

@Ann we are allowed 30 days to stay in Singapore without a visa. After that, you need to apply for extension if you want to stay more. You cannot stay there more than the period allowed or else you will be deported. SG is a rich country and so disciplined, you must follow their rules.

ara 4 years ago

question lang me bf ako planning to go sa sg with roundtrip tick ng 3 days tas plan nyang ndi umuwi and find a work there anong opinions nyo

ann 4 years ago

hi guys ask ko lang kung mag pupunta ko sa sg for a short course sa cooking and mag wawalk in ako for jobs

profile image

sarah-411 4 years ago

Hi there!

Am a philippines passport holder an currently staying here in phil. I would like to ask if I can visit Haiti and Domican Republic without visa or if there will be needing a transit visa upon arrival. I also like to ask if there's a direct flight to Haiti or Dominican Republic.

Appreciate much of your help.

Thanks in advance.


sarah 4 years ago

Hi there,

Am a philippine passport holder, I would like to know if I can visit Haiti without a visa or if there will be needing for a transit visa. Is there a direct flight from philippines going there? Please do let me know.

Appreciate much of your help.

Thank you,


profile image

faith1024 4 years ago

hi! twenty five, plan to visit Kosovo rather than albania it's visa free but i don't know what is the requirements...can you help me for some info about this... i talk to a friend there to send me invitation and is it ok to bring cash rather than atm/credit card? it's only 2 weeks trip. is there a direct flight going to kosovo? ...... thank you so much in advance...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Ramses please visit the Georgia embassy in Saudi for that to know the complete requirements. Thank you. TC

@Tony That field is so rewarding with great salary and benefits. If I know a way how to help you, I would but right now, I don’t know how to get a job there. If you did, tell me :)

@Arnie If you will travel and visit Seoul, South Korea, you need a visa before your arrival. You can apply online, it is so easy and you will get approved easily if you met the requirements – like submitting the primary documents, have enough financial support and your accommodation details. If you’re going to Jeju only, you can go there without a visa but you cannot go outside the island. Apply a visa online at the Korean embassy in the Philippines.

profile image

armie226 4 years ago

Hi anyone can help me. Im holding a Philippine Passport and a resident working here in Dubai. I travelled HK & Singapore already,but my biggest dream is to reach South Korea esp to visit Jeju Island. From Jeju Island can i go to another City like Seoul without hassle? Please help me. What are the requirements going there? What are the possible interview in the Jeju Immigration for me to enter easily..thanks ...GOD BLESS! 4 years ago


I am a Filipino a Degree holder in Petrol Chemical Engineering, i understand that Nigeria is one of the biggest oil producing country i have a friend who work in Shell company in Nigeria his basic salary is 25,000usd. Please can you help to secure job in that country.

Ramces 4 years ago


I am a Filipino working here in Saudi Arabia and planning to visit Georgia this coming October.

You posted that we can get a visa upon arrival for 90 days. What are the requirements?

Because before leaving here the airport of Saudi Arabia they will ask information if we can get visa upon arrival in the country of destination?

hope to hear from you

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Charry Yes some airlines require transit visa at the port of some countries. Your agency must have told you this as they know this. You can apply transit visa if you don't have one yet as a last resort :)

@Mhack You're welcome :)

mhackies 4 years ago

Thanks twentyfive! You're a big help. :)

charry 4 years ago

im a phil. passport holder,. i was about to travel to casa blanca last week,. my route is bangkok- kiev(ukraine)-london-casablanca,. when i arrived in kiev the personel from british airways did not allow me to board because i don't have transit visa in london. i was in fury that i was not informed by my travel agency.. did i really need one? i need to know so that i can prepare for my next trip.. thank you.

charry 4 years ago

i had this awful experience in my recent travel. i was bound to casa blanca, with a transit in kiev ukraine, then next stop would be london then casa blanca. in kiev im are not allowed to board because they were asking for transit visa for/to london. my travel agency did not even tried to informed me that i need those.. i am a phil passport holder. do i really need a transit visa?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Faith Filipinos need visa to visit Albania. You can process it by contacting the Albanian Consulate in Manila, Philippines with this current info:

Ms. Ceferino L. Benedicto

Consul General ad honorem

Address: Consulate General of the Republic of Albania1143 Pasong Tamo St., Makati City

Phone: 899-5533, 899-5758


@Aimee unfortunately yes, no embassy or consulate office for Malawi here as of now. You can try getting as visa for Zambia instead and then when you get there, you can get a visa for Malawi as they are connected (neighbors)

@Ellysa you can apply for a Schengen visa. It’s a single visa you can use to visit EU countries like Italy, France, and many more (they are 25 right now) It would be better if you apply in the Philippines as it takes time. I made a page about getting a Schengen visa easily without an interview. Check it out. Read the Europe visa exemptions in the article above, the link for Schengen is there. Bless ya!

ellysa 4 years ago

im a phil passportholder.. i am currently having a holiday here in bangkok, vixa free.. i want to travel in EU, like in france or italy,, what are the visa requirements and can i apply visa for it here in thailand?

Aimee 4 years ago

Would like to know how can I get tourist or entry visa to Lilongwe, Malawi? I've been searching on the internet but seems they don't have embassy here in Philippines. Hope you can help me. Thank you in advance.

profile image

faith1024 4 years ago

can i obtain 2 weeks tourist visa upon arrival in tirana airport in albania? i'm a holder of philippine passport, an albanian friend will wait me there to help get visa at the airport but i wanna be sure cause it's my first time travelling.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@JP your friend can visit the Philippines without a visa up to 21 days. No need to send invitation letter too. All he needs are valid passport (valid at least 6 months from the date of expiry) and return tickets.

@Nohy As a Filipino, we are allowed to visit Singapore and Bali, Indonesia without a visa. Just make sure you have valid passport, return tickets, itinerary schedules and accommodations from hotels, valid IDs, enough funds for your travel and supporting documents to prove your identity here in the Philippines like employment certificate and ITR

@Mhackies hi there! You won’t need visa if you’re not going outside the airport but for convenience, just get a Schengen visa so you can set foot to any European country allowed under the Schengen like France (with your case you can spend a time in Paris and see the place) It’s gonna be easy for you to get a Schengen since you’re working in SG. Read my page about how to get a Schengen visa if you want to apply

mhackies 4 years ago

Hi there...

I'm a Philippine passport holder but working in Singapore. I'm going to South America and I'm booking a flight that has a stopover at either Amsterdam or Paris. Would it be possible for me to leave the airport for a few hours without a visa o kailangan meron pa din? And if kailangan may visa pa din, can I just get a transit visa there when I arrive?

Hope to hear from you soon. Maraming salamat po! :)

Nohy 4 years ago

Hi there :)

I'm a Philippine passport holder. Is there anything I would need to have or do if (from Manila) I want to visit Singapore for a few days and then go to Bali for a few days, and then go back to the Philippines.

Thank you so much!

jp 4 years ago

my friend is a morroco citizen he wants to go here in philippines just to visit me.. is there something that i could help him like sending personal invitation so he can fly and save money easily? tnx

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

You may apply a visa and check the requirements at Mozambique embassy in Manila. I posted the link I think at the second comment above. Yes, you can apply for a visa for South Africa if there is an embassy or consulate office of SA in Mozambique

renato a sanchez jr 4 years ago

hello i want to go in mozambique they need visa there if i come there,,,,,and after mozambique i want go in south africa can i take visa in mozambique going to south africa,,tnxx

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

yes you need a visa before going to Panama if you're a Filipino citizen. Your husband wont need it since he is a citizen of Panama already. Nationals of Philippines holding normal passports must hold an authorised stamped visa issued by the "Direccion Nacional de Migracion, Ministerio de Gobierno y Justicia

hael 4 years ago

hi, i want to know if i need visa to go to Panama? i'm married to a Panamian guy & we are planning to go for vacation on December but i'm not sure if i need a visa to go there.. we are currently living in kuwait.. i'm hoping that somebody can help ragarding of this..thanks

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

roundtrip tickets, itinerary, proof of financial funds to support your stay, passport, valid IDs. Filipinos have up to 90 days to stay in Brazil. You may apply for a visa if you wish to extend your stay.

Evelyn Bello 4 years ago


i wanna asked the process to visit Brazil and what the supporting documents and theirs some i need to pay in the airport?Actually i got some information here in bRAZIL iMBASSY in Kuwait they said that no need visa for filipino nationality to go brazil and i can go brazil without visa and this also i clarify with sending letter with the brazil imbassy here in Phils,they answer me no visa also...Thank you and more Power .Its Evelyn Bello

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Sheimomi you need a visa to visit Cyprus. You can apply at the Cyprus Embassy in the Philippines, fill out the application form and submit the required documents.

@Ceejai Yes once you have the Schengen visa, you can enter Poland even by car your choice. The cost and requirements for processing for the Schengen visa is discussed in the page I referred above (I added it in the EUROPE list in the article)

@Mohamed For Sudan citizens, they need visa to enter the Philippines. You can apply it at the Embassy of the Philippines in Saudi near your residence

@Marx I wish. Hehe Brazil is such a nice place. The next Olympics will be there.

marx 4 years ago

Hi any info's about going to Brazil? sino na nakapunta?

Mohamed 4 years ago

Am a sudanese engineer living with my family in Jeddah saudi arabia, need to travel with my family for 8 days to philipinese , unfurtunatly consulate colsed for eid vacation.

Can I have the vis at airport?

ceejei 4 years ago

and one thing, pano po kung pupunta po ako ng poland with car and will stay there just for a day? do I still need to apply for schengen visa?

ceejei 4 years ago

ow much is it costed? and for how long do it takes?thanks alot

profile image

sheimomi 4 years ago

i am a filipina and a friend of mine invited me to go to her place in north cyprus, how can i reach the place and do i need to get visa to go there?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Nope, your German Visa is only applicable for Germany. However you can apply for a visa prior to your visit to Poland while you're in Germany. Better yet, apply for a Schengen visa. Having that visa will let you travel for about 25 countries (22 European countries and 3 non-European) including Poland and Germany

ceejei 4 years ago

im a filipino and staying here in germany and have my german visa, is it possible if I go to poland with my german visa?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

No problem Rochelle :) You are always welcome dear. I'm happy you got your visa in Taiwan. Their online processing is really cool.

Rochelle 4 years ago

Hi Everyone! First of all thanks to the person who wrote this blog, you are heaven sent! I was sweating a lot to look for the info about visa exemption especially to Taiwan because I only had a second hand info that once you have a valid US Visa you can go to Taiwan without visa. So when I saw this website, it was more than helpful enough!

To all those asking questions if you can enter Taiwan without a visa if you are holding a valid US Visa yes you can! Just follow the link that the author posted and check if you are approved to go to Taiwan. It just took me 5 minutes to apply online and I got approved. My US Visa is valid for 10 years and will expire on 2020 so it is really a big help!

Once again, thanks to the author of this blog, it is very helpful!

kurt 4 years ago

im just asking if they will cross country..there is a problem im phillipine passport plan is. ill go to brunie and cross to united arab

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Filipinos need visa going to Oman

jazzy 4 years ago

how about sa oman? ilang days pde mgstay without visa

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Dhang you can apply for a visa in the US embassy in Japan or just apply online thru their official website in Embassy of United States in Tokyo, Japan. The requirements are listed in the exact link as to what type of visa you're applying (Example Tourist Visa) This is the official website where you can apply and see the requirements for you

seashore baguio 4 years ago

thank you so much for all the help, i was reading all the comments and experiences, very informative...... and its a good thing we can travel also without the hassle of processing visa, not in all country but its still good....... and conclusion regarding the people in the our own immigration, i hope they can sleep well and have clear conscience, and to those who are travelling, i guess if you are confident enough to answere the question they are asking and we have clean intentions that we are really going to our destination for vacation, no stummering, show them you are qualified to take a tour, hehehhe....... thank you guys, lets go explore.........

dhang 4 years ago

Hi, i am working here in japan and I wanted to visit my relatives in USA how and where can I apply for tourist visa? Dito po ba sa japan or I need to go back to Philippines para dun po mgapply ng visa for USA? what are the requirements thank you!

Emy 4 years ago

Hi. would like ask infos where can I apply tourist visa to Malawi, Africa. Do they have Malawian embassy here in Manila? Thanks.

Elijah28 4 years ago

Hi my British bf and I plan to spend holiday in yap island or Palau for not more than one week just for three days probably do I have to process my visa im a Philippine passport holder and how? Thanks

starkisser 4 years ago

hi. we can also get a visa upon arrival in india but to a few listed airports only.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

@Vina we don’t need visa to visit HK and Singapore however you will need a visa to visit Canada whatever the purpose of your visit

I will be making more visa pages for Filipinos at

rhose 4 years ago

visa to ukraine, any other way to get visa than going to vietnam to personally appear for visa application? pls advice alternate..either be a tourist or business..thanks

profile image

mariechie 4 years ago

To cristina:

Hi, just want to ask if you were able to go through to your travel to saint vincent and the grenadines? I am planning to visit saint vincent and the grenadines this month of July.

vina 4 years ago

hi good day..

I am Vina from philippines, i just want to ask something.. please can you help me? is it possible i will visit Singapore or Hongkong then i will go to canada for cross country from Hongkong or Singapore?wish you can help me thanks a lot...

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

Filipinos need visa to go to SA

Albert 4 years ago

I don't see South Africa here....

Maria 4 years ago

Im a filipino wanting to visit a friend in malaysia, I know i wouldn't need a Visa since i will only be staying for 7 days however I am very worried abt the Yellow Fever vaccine since i don't have one mainly because I was allergic to eggs and I was told that I couldn't get one for it will post serious side effects. I am not planning to be roaming around and will just be staying in the City of Kuala Lumpur, what should I do?

Dann 4 years ago

Bit confused for India. I understand that the Visa is upon arrival. But when i checked it out on their website, it is only for certain airports.

maria 4 years ago

hi,so glad to see this list...last yr i went in thailand with visa on arrival,this july im going ti hongkong and next yr again planning another nice to enjoy travelling and no visa planning now next yr to georgia.. :-))

Joy of Qatar 4 years ago

Hi! I'm here in doha right now and I want to travel to haiti as tourist. Is it possible to process the requirements needed here in Qatar? Where can I apply for travel and what are the requirements and how much fund needed?

I'll be happy to hear your answer. :)

Dineskies 4 years ago

elow im a filipino girl working in cyprus, im planning to visit israel this august do i need to apply for visa? what are the rquirementa? and also is there any restrictions on how many years of stay here in cyprus before you can go for a tour abroad. i really need an answer pls. somebody give me an advice.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 4 years ago Author

you can visit their official embassy to know more. I know they issue visas upon arrival in some countries and territories in Africa but they still require supporting docs which you will get prior to arrival

noldar 4 years ago

hello mga kabayan,ofw ako sa kuwait pero nagbakasyun ako ngayon dto sa pinas,may offer ako sa rwanda africa ask ko lang kung safe ang country na un,ska open country din ba ang rwanda,kailangan ko rin bang humingi ng NOC sa employer ko bago ako pumunta dun.

profile image

sammyjj 4 years ago

please I want to know visa requirement for nigeria to travel to georgia

Fatima 4 years ago


Ask ko lang po kasi we will be travelling to Bangkok-Cambodia this August 2012 for 6 days only. Ask ko po sana if kailangan how much ang kailangan i present na money/fund sa immigration?


lani g 4 years ago

hi,I have a short term visa for U.A.E...I have 2 emirates tickets also from dubai..what else wld the immigration ask from me...Is show money a must? How much? nd How abt d bank statement? will they allow me if instead of bank statement ill just show something like $300

Anonymous 4 years ago

Advice: Guys gawin naten ang tama..

Nabalitaan ko na ang mas okay pa ang Indiano saten dahil sa Embassy ng Italy mas sila yung na aaprove na mag ka visa kasi bumabalik sila sa country nila.. hindi sila nag TTNT. Kaya sana gawin din na tin yun. Wag tayo kumapit sa patalim kasi mas malaki ang karma nun at yung gagawin mo is sa benefit ng mas nakakadami.

Justice 4 years ago

Piece of Advice....

Kung gusto po natin yung maayos na pagkuha ng Visa, let us comply the requirements.. depende sa purpose! If we intend to work, work visa ang kunin, hindi tourist tapos maghanap ng work dun. Mahirap po ang ganyan. Lahat ng Embassy papayag basta maayos lang ang papeles. I've been to many countries.. Kaya po ang higpit nila pagdating sa mga Pinoy kase nakatatak na sa kanila ang bad image natin...

ksks 4 years ago

hi kailangan ko pa rin ba ng return ticket papunta dubai from singapore ako?

bea 4 years ago

ano po requirements para maka apply ng visit visa sa bahrain thank u.

inah 4 years ago

good day po!

gusto ko lang po malamn kung makakalusot po ba ako sa immigration dito sa atin meron na akong invitation letter na galing sa pinsan ko nasa singapore cya ngayon. pati s-pass nya at passport xerox nasa akin na.and i have my roundtrip ticket. papayagan po kaya ako ng mga IO makaalis?

Lea 4 years ago

Gusto namin mag tour sa jeju island sa pamamagitan ng barko pod mo ba kaming tulungn?group tour po kami 6 na katao..tnx

emz 4 years ago

hi..ask ko lang po if i need a visa or a transit visa by a connecting flight in amsterdam and panama going to costa rica...?im planning to go there this coming first week of july but im confused na nd ako makaalis so if possible na need ko po i can process it before i please answer me po..thank you so much..

ans ask ko lang po if what requirements do i need to go there..all i have is valid passport..

thanks again

Gm 4 years ago

Pwd po bang mgpabalik-balik sa vietnam for 9days na wlang visa? Nka.punta n po ako dun january 2012. Gusto ko po bumalik by august 2012.

Glory 4 years ago

Hi po. Pls help me with my querries. I have been to vietnam last january 2012. Plan ko po bumalik dun just for a 9days vacation by august 2012. Are the requirements for travel still the same? Or do i need to have a visa for multiple entry na?

rica 4 years ago

hello.. please give m information how i can go to dubai. i know it needs tourist visa.. but i don't have relatives in dubai..

dankito profile image

dankito 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

To Princess, For tourism purposes, you need a valid passport, return ticket and a hotel accommodation.

Cecil 4 years ago

Hi I am planning to work in singapore. Possible b na dun ko na lang iprocess ang k1-visa (fiancée visa) to US?

dankito profile image

dankito 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

Hi Jingkits,

You are good to go! Philippine passport holders are allowed a 14-day stay in Hong Kong without a visa. All you need is a return ticket and a proof that you can support yourself financially during your holiday. Have fun! x

DANIEL 4 years ago

To Jingkits,

Philippine passport holders are allowed a 14-day stay in Hong Kong without a visa. Ang kailangan mo lang ipakita ay return tickets and proof na kaya mong suportahin ang sarili mo financially pagdating mo ng Hong Kong. Kung makikitira ka sa relatives/friends sa Hong Kong, kunin mo ang complete na details nila i.e address and phone numbers para kapag tinanong ka sa immigration may maipapakita ka. :)

princess 4 years ago

hello.. please answer me.. what are the requirements and procedure to travel in Hongkong..

princess 4 years ago

ano ang requirements to travel in hongkong?

jingkits 4 years ago

hi ask lang po ako my letter na ako sa pinsan ko papunta kasi ako hongkong d2 ako ngayun sa riyadh ano pa po bha yung requirements sagot na kasi nila lahat ang inalala ko lang yung pagpasok ng imigration ano kailangan visit visa ako..

andrea 4 years ago

hello po itatanung ko lng po sana mg kano po ky ung maaaring bayaran kung kung ma expire ung visa ng bt in two years galing po silang japan umuwi ng pinas kaso d n nkblik ky gusto ko po mlmn kung mag kno maari kong bayaran salamat

profile image

ms may01 4 years ago

hi, im confused regarding show money in sg, is there a certain amount for this? thank u!

lenno 4 years ago

Advise for those who will travel to Iran as tourists, the MFA website for e-visa application has been down. Applying for a visa in Iran Consulate in Makati won't help either. You have to contact a legitimate Iran Travel agent (with a fee) and send the requirements by e-mail. They will then process your papers to the MFA. You have to indicate that the approval code should be faxed to the Iran Consulate in Manila. An approval code will be given to you by e-mail in 2-3 weeks. Once with the approval code in your hand, you have to go to the Iran Consulate for your actual visa, submit your passport, 2 passport size pictures, visa fee, medical certificate and travel insurance. You may comeback after one or two working days to collect your passport with the tourist visa on it.

Miss Traveler 4 years ago


I suggest before po kayo umalis ng bansa, always keep yourself updated sa mga visa/immigration rules ng both, our country and ng country na pupuntahan mo. As I have observed, even Phil keep changing some rules, please understand that our government is just trying to protect us from other country's violating rules din sa atin. All we just actually need is to read, understand, and follow.

Thank we live with technology, there are so many websites which provide helpful information to avoid problems. And hope before we blame others why our vacation's dream pop up to nightmare, we assure complete and original documents, read and understand rules and if you are unsure of what you're going to do...speak up! ask with the right people...

Enjoy traveling! :-)

iam 4 years ago

im sorry to say, pero mahirap lumabas ng bansa natin ngayon kahit complete pa ang documents mo with a visa. i was refused by the immigration last april 24 na lumabs ng bansa with all my valid documents, gusto nilang mag register ako sa POEA khit commercial ang visa. lahat ng my commercial visa( visit) sponsored by a company or a family ay maruming doucments na hinahap ang immigration natin. hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun.

Rosa 4 years ago

Hi,i am Philippine citizen, and i am planning to go in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex Yugoslavia) part of Europe. How can i get visa so i can able to go there? Pls. somebody answer my question. Thank you.

leila 4 years ago


Pano po ba gumawa ng invitation letter to friend from Iran .Because they like to travel here in philippines and they say they need me to invite them so that they will be granted to come here .Please help nman po.Anu po ung need ko gawin ?Thanks

almamoreno 4 years ago

i am a Filipino visiting japan with a tourist visa granted with 90 days. i would like to visit Korea it possible to have a Korean visa or visa upon arrival just to continue my journey.

oweln 4 years ago

do i need to have a valid hotel voucher, return ticket just to exit philippines going to an asian country like malaysia or THailand? What if I have intended to travel for 12 days with in asia, do i need to show the immigration all my flight details? kasi parang lately napakahigpit na ng Philippine Immigration to all filipinos going to travel abroad especially parang may discrimination if you are taking budget airlines.

joyjoy 4 years ago

hello!ask ko po kasi ngtatrabaho po ako dito sa malaysia gusto ko po umuwi pero nd ako pinayagan,on the otherhand ive decided na papuntahin ko nlng po ung asawa ko dito for visit for 2 weeks,me passport,rountrip ticket at show money po anu po bah ang ibang kelangan para nd po xa maoffload.mga document niya po na kelangan.salamat po.

clara 4 years ago

Good day po. ask ko lang po kung ano mga requirement pano mag exit sa imgration naten? married po ako to a srilankan. sapat na po ba ung hawak ko na visa,passport at ticket para makapag travel?

zai143 4 years ago

i have already a passport and literary tickets roundtrip. going to singapore stay an hours then flight to indonesia but in my ticket i stay 2 months in indonesia,but 30 days only stay with no vesa,my questions is,kailangan ba po na ba ng vesa kung mag stay ako sa indonesia in 2 months? plss advise me po.. tnx

Wilx 4 years ago

Hi! To those who want to go to Dubai, you have an option to get your tourist visa from the airline (ie. Emirates) or hotels in dubai (i recommend the last). All you need to do is to send the scanned copy of your passport, scanned copy of your 2x2 photo white background and application form which you can download from the web to the hotel of your choice. When you get to UAE Intl Airport, you will get the original copy of your visa from the visa counter.After leaving the country, you have to fax or send by e-mail the copy of your passport that has the exit stamp in the immigration of Dubai/UAE , as a proof that you have left the country otherwise certain penalties will apply. When i get home i will post here the website of hotels that can assist you in processing you tourist visa. Good luck! Me and my Fiance' will go there on Sept.

may anne 4 years ago

salamat malaking tulong talaga ang site na to salamat sa gumawa

Gisselle 4 years ago

Very helpful site, thanks! :-)

@ Kristi Ann - Entry to SG is usually painless. You normally would not be asked for an invitation letter. They will most likely ask with whom or where (hotel, etc)you would be staying and the purpose of your visit. Especially since your visit would be for a few weeks. Make sure you have your friend's complete name and contact details (address / phone number) with you.

IAN 4 years ago


sakura 4 years ago

im here in japan i have philippine passport,how much is the plane ticket from here to guam?thanks

Kristi Ann Estorque 4 years ago

Hi! I am a student from Philippines and wanting to have a vacation for 25 days. I already have the two way ticket, but I don't have invitation letter. I had my training there in Singapore way back 2 years ago and my chinese friends want me to have a vacation there again. Is it possible if i don't have invitation letter coz i am still a student? i also had my vacation there last october 2011 and i passed the Immigration officer, no questions asked. but this time i'm a bit afraid. Please do answer and i really appreaciate it. Thanks!

fepot 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this post. Very helpful and informative...


Hello! my problem is my passport (PILIPINAS) am here in Thailand last July 2009,for almost three years, came here as tourist with invitation letter from a Thia citizen have visa extension only like4 months visa and mostly 15 days extension visa and this year I am planning to go back to Phils. just for 10 days visit with my US American boyfriend to meet my family, my question is can I go back to Thailand does immigration approve? even I have invitation letter? please help am very confused. Thanks

zhidre 4 years ago

how about going to south korea, i am currently working here in middle east and i am planning to drop by there to visit my sister and her family.. is it possible and is there any requirement i have to complete aside from passpoer...?

bdb-20111@hotmail. om 4 years ago

hi, gusto ko pumunta ng seychelles for 2 days. dito ako sa united arab emerates nag wowork ako as a masseus, gusto malaman kung ano requirements sa pag labas ng uae going seychelles at pano ako mkaka balik ano ang mga possible na tanong. pls hope u can help me. as i am planning to go this coning thursday night. thank u.

duke 4 years ago

hi,here's my travel plan I want to go to SG for a day or 2,then go by train to KL, and then Bangkok for another 3 or 4 days, what would the possible immigration requirements of Malaysia and Bangkok? I will appreciate much if you could help me find out some helpful details. thanks much in advance. :D

Takenzo 4 years ago

Helo po,.ako rin po ay naoffload kahit complete ako sa requirements nila,talagang sa immigration ka lang talaga babagsak,,dapat talaga magaling ka sumagot..pero awa ni lord nung nagtry ako let un nakalis na ko,and now d2 na ko work sa malaysia..pero may problema parin po ko..

joyce 4 years ago

im planning to visit a friend in mumbai, india for jus a couple of days... wat do i have to do??? how much do i have to bring to present at the airport...

anne 4 years ago

i want to visit my sister in tanzania for a month holiday.

what exactly do i need so i wont have problem with the immigration. i saw on the list that tanzania visa is upon arrival, if i exit with an invitation letter from my sister who is currently staying there will i still have a problem?

ethelia 4 years ago

if ever i will visit australia for like 2 i really need to have a transit visa?or just a passport?

profile image

yannedreixander 4 years ago

im a philippine passport holder at first time ko magapply abroad. Tatanung ko lang sana kung anu-ano ba ang kailangan para sa application ng visa for poland? Gaano po katagal ito maprocess at magkano ang magagastos? Please help. Thank you

profile image

yannedreixander 4 years ago

ano ba mga requirements na kailangan para sa visa for Poland? may offer kasi sakin na mag work doon. Gaano katagal to iprocess at anung klaseng visa ba ang kakailanganin ko? Please help. Thanks

dianajoyabarquez 4 years ago

does anyone in Thailand who can give me a part time job? i'll be spending another month in Thailand, pls help me ... I am a Filipino ... seems like dami pinoys sa Thailand ... but i haven't met anyone yet sa place ko ...

Gingging 4 years ago

I'm a Phil. Passport holder and I'm 19 years old and first time ko po to travel abroad. Di ho kaya strict ang Immigration sa mga first time traveller? Thailand po destination ko.. Please reply Thank you.

Sarina 5 years ago

Hi twentyfive - I work here in Thailand and I wanna visit my friend in HK then go to India afterwards. What would be the best options and legality wise.


Neneng 5 years ago

Hi I'm a Filipino working in Thailand and I'm planning to visit Canada for 1 month this summer. Ma'am I wanna know kung anuba ang mga requirements

dianajoyabarquez 5 years ago

@Josephine: i am nearing 2 months already dito Thailand... i extend by doing visa runs... hehe... when ka punta dito?

profile image

Andoalie 5 years ago

Hi!im a filipino married to a japanese and im living here in japan,but im not yet a permanent resident,my husband and i are planning to go to saipan this coming march just for 3 days and stay in a hotel,my question is,do i still need to secure visa?and if how long does it take and how much it cost?i would really appreciate your concern,thanks!!!

rein 5 years ago

hi guys,no need na to address my concerns,nabasa ko na po!thanks god bless us all!

rein 5 years ago

hi, first time ko po magtravel abroad,thailand, i memeet ko yung future boss ko,plan nya kasi magtayo ng business dito,3weeks stay,so di na kailangan ng visa,how much naman yung dapat ko dalang pera,kahit lahat ng expenses sagot nung boss ko, then ano pa mga supporting documents dapat dalhin ko para makasigurong makaalis ako,next weekend na po alis ko,thanks po sa makakatulong.!

Megadeth 5 years ago

Hey guys. I m married to a filipina. If you re gonna visit Turkey/?stanbul. u can contact me about the places. i will try my best :)

Dee 5 years ago

Whew! Flight ko na on saturday. Working Visa sa Europe.

rhina 5 years ago

hi!i have plans of going to dubai only how dami hinihingi ng immigration bago ka umalis and i've heard marami ng hindi naka alis bcause of the new process here in phils like supporting docs of a relative b4 leaving to dubai... my friend told me to avoid hindrances is to get to SG muna or HK den dun nlang daw ako umalis papuntang dubai... my question is will that be a good idea or baka pgdating ko either SG or HK ma question ako at hindi rin ako mkaalis... pls let me know and if pwede give me a better idea. thank you so much!

Ralph 5 years ago

@ Anette, thanks for your response. It's in JFK airport at New York City. Im not so familiar with the place kya nagdadalawang isip ako kung lalabas ako... Maybe ill go somewhere neartby the airport na lang... ;)

Fiona 5 years ago

Hello po sa lahat..i just want to ask questions if its okay..nan dito na ako sa Germany almost 2 months and already get married to my German nationality ..we are planning to go in Tunisia for vacation and stay there for 2 weeks,,and i don't have a a German passport yet,,i only have,,residence permit,,.can i still go to tunisia with my philippine pass port,,or do i need more papers..please i need reply..thank you so much..i will really appreciate your answers...

elena sheila e.deveza 5 years ago

i have a fiancée living in Turkey and he wants me to visit him there..ask q lng po need ko po bang kumuha pa ng visa para maka punta aq dun..ano po ba yung sticker visa? ok lng po ba kung yun lng ang kukunin ko para mas madali akong mka punta dun? sana po ay matulungan ninyo aq sa mga tanong ko..maraming salamat po

Annette Caprani 5 years ago

@Ralph: You should be allowed to leave unless you behave suspiciously. Be ready to show your plane ticket to your final destination, and your itinerary within the US: In which areas around the airport do you want to go within the 16-hour layover? You should have a plan with physical addresses and phone numbers (restaurant, hotel, relative's residence) ready.

ralph 5 years ago

@ Anette, Thank you for reply... Kaya lang, payagan kya ako ng immigration officers lumabas?? Sana nman...;))

lakwatsera 5 years ago

Hi, pls help :) Do I need to acquire VISA sa Chinese Embassy prior going to Shenzhen, China? Or upon arrival dun na kukuha? Anung requirements? I bear a Philippines passport, BTW. TIA!

June Almerino 5 years ago

hi good day! i'm already here in South Korea, if i planned to let my family visit here, how do i inquire about that no visa entry, in here..thank you...and is it limited only in jeju island?

Annette Caprani 5 years ago

@Ralph : C1-type US Visa is valid for 30 days. You can explore the country within that period by all means.

APRIL ROSE 5 years ago


I am planning to visit my husband in malaysia for 15 days, I am working here in doha qatar what will be my requirements?

thank you

heartrose 5 years ago

Hello to all,

Ask ko lang kung meron bang fiancée visa sa Spain? Thanks!

Jerri 5 years ago

Hello poh:) Can anyone help me? What if i'l stay in Malaysia for more than 30 days..let say 6 months to 1 year..Saan poh ako kukuha nang Visa ( student/ working visa)? dito sa Pinas or sa Malaysia na??

Ralph 5 years ago

Hello Peeps!

I want to ask, ang C1 visa ba or US Transit Visa eh may benefit n pwede lumabas at mamasyal habang naghihintay sa susunod n flight?? kasi ang stopover time usually eh 16hrs, ayaw ko nmn mag stay lang sa airport ng ganun ktagal..

myles 5 years ago

hello po, what if po hindi po korean ang bf ko ngwork lng xa don pwd prin ba xa magpadala ng invitation letter??? plzzzzz reply me po asap thank you.

cherry 5 years ago

Hi! question ko po how about goin to india sabi nyo po upon arrival po yung tourist visa dun, panu po dito sa immigration natin anu bang mga possible na hahanapin at tatanungin sa isang passenger bukod sa passport at valid id, magkano po bang pera ang dapat meron pra maconvince yung immimgration ok bang 500 usd & credit card kung meron nman kming friend dun na matitirhan for just 10 to 15 days klangan din ba nila yung invitation letter coming from our indian friend, or contact number from also confuse lng po kmi kasi matagal na po kming ininvite dun kya lang worried kmi na bka sa immigration pa lang i-hold kmi or bka po pag pagdating nmin dun mismo sa airport ng india ma-deport kami syang nman po yung 2 way ticket nmin ska yung preparations can u please give us more details panu po yung sistema for tourist upon arrival ska yung sa immigration d2 sa airport ntin...thanks much!God Bless po!

Josephine 5 years ago

@Dianajoyabarquez salamat po sa info. You mean po ba na you planned to stay in Thailand for more than 30days?

profile image

Dianajoyabarquez 5 years ago

hi Mary and Josephine, i am here in Thailand... i think u need a round-trip ticket and hotel booking ... pero it depends sa immigration officer na kaharap mo. swertehan lang. ako kasi i made sure so got the round-trip tickets and the hotel booking. but i didn't use them actually.

Nikkie09 5 years ago

for sherr----no need to secure a japanese visa kung connecting flight lang po yun...basta po wag kayong lalabas ng airport ng japan...usually po they will assist you kung san po dapat mag stay ang mga traveler na may connecting flight :-) hope nakatulong po....

Nikkie09 5 years ago

hi Chona---wala naman pong problem kung gusto nyong bisitahin ang hubby nyo sa singapore kahit sigle ang marital status can go to singapore as a tourist for 14days (just having ur passport/round-trip ticket);;; just remember lang po mahigpit na pinagbabawal ang yosi & alak sa singapore pwede pong maging rason ng pagkakulong at pagka deny nyo sa immigration to enter their country...hope nakatulong po ako :-)

Nikkie09 5 years ago

hi po..for mary --- wala pong visa pagpunta ng thailand, you just need your phil passport/ticket/some money to spend for your accommodation....basta po hindi kayo magtatagal ng lagpas ng 30days sa thailand & wla po kayong intention mag can go to thailand any time of the year :-)

Nikkie09 5 years ago

hi beverlyn...ang answer po sa question nyo is apply a visa go for a travel agency their the one who can process your visa going to china (mainland)...& i think you may bayad po ang pagkuha ng chinese visa more or less 6k..hope nakatulong ako :-)

Nikkie09 5 years ago

hi guys...for queens07 ---kung pupunta po kayo ng hawaii kailangan nyo pong mag secure ng visa sa US embassy dahil US territory po ang hawaii...likewise in GUAM & be able to go there kahit for 2weeks vacation lang you need to apply a US Visa....applying for that undergo for a fees/requirements/schedule of interview at the US consular office in Manila (roxas blvd) hope nakatulong ako sa tanong mo :-)

myles 5 years ago

hello po gusto ko pong mag visit ng south korea after my graduation this march and meet my bf in SK, ano po ba ang mga requirements???need pa din ba and visa kaht na less thn 30 days ka lng magstay don?

need ur help po thank you.

Beverlyn 5 years ago

Do i need visa if i Go to China for three (3) days? pls help.. thanks

superman 5 years ago

@josephine, mas better kung roundtrip kunin mo...nagkakaproblema nga sa immigration natin kahit kompleto ang papeles...

Josephine 5 years ago

Pa advice naman po pwede ba one way ticket lang paunta sa Thailand, tas may cash in hand. May bibisitahin lang me na male friend sa Thailand. Thanks.

superman 5 years ago

@liv, pwede naman yun as long as you already have visa...but prior to that one of the requirements of applying japan visa is confirmed booking (flight)...

Liv 5 years ago

Hello po! Ask ko lang if kukuha ako ng visa dito sa Riyadh going to Japan pero sa Pilipinas ako sasakay going to Japan kasi mas mura ang tiket doon compare dito sa Saudi. Pwede po ba yon? Thank you!

Chona 5 years ago

Gud day...ask ko lang po, kc ung asawa ko nasa Singapore pero single po kc nailagay ng agency sa kanya,Paano po kya ako mkakapunta dun...Gusto ko mag visit dun ano po gagawin ko.pls reply.....

Josephine 5 years ago

@ Mary almost same tau ng situation..

mary 5 years ago

Hi I'm a phil.passport holder.planning to meet my boyfriend in thailand. What do i needto visit thailand?. My bf is american..tnx

Josephine 5 years ago

@Annashielao One way ticket lang po meron ako pwede kaya yon?? Ano2 po dala nyo that time?

profile image

annashielao 5 years ago

@ Josephine: I was in Thailand almost 3 weeks ago. Nabwesit ako sa immigration officer kc hinanapan ako ng invitation letter. But in the end, na ok rin yun after almost 2 hours.

:) 5 years ago

hello everyone ask the all immigration. what is the best thing they need to do?.

luke 5 years ago

Hello, Im currently working po here in Saudi Arabia with employer. Right now Im taking my local vacation for 2 months and 18 days. I just came from Philippines po to spend a month of vacation and then right now, I just came back in Saudi arabia. And I want to go south africa like Morocco and also in Iran or Brazil. My concern is that, Will the Saudi immigration allow me to go exit just to visit those said conutries holding just my philippines issued passport, tickets, hotel reservation, and money?

im bhing 5 years ago

im planning to visit the country of dubai,., do u have any idea how much it will cost,. i'm a holder of Philippines passport,.

thank you and god bless

my the good spirit be with us.

Josephine 5 years ago

Hello po! Hingi lang sana ng advice, I planned to go to Thailand this month, less than 30days lang po sana. I'm 19 years old,(Female bibisitahin ko lang male fried ko dun.. Ang meron lang po ako ay one way ticket,at cash worth 10,000baht. Pwede ho kaya un? Need advice please. Need advice please. Thank you.

profile image

mariechie 5 years ago

hi, am a Philippine passport holder, planning to meet my boyfriend in Trinidad and Tobago, but since i need to get visa for there any travel agency can assist my trip to Suriname which is a visa free for 90days. What are other requirements needed aside the round trip ticket?

Sherr 5 years ago

Im holding a US spouse visa(permanent visa) and intended to pass through the airport of Japan for my connecting flight going to New York. Do i need to have a Japanese visa eventhogh i will just stay at the airport for about 5 hours?

queen07 profile image

queen07 5 years ago

hehe..thank you and God bless

smile 5 years ago

hi! this is totally wonderful.. kasi naman it's very hassle to apply a visa lalo na if di mo mapahanap kai google ang requirements. saying of, do you have any idea what do i need to apply for an Egyptian tourist visa? :) i would appreciate it much :))

superman 5 years ago

@queen07, hawaii is part of US so go to US embassy or check their website first...

queen07 profile image

queen07 5 years ago

ano po ba ang mga requirements going to hawaii.?.kailangan pa bo ng visa ?plan ko kasi pupunta don for vacation mga 2 weeks hindi ko alam kung ano ang mga proseso ..please..give me Advice..

marns 5 years ago

we are planning for a Europe tour on July 2012. we are based in abu dhabi, uae. any travel agency recommendation pls.

contact me:


queen07 profile image

queen07 5 years ago

hello po.. tanong ko lang po ma'am kung ano ang mga requirements papuntang hawaii this march

from manila po ako? kailangan po ba magkuha ako ng visa or what? at kung i need to have visa, where should i go to have visa?sa DFA?kasi i plan to go there eh for vacation lang ma'am mga 2weeks lang po stay q don afterwards uwi nah.., i don't know pa kung ano ang mga procedure or requirements papunta me ma'am..

Josephine 5 years ago

Hello po! Hingi lang sana ng advice, I planned to go to Thailand this month, less than 30days lang po sana. I'm 19 years old,(Female bibisitahin ko lang male fried ko dun.. Ang meron lang po ako ay one way ticket,at cash worth 10,000baht. Pwede ho kaya un? Need advice please. Thanks

superman 5 years ago

@tin, mas better kung mag-apply ka ng visa kung saang bansa ka resident...

superman 5 years ago

@rbem, d ka pwede lumabas ng airport kung naka-C1 visa ka lng...kung gusto mo lumabas kailangan mo ng B1-B2 visa...

also, refer to this link maybe it can help...

profile image

francopeter 5 years ago

Dear Guy form Berlin

Very interesting your ideas about getting Schengen Visa in Morocco or Poland. Are you aware that thousands of non Schengen nationals are stranded there willing to pay thousands of dollars to get them illegally across the mediterranean under heavy risk of life (hundreds drown every year. So you are saying just go to the Spanish Embassy and get a Visa? Can you be specific on what else these hundreds of Filipinos pulled out of their hat to get a visa?

Don't know about the Poland situation, but after what you tell us about Spain I wouln't risk my money to got o Kosovo or Warsaw to find out it's all fairy tale.

Don't joke with these informations some people are taking them seriously and get into trouble!

Fiacre 5 years ago

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tine 5 years ago

hello,want to ask kc plan ko pumunta ng germany andun kz ung tita ko she wants to invite me.sakali po bang nsa ibang bnsa din ako pd ako mag apply n ng visa puntang germany khit na sa ibang bnsa ako?or need to go ack pinas pra dun mag apply?thnx po help idea kz.

Rbem 5 years ago

Hello to All,

I have question.. Pupunta ako Bermuda kasi may job offer ako dun, pero kailangan ko mag stop over sa JFK (New York) kasi wla direct flight galing Pinas papuntang Bermuda. Kailangan ko kumuha ng US transit visa or C1 visa na tinatawag. Ang tanong ko lang, pwede bko lumabas ng airport at mamasyal hbang naghihintay sa susunod kong flight? payagan kya ako ng immigration officers? anong kailangan ko m documents at gawin? salamat sa tulong...;)))

santos.clarise 5 years ago

hello!im philippine tourist passport holder and i want to visit Malaysia i would like to ask if there a showmoney,and what things to done and needed.Thanks

May Laurice 5 years ago

Question lng po:

Sa April, sasama po ako sa aking kaibigan papuntang qatar. ano ho ba ang mga requirements para makakuha ng visit visa papuntang qatar? at ilang araw po ba pwedeng mag stay? kasi gusto ko talaga isang buwan, pwede ho ba 'yon? salamat po.....

jeannebeth costan pedro 5 years ago

ask ko lang po kung pwede ung pag dating mo sa malasia tsaka nila work ung visa for working visa kasi un po sabi sa amin ng agent nmin.. thank u

lorna 5 years ago

hi hello good afternoon or good morning may tanong lang mi kung pwede pupunta sana ako sa doha at papunta naman din ako sa sao pauolo kailangan ko ba ng tourist visa or hindi may passport napo ako soon? thanks sa reply po

abc-croc 5 years ago

i have a foreign bf and were planning our next trip to Morocco.. What requirements do i need to bring since it is No Visa required? Do i need to have a Yellow Fever Vaccine? Where can i get it? The immigration offloaded me on my first trip to Hk and now i don't want it to happened again...Please help me...Thanks...

indian man 5 years ago

hi am from usa if you really need visa from any african country to usa or europe every where contact the united nation lawyer he has help alot and even me

guy from berlin 5 years ago

I just want to give u infos on how to travel to europe and reach UK, germany, france or italy. first is to go to morocco in africa or kosovo in eastern eu. once in morocco, secure a spanish visa. once in spain acquire a Schengen visa. in kosovo, acquire a visa for poland. in poland u can apply for Schengen visa. once u have this visa you are free to travel in any eu countries. hundreds of pinoys done this already and im one of them.just make sure u have enough cash to support yourself.thanks

Ken_USC_Spain 5 years ago

Dear Twentyfive,

Is this updated? Please clarify regarding Kosovo and Azerbaijan. Ive read in one of Azerbaijan´s immigration blogs that only a few countries can travel to Azerbaijan without a visa and the Philippines is not in the list. The same thing with Kosovo. When I checked with it said I wont need a visa to Kosovo.

Any idea? Thanks much.

michelle 5 years ago


sa pagkakaalam ko valid yung single entry schengen visa sa lahat ng members ng european union as long as hindi ka lumabas sa EU areas.

Cristal 5 years ago

Hi thanks this is very helpful but I have some questions to ask hope you can help.

I wanna go to Costa Rica for tourist and meet a friend from USA who's in Costa Rica now but cant find direct flights, will have an stop over in LAX or new york. Do you think transit visa is needed?

Also will a cosulate in Costa Rica will look for show money? Are they Strict?

Looking forward to your reply :) thank you!

profile image

rbem51884 5 years ago

Hello to All,

I have question.. Pupunta ako Bermuda kasi may job offer ako dun, pero kailangan ko mag stop over sa JFK (New York) kasi wla direct flight galing Pinas papuntang Bermuda. Kailangan ko kumuha ng US transit visa or C1 visa na tinatawag. Ang tanong ko lang, pwede bko lumabas ng airport at mamasyal hbang naghihintay sa susunod kong flight? payagan kya ako ng immigration officers? anong kailangan ko m documents at gawin? salamat sa tulong...;)))

mhayvienne 5 years ago


thnx so much!!!!!

Jaycel 5 years ago

Hello! good morning po. meron lang po ko tanong which is very important to me.

i have a fiancé which is from turkey, he is going to philippines to visit my family. we are planning to visit India. dito ako sa dubai manggagaling papunta sa india and siya naman sa philippines to india. my question is; is it possible na makakuha siya ng visit visa from philippines to india? if yes, what are the requirements, ano ang mga hakbang na gagawin para maprocess ang visa as soon as possible at kagano katagal bago makuha ang visa to ndia? if no, is there anyposible way para makakuha siya ng visit visa from philippines to india? please, i really need your answer. thank you in advance.

maguire 5 years ago

nice news!!!!

Ivyann 5 years ago

HELLO!!! I am a philippine passport holder currently here in the phils., and have my student visa going to australia next month. Do i still have to get a visa going to korea to visit my bf as he was inviting me to see him before i leave phils. what should the best thing to do? thanks

elajoy 5 years ago

Philippine passport holder ako. My STR Visa for Nigeria, Actually direct hire ako kaso lagpas na sa qouata allowed ng POEA for direct hires. Ok lng ba punta muna ako vietnam tpos dun ako mg exit pa Lagos, Nigeria.

Melanie 5 years ago

bernadette - Kung Gusto mong pumunta ng schengen countries and may anak ka dun na may work or may asawa na foreigner and sila ang kukuha ng visa sayo don't worry kahit wala kang pera sa bangko kasi family member mo ang magiging garantor mo na kaya nilang sustentohan ang pagtour mo sa schengen countries.

Melanie 5 years ago

Further sa message ko. Pinakamadaling kumuha ng visa sa Spain kung gusto mong pumunta ng schengen countries. Germany maraming requirements. Sa Turkey magandang pumunta pero lagi silang nagcheck ng passenger mas lalo na pag Filipino.Napaka ususero nila pagdating sa Asean na tourist.Istanbul Asia side ang magandang puntahan. Mahal nga lang mag tour sa mga European countries unlike sa ASEAN and Middle East.

Melanie 5 years ago

JOANNE DAVIDSON kung gusto mong pumunta ng Turkey kaylangan mo ng visa and sa Greece and other European Country under EU kaylangan mo ng schengen visa. For example gusto mong pumunta ng Spain tapos gusto mo pang pumunta ng Italy dapat may schengen visa ka pero ang schengen visa mo ay Multiple entry. Kung saan ka nagarrival na airport dun ka din mag departure. For example arrival from Spain and gusto mong maglibot pa sa Italy kaylangan mong bumalik sa Spain ka pag departure ka na. Pagka single entry lang ang schengen visa mo di ka makakapunta sa ibang schengen countries.

sandy 5 years ago

correction po regarding sa visit visa fee na nasabe ko sa ung comment. AED 3,800 po and not 2,800.

sandy 5 years ago

to Nicholas,

it is an awful truth for all Filipinos that our own immigration officers are the ones who stops us from leaving the Philippines regardless of the purpose of our travels and regardless of the completeness of our travel documents.

In ASEAN countries where we can usually enter without visas, the immigration officers of such countries usually look for proof of accommodation in their country and return ticket to Philippines or any onward flight to any other countries, and for some, they require show money.

to everyone who wants to visit UAE:

kung meron po kayong kakilala na tagadto sa UAE, better ask them na ikuha kayo ng visa sa mga travel agencies. Yung kaibigan ko na nagpunta dto last June 2011, AED 2,800 ang ibinayad. Visa was good for two months. Kaya lang, kapatid niya yung kumuha sa kanya so walang masiyadong problema sa processing ng papers at sa immigration sa ten jan. Yung kwento ng iba, sa Singapore or Malaysia sila dumaan. But I didn't know na pati pala mga Pinoy na biyaheng pa-asean countries eh nahihirapan na ring lumabas ng Pinas. Ano ba yan, pano na ang gustong umasensong Pinoy? Kakalungkot.

sandy 5 years ago

i was in turkey last Nov. 2011. dito ako naka-based sa dubai. ang requirements na hiningi sa ken ay: salary certificate, employment certificate, active bank account for at least three months (kahit walang maciadong laman basta makita lang nila na regular ang sahod mo), no objection certificate from company, and yung application form. siyempre iba na rin requirements sa other countries in europe. mas accurate mga infos kung bibisita sa mga official websites ng embassies or consulates ng mga bansang gustong puntahan.

mizperfect 5 years ago

hello po..i just wanna ask kung ok lang po ba na ako lang bibigyan ng invitation letter ng cousin ko sa singapore pero sasama po ung bestfriend ko, 3weeks po kasi ung kinuha namin..feb10-march2 ung departing and returning tickets it possible na pwede xa isama kahit ako lang nakasulat sa invitation letter though alam ng pinsan ko na sasama ung bestfriend ko..

lenlen 5 years ago

I was so disappointed last December to our Beloved employee in NIA Immigration.Grabeh unforgettable experience talaga offload flight ko but everything is ready nman sa papers ko.

Godbless all of you.




vanjo 5 years ago

i have no idea about the expenses upon filling visit visa at Milan Italy where my untie invited me to come in tier country for visit.

myleskent 5 years ago

gudpm.ask ko lng po ung fiancée ko nsa kosovo ngyon pinappunta nya ko ngyn dun.once na nagresign b ko possible bng instead n s pinas ang distinasyon ko pwde b sa kosovo?my show money p bng kailngan?at saka pano kng wla akong visa card at cash lng hawak k dhil ung fiancée ko nmn n bhla s expenses ko dun.thank u.

princess 5 years ago

salietom 11 hours ago

"plan q po mgtravel sa thailand,this is going to b my first time ksama ung baby q na 5mons old(her father is a thailand citizen) ndi p po kmi ksal,gusto q po sana mgstay khit 11days need b ng hotel accomodatn khit 3days pra ndi mharang s immigratn or ng invitation,PLS HELP,ng-aalala aq bk msayang ung byahe nmen dun, nu po ba pwd kng gawin?? thanks in advance!! God Bless u all"


bernadette 5 years ago

Ask ko po ano reguirments to get schengen visa? I will travel for free bec. my daughter is a FA but the prob is i dnt have much money in the bank...

salietom 5 years ago

plan q po mgtravel sa thailand,this is going to b my first time ksama ung baby q na 5mons old(her father is a thailand citizen) ndi p po kmi ksal,gusto q po sana mgstay khit 11days need b ng hotel accomodatn khit 3days pra ndi mharang s immigratn or ng invitation,PLS HELP,ng-aalala aq bk msayang ung byahe nmen dun, nu po ba pwd kng gawin?? thanks in advance!! God Bless u all!

gie 5 years ago

can i visit my boyfriend in japan using tourist visa?

Mr. Nice guy 5 years ago

Sa Je ju island lang lang walang visa entry pero pag pumasok ka na ng south korea proper need mo na ng visa kAya kung mag tour. Kayo ng korea like seoul pqede pero ingat lang iwasan ang gulo. Ask ko lang admin sa jeju island ba maraming jejemon?? Di pwede pla dyan itapon mga jejemon sa pinas???

zhest 5 years ago

hi! plan ko po mag visit sa Israel with my son.. allowed po b un kapag my husband ako dun n nag wowork? need p po b ng invitation from his employer or sa husband ko? need p din po b ng hotel reservation? plane ticket and pocket money lng po b ok na? thanks...

John 5 years ago

Does a filipino need a visa to enter Guam? I know it is part of Micronesia but it is a US territory

michelle 5 years ago

@mhayvienne, 2 months lang yung sa travel agency pero ang ginagawa ng iba after 1 month nag-eexit cla then kuha ng panibagong visa dun na nila gagamitin yung straight 2 months so total of 3 months (magastos at d ka cgurado kung mag-iissue sila agad ng panibagong visa).

regarding dun sa deposit wala ka ng deposit na ibibigay if thru travel agency ka.

and for the ticket, i'm not so sure but i think the same case with my cousin they are charging AED 2k+ for the roundtrip kung ngayong panahon na peak season. pero kung hindi peak season nasa AED 1800+

amor.filipina 5 years ago

i am a filipino goting to palau. want to hop to hawaii for 10 days. will the us immigration will allow me to cross to hawaii for 10 days vacation. from koror palau kindly help. your opinion will be appreciated. kindly email me or leave ym:

sincerely yours,


anther 5 years ago

thanks for the insights. so ok lang po na i will present a passport on my maiden name and then just present the marriage certificate? by that time of our travel makukuha na namin ang aming marriage certificate. we are both filipinos. our flight will be from cebu-hongkong-cebu. (last week of may).

bea kwi 5 years ago

hello ask ko lang makakarequest pa ba kami ng tourist visa to kuwait kung may na issue ng tourist visa to qatar?? thanks.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

you wont need a visa in South Korea when you're going to jeju Island only.

einstein 5 years ago

Hi Twentyfive,

What do you mean by "South Korea-if arriving at Jeju island only"?


nel 5 years ago

@ hael

i believe there is no show money in singapore. it would be fun for you to go to thailand where you can fly manila to malaysia then connecting travel mo sa bangkok then punta ka ng singapore. siguraduhin mo lang talaga na may pera ka din.. or if singapore lang pupuntahan mo ok din yon basta may show money man or wala, be sure na lang na may money ka talaga just in case..

@ anthr

kung sabay kayong magpakita ng documents sa manila bound to hongkong, pwede nyong sabihin na kakasal nyo lang and ta travel lang kayo for honeymoon. but really, hahanapan kayo ng marriage license talaga.. tagasaan ba husband mo? mahirap din kung magsisinungaling kayo sa interviewing officer or officer na nag checheck ng mga documents, ma trouble pa kayo or just need your passport in going to hongkong...just in case, bring some important documents you may think na e a ask nila for the two of you.. or you can check it in the website..

nel 5 years ago


your employer was right. dapat uwi ka muna ng pinas before ka pupunta ng nepal to make it legal and then wala kang trouble in the future. better be safe na lang than to be in trouble in the immigration.

einstein 5 years ago

hi twentyfive,

what do you mean by "South Korea (if arriving at Jeju Island only"?


worried 5 years ago

@superman..tnx sa reply.....

angelmerc77 5 years ago

hi! i'm Philippines passport holder. I have a American BF living in Ohio, U.S. How can i get a visa to go there.

mhayvienne 5 years ago

@ michelle shukran po s mga info...another set of question po hehe..2 months lng po b talaga ang visa n allowed:(? somebody told me that he will need to have a check deposit amounting to 5k dirhams which will be refundable upon my departure...totoo po ba un?& may idea po b kau how much does a roundtrip mnl-dubai-mnl cost?? i already asked him to go to a travel agency para mas mapadali but like ko po magka idea beforehand kasi may nag advice din po n they will charge over price pag aanga anga k...thnx po!! god bless u!

superman 5 years ago


advise ko lng ha.

dapat roundtrip kunin mong ticket to KL at huwag ka pahalata sa philippine immigration na pupunta ka ng dubai at huwag mong mamention sa kanila yan. at kung kukuha ka ng ticket wag mong gamitin ang credit card ng tagadubai kung yun ang plano mo. kaw na mismo kumuha ng ticket mo to KL mas mabuti na yun para walang tanong.

worried 5 years ago

hi! can anyone help me naman..nilakad nung friend ko ung employment visa me pa dubai..kaya lang rush na ng bossing na pumunta dun...suggestion nya daan me sa ibang bansa get a roundtrip ticket (im this case me kilala me sa kuala lumpur) stay there for a day or two..then get a flight pa dubai..Need ba transit visa sa malaysia..if im gonna stay there for 2 days.. kung ganun kelangan ko ng bang pa-book ng flight sa manila ng KL_Dubai, para i declare sa iimigration sa KL na bound to a third country me rin...or pede dun na lang ako bili ng ticket sa KL.Nai-cut short trip ko vacation ko dun at punta me ibang bansa pa. Baka kase required show money sa malaysia..ung pambili ko ng ticket pa dubai ,pede ko na i declare na show naman

michelle 5 years ago

@mhayvienne, if that's the case it would be better if you or your bf will get a visa from a travel agency in uae(no fiancée visa in uae).

i asked a travel agency before for my cousin they are charging AED 850 for the visa (1 month) and another AED 900 for the extension (1 month) for a total of 2 months plus the ticket.

i suggest it is better to get visa from a travel and let them do the rest and less hassle from your side.

problem now after visa issuance and that is our PHILIPPINE IMMIGRATION!

jonas 5 years ago

im currently working here in riyadh at malapit na po ako mag exit instead na sa pilipinas ako umuwe gusto ko pumunta ng nepal tapos tinanong ko ung employer ko po kung pwede sabi nila hindi daw pwede kailngan umuwe muna ako ng pinas bago ako pumunta ng nepal.hindi po ba pwede un?


IF YOU NEED AIRLINES TICKETS OR PACKAGES TOUR, YOU CAN EMAIL:,OR text us +63949-6020202, WE CAN HELP.Regarding passport inquiries you can ask us. Thanks for all Infos: Really Filipinos are good people, and I want all Filipinos can travel outside Philippine as Tourist. ENJOY THE WORLD!

mhayvienne 5 years ago


currently im holding a valid IQAMA but the problem is it will expire before i go home and besides kahit hndi sya mag expire it will be invalid kasi as ive said, uwi muna ako pinas for a month taz 3 months ang plan kong mag stay s UAE (if its allowed) but ang re entry here in KSA is only valid for 90 days from the date of exit..

how many days po b normally allowed mag stay s UAE pag tourist visa lng po?? and pareho lng po wether its tourist visa or fiancée visa? ano po ang mas mahirap i process...thanks po ng marami....

naitzuki 5 years ago

I was in Adu Dhabi last January 2010-April 2011 i went home to take be with my family. I went there with a company visa. Now my boyfriend want to see me again and sent me a tourist visa through travel agency. He wants me to visit him and have vacation with him because he will be having his vacation this coming february. I knew that the immigration needs an Affidavit of Support from relatives in Abu Dhabi. I don't have relatives there i have friends who could help me with the Affidavit of Support but im worried maybe they will deny it in the Immigration because the guarantor is a friend of mine not relatives. Is there any other option to go in Abu Dhabi having a tourist visa without an Affidavit of Support. Can i just have a statement of account showing that i will be able to support my self during my vacation in Abu Dhabi please gave me advice on this.thanks

rosel G. 5 years ago

sir, how about japan is it very hard to get visa?..tnx

wellinton 5 years ago

requirement saver megustaria which I needed to travel to Philippines

anther 5 years ago

i just booked a ticket for hongkong. travelling with me is my husband ( we just got married last jan. 7, 2012 ) we will be staying their for a tour for 4 days and 3 nights. our family names on our passport is different since im planning to change my family name only together on the renewal of my passport which will expire on year 2015. what to do if the immigration will ask about our marriage papers, purpose of travel, etc.? is there a visa requirement in hong kong for filipinos? please advise. thanks

wil 5 years ago

yung Georgia po, san po ba yun sa U.S. or Europe?

hael 5 years ago

Hello guys just wanna ask if there is a show money in visiting singapore for 3 days.. what things should be needed?

Ninya 5 years ago

i have read all about our immigration officers and i must admit all are true.. sila mismo yung humaharang sa atin kahit pa complete ang travel documents mo maybe because gusto nila makahingi ng lagay muna.. i have been to SG and KL 3x na the only tip i cOULD give you if you are on a tour pag tinanong ka sino bibisitahan? mo your answer should be "TOUR LANG" even if you have family or friends sa pupuntahan mo otherwise they will require you to produce an invitation letter pag nagkamali ka ng answer of course you also need to have a hotel reservation to prove that you are indeed a tourist nga.. it is such a shame na sila mismo and problema natin eh sa ibang bansa naman hndi ganon kastrict... during my 2nd time going to SG may kasama kaming nasa pila na nahold when in fact complete naman mga papeles nya she had the invitation letter and all but still they asked for another documents which is so impossible to produce at that time so too bad hindi nga nakaalis yung girl at nagkagulo pa kasi minura daw sya ng immigration officer na babae nong nakiusap sya na pasakayin na it happened sa loob ng office at the back and they had no idea the girl was actually connected sa isang radio announcer something and guess what? nong nalaman nila ung immigration officer mismo ang kumuha ng ticket nya pinasakay sa next flight provided na gagawa ng waiver wag na mag complain stuffs like that.. so see? that's how they play the game dyan mismo sa airport at lahat sila magkasabwat.. i hope our govn't WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Maureen Cruz profile image

Maureen Cruz 5 years ago from Cainta, Rizal

matt 42 hours ago

hi guys

has anyone experience traveling to iran? how can i get a visa easily? i wana visit my friend there.

tnx in adavnce.

hi matt,

if u have an iranian friend, better u ask them to get you a reference number for your tourist VISA... they must sent sent invitation to foreign affairs to allow to visit them...

this only i can advice with you...

June Yasol 5 years ago

It's good to know these things, so one can make a plan of travelling great places abroad.

Thanks for a job well done.

matt 5 years ago

hi guys

has anyone experience traveling to iran? how can i get a visa easily? i wana visit my friend there.

tnx in adavnce

michelle 5 years ago

@mhayvienne, my brother was working in ksa way back 2007. he went to dubai for eid holiday that time and to pay me a visit also (i was working there before)...

anyway, that time he was not required to get uae visa as he was holding a valid IQAMA. only photocopies of his passport and iqama were required.

ask your bf to confirm it with uae immigration maybe they already changed it.

ners padua 5 years ago

hi there,

i have a travel agency here in Ortigas...RN ONE21 TRAVEL & TOURS, Unit 1614 City & Land Mega Plaza ..we help travelers for ticketing, hotel and resort accommodations, package tours, (both local ang international), passport and visa assistance.. your welcome to add: ; mobile: 0922-8870035/ +6329140208

chums_cutie08 5 years ago

hi, my bf is inviting me to go in SG, he is a singaporean. this will be my first time going there if ever it will be . he plan to book me ticket and accommodation there and will send to me thru email or fax the confirmation. He will get me also invitation letter. But when i read some post here and other blog site i fell nervous about the "holding issue" in our immigration officer. Sad nmn if like that... why they are not allowed people who wants to visit/tour other countries. I have work here in Manila and my purpose only going there is to visit him and at the same time see SG. Any suggestions that i can possible do or bring when before going there? thanks

mhayvienne 5 years ago

thnx for the info...kaso po juz wanna ask kung pano and wat mga requirements to obtain a tourist visa for planning to visit my bf this sept...we were both ignorant about this matter but he said he will try and ask some friends...but luckily i found this and so i decided to ask u for more info...wat documents po b ang nid nmin i provide?he is a moroccan and living in dubai for 5 years currently working here in KSA but im going home a month prior to my dubai trip...and also how many days normally ang mai ga grant skin if ever i will be able to obtain the said visa coz im planning to stay in dubai for 3 months. after that ill go back here in KSA. shukran so much and i hope ull be able to help me...

Deano 5 years ago

Hello - my GF is filipino, and she has a UK Multi entry 6 month visa and she is currently here with me in the UK. I have to go to Teneriffe for 5 days for a business meeting - is she able to go to Tenerife with me on her UK visa ? We will have return tickets to the UK etc ?

jadbluesierra 5 years ago

i will be travelling for business to cape verde this coming jan 19 the itirenary our sister company in spain gives me the following iterinary; beijing-frankfurt-lisbon-Sao Vicente island, do i need a transit visa for this?waiting for your valuable answer on this querry..

michelle 5 years ago

@salt, it is advisable to get a visa first before entering korea...please refer to the link

ilupiks 5 years ago

If you want to traval to India , there are only 4 states that you can get a VOA ( Visa On Arrival) if you are Filipino citizen. States of : Calcutta,Delhi,Cochin,Bombay


michelle 5 years ago

korean visa is free but you still need to apply prior to your travel (tourist)

faith 5 years ago

sang airline po pwede mkbili ng tickets going morocco.? my direct flight po ba? mraming salamat po! GBU

michelle 5 years ago

i've been to india last november 2011 it was visa on arrival (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata Airports only) in delhi and i paid $60 or rupee equivalent.

SALT 5 years ago

Good News po eto, maraming salamat for sharing :D

Tanong ko lang po, since visa free papuntang Korea if entering trough Jeju island... paano na po pag gusto ko nang pumuntang Seoul after? Hahanapan pa din po ba ako ng visa since nasa Korea na rin naman ang Jeju?

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

If you are applying for a US tourist visa in the Philippines, the requirements are your passport, the application form which is downloaded online, visa fee, supporting documents such as your employment certificate, bank statements, etc if asked during the interview. I recommend you read the official steps from the official website of the Embassy of the United States in the Philippines at It's easy as long as you have proofs. Good luck! :)

rlin27 5 years ago

hi!i acquired a 10year multi-entry tourist visa in the US I got it when I was still living in Japan but the said visa expired 2010 and i didn't get the chance to use it,is it possible for me to renew it here in the Phils. ,what are the requirements for when i applied it in Japan the only thing they asked of me to bring were my passport and my employment certificate please help me....

LB 5 years ago

shoosh...even Australians of Indian-descent need to secure and pay for a visa (from Indian consulate in Australia) PRIOR to going/traveling to India..

mao 5 years ago

how much money sa bank pag apply ng tourist visa s japan?

shahanajoy 5 years ago

hello... can i have a contact number for the right person about this thing??/ thank you!

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

Click the share button above the comment box. Thank you :)

Tiger 5 years ago

Hello.. kindly add an "email this page" link.. hehe thanks.. :D

Ronkvirzo 5 years ago

CORRECTION TO ADA...... North America Region includes

1. Greenland

2. Canada

3. United States

4. Guatemala

5. Mexico

6. Honduras

7. Belize

8. El Salvador

9. Nicaragua

10. Costa Rica

11. Panama

12. Cuba

13. Haiti

14. Dominican Republic

15. The Bahamas

16. Jamaica

SOURCE: Encarta Encyclopedia

Hope this post will enlightened those who are confused.

reese 5 years ago

If you are in saudi arabia and holding a philippine passport its a lot easier to apply visas here. my S.korean visa only took two working days. i think it.took turkey and greece a week to be approved but still mas mbilis na yon dba? my japan visa 3 days. and if u plan to travel to malaysia its more easier from here to malaysia than frm MNL.

Nicholas 5 years ago

Kaiteh, you mean that even though a filipino does not require a visa when entering a ASEAN country, still require some sort of permission or document to leave their own country (philippines) for tour?

And what do you mean when you say it does not require a visa to enter the country, and then need to bring documents and money in case of refusal at entry and for a return ticket?

Please get back to me, thanks for the info shared. Greatly appreciated.

cuesta_1980 5 years ago

Hi, may i know if going in Malaysia need an invitation letter? Where to get and who make the letter?

Last time my friend, go there in Malaysia and the immigration officer ask him about that letter because he visit to his friend.. If you have some comment and suggestion please send in Thank you so much

kikx 5 years ago

Did you know that you can obtain a permanent Schengen-visum if you start a business or be self-employed in Belgium? Totally legal!

All you need to start the procedure is a diploma that is accepted in Europe (most college degrees will do) and a good business plan.

Kaiteh 5 years ago

@armie yes, I think you'll still need to apply for visa to visit korea since i don't think they have a direct flight from dubai to Jeju Island. So in other words, you'll need to transit from Seoul which requires a visa. Unless you know an airline that offers dubai - jeju back and forth flight.

And The Korean embassy is located in Abu dhabi.

Kaiteh 5 years ago

From what I know is if you're from the Philippines, you actually don't need to apply for a visa to "visit" other South-east asian countries and Hongkong.

The other countries listed here though im pretty sure you'll need one.

I think it's pretty much the same. And to be honest, this is risky! And you'll encounter 2 problems

1. The #1 problem is actually leaving the country itself. Im not sure if you'll be able to get through the immigration since you don't a visa. Unless the immigration is already informed regarding the exemption.

Just to inform you, if ever they don't let you through, you wont be able to leave and refund the paid travel tax and immigration tax

2.Second problem is getting a visa upon arrival. Since it does state here that some countries will ask/require "visa upon arrival". Meaning you'll still need to show documents and proofs that are usually ask when you're applying for a visa once you arrive at their airport. And if you don't have sufficient proof, you'll probably sent back home the same day.

On the positive side though, if ever they don't require "visa upon arrival" then you'll save a lot of money and time.

If you're planning to visit some countries listed here. Bring all the documents listed and Extra Money *because Im sure that you'll need to pay for the application fee* and extra ticket just in case they don't approve you. :)

Nicholas 5 years ago

My girlfriend is a filipina and she's currently working in Malaysia, her working visa ends this month. And she'll go back to Cebu City.

Will she need any prepared documents if she comes back here for a social visit (tour) in Malaysia within the next month? By the way, she's 21 years old.

I've been hearing about rumours of difficulties for pinays (girls) to leave Philippines or enter Malaysia due to protection some government movement against human trafficking.

Any info or advice would be very helpful. Thanks!

J. B. Uy 5 years ago

I consult the consulate or embassy to the country I want to go. My advised is to keep all your passport already expired with the immigration stamps to the countries that you have been visited. Always bring documents with you all the time, even if it says no visa required. The embassy endorsement helps a lot even the very strict country you want to go visit. The countries I am talking about are the Israel, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Middle East, European, and Scandinavian countries. The more countries that you have been visited the more chances for you to get the endorsement. Of course, try to learn and know the travel and fees before you plan of getting a round trip ticket because it varies from the government requirements. Another point to know is to get the travel and tour package of the cities because it is more economical and enjoyable tour. Hopefully, not to go for TNT purposes. Good luck and Bon Voyage. . . . .

John Ray Reyes 5 years ago

How can I go to St. Vincent and The Grenadines? Any idea what do I need to do?

Flor Tangunan Camota 5 years ago

I have truly enjoyed reading all of the postings/comments here. Thank u so much Atty. Jade Marrack for starting it. Sharing experiences in traveling is fun! For those people who have encountered undelightful experiences with the Israeli immigration: Their being super strict is due to SECURITY REASONS. We have been to Israel 26 times in 20 yrs. bringing tour groups (I own Jenken Tours & Travel here in the U.S.)

so I understand the frustrations of those visitors to the Holy Land but . . pls. don't give up of your desire to visit where the Lord Jesus was born. For those who want to visit the world - GO!!! the world is truly beautiful. Turkey is one of my favorite and it is a top destination. Have a blessed and peaceful 2012!

JohnP 5 years ago

If you're a government employee anywhere in the Philippines & wanting to travel as visitor to the listed countries, & you intend to declare at the Immigration counter, you really need to show permit to travel issued by your government office, this comes with all your clearances from various departments in your office...this is our immigration's way of checking-counterchecking if you're trying to go out for other purpose (like evading any judicial issues, & the likes)...wag naman nating husgahan agad ang hakbang na unless you are prepared to show such documents, might as well not declare that u are a government may opt to say you're a private practitioner of your profession as the case maybe...kung tayo mismo ang mag"lalagay" ng pera sa passport/tao sa immigration, wag na nating batikusin, kc di naMAN nila hiningi yung suhol mo to start with...simulan natin ang tamang pagsunod sa processo, only then we can & have the right to question the credibility of the other person's acts..

Coolio 5 years ago

Swerte ng may dual passport. You don't have to worry about the hassle of lodging visa requirements. Never mind na may fee, pero the hassle of filing the requirements, lining up, taking half day off is just too much. Buti Kung may online application then fedex your passport sa consulate, like other countries.

I think german consul in uk does that on your 2nd schengen app with them. Go thru the usual drill for the first application, then pag nag expire schengen mo, your 2nd application with thm can be done online.

About the London Olympics, madali pumunta ng London. Pero mahirap kumuha ng tickets for the Olympics. I applied via the lottery. I didn't get any of the 20 bids I made.

Agree din ako about the grammar corrections, I work within a team made up of good mix of Europeans ( Scandinavian, eastern europeans, southern Europeans, Americans, etc) and barok sila in their own rights. I used to be conscious sa P and F or My D and TH syndrome.. Ie. With said as wid. Or platform as flatform. May mga ganung ka barukan din sila hahaha vid instead of with. So carry Lang ako.

Wesley 5 years ago

This may 2011 lang ung restrictions sa mga government employee na kelangan ng travel permit. kya wag nyo declare na nagwork kyo sa govenrment.

hontoni 5 years ago


Rosemarie Burgos Lomberio 5 years ago

Hello!I worked in UAE for 24 years.I resigned from my job in 2007 and came back to the Philippines.Now my question is what is the procedure to get a visit visa to Dubai?I want to visit my husband who is presently working in Al-Ain,Abu-Dhabi,United Arab Emirates.I hope I can get the answer soon.Thank you & God bless.

babes 5 years ago

interms of tanzania upon arrival,

if we go straight from Manila - Tanzania via Dubai is there any paper required for Dubai, meaning transit will be in dubai.

Allan 5 years ago

You don't need transit visa if you're just stopping over for changing flight to Morocco. Hindi ka naman lalabas ng Abu Dhabi airport.

iTeena 12 hours ago

Peeps!! This can answer some of the questions here:

Really of good help. I refer to this site every time..

Ang tanong ko naman, im going to morocco this january for business via etihad.the question is: do i need a TRANSIT VISA for abu dhabi? My boss told me no need since its just a stop over but im still in doubt..baka mapabalik kame ng pinas kung magkataon...sino po makakasagot? Need ko lng po ng info asap!! Thanks!

Andy Dysangco 5 years ago

To Berting:

Going to Brazil? Get on board a Qatar Airline to Doha then connecting flight to Sao Paolo, Brazil. The flight takes 37 hours to complete. Or take Continental to Dallas that connects to Buenos Aires if you're going to Argentina. You don't need a US transit visa (that's true in Dallas and should be true in California)so long as you have a forward ticket to Brazil and you stay at the US airport no more than 1 day.

buknoy 5 years ago

maganda pomtong post nyo kaso khit million2x p ung dala dala nating pera at completo sa papeles NAIA immigration officers prin ang lahat ng desisyon.once i have an experienced jan sa immigration almost 4 hours kming hinohold sa ofis nla buti nlng nag early chek in kmi kundi offload nnmn ag show ng bayan.bkit b cla ganyan?papunta kmi sa thailand that to visit a frind.pinas lng nmn ang mahigpit ibang countries madali lng mag exit.thnx by the sa post na to.god bless po lahat sa IMMIGRATION....

rogel 5 years ago

how abour in nepal where to see mount everest how much expend from saudi arabia.

lj20 5 years ago

@alice p sebastian-cruz if ur family wants to go to micronesia they will need a transit visa to pass GUAM ..unless u find a direct flight to Pohnpei or Truk. Continental airlines have direct flights but its kinda rare. last direct flight that they had was April 07 (i sure of the exact date but my friend took that flight) and Dec 08, 2011. hope this helps..

monica caronongan 5 years ago

@MOROCCO tnx to ur info,but in my case no need visa necessary. i went to morroco twice frm, MARBELLA to MOROCCO.

Ronkvirzo 5 years ago

Sa mga kababayan na gustong mag travel sa Africa. Don't forget to have a Yellow Fever Vaccine available yan sa Quarantine (Manila, Cebu, Davao). pagpasok mo sa Africa yun ang unang hahanapin ang Yellow Fever Certificate kung wala ka nun di karin pwede pumasok hanggang airport ka lang tapos balik kana sa Pinas. Kung gusto mong mag travel sa mga countries outside Asia mas madali pag wala ka sa Pinas. In my case andito ako sa Africa pag gusto ko pumunta ng europe, gulf, south america walang problema walang tanong tanong tatak lang ng tatak kasi hindi kami nationals nila. Yung mga A Class countries like Europe, USA, Canada & Japan. pag passport holder ka or citizen kana nila no need kana mag visa pwede mo puntahan ng kahit saang countries worldwide kasi they are considered rich countries na kaya nilang tustusan ang pag travel nila at hindi maghanap ng trabaho or relocate kun sakali.

zhan 5 years ago

I've been to different countries in Asia. YES in Asia VISA is not required. IN Egypt? oh! They asked for a VISA because I am a filipino. Israel????Oh! SURELY upon arrival, They will look for a VISA.

Belle Lopez 5 years ago

Heading to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for World Youth Day 2013 :)

Kat 5 years ago

To Olga:

Actually, sobrang dali lang mag-apply ng visa for Japan. Its contrary to what we have heard from a lot of people. I was granted tourist visa twice in the same year. For somebody working in Singapore, you just have to present your employer's letter stating your position, date joined, salary and that you are responsible for all your expenses. Fill-up the application form, ID pictures, photocopy of your EP/SP/Work Permit, passport and bank statement with at least 3500sgd of available balance. Return tickets and hotel accommodation. The visa application is free of charge and if you apply on a Monday, you will get your visa on Thursday after- same week.

Good luck, hope this helps.

cutipie 5 years ago

how about po sa qatar do you have any idea?

brenda 5 years ago

wow. sure i dont need a visa for israel??

mikael 5 years ago

Wish there would be more european countrys on the list.

Make's me feel ashamed with only one country right now, but hopefully it will turn soon

vanny_pax 5 years ago

wow brazil..

Trish 5 years ago

Be careful if you have an Israeli stamp in your passport some arab contries may refuse you entry or arrest you.

profile image

annashielao 5 years ago

@ Kumeli813

I had the same experience as yours. Back in April 2008 I went to Dubai.Printed out lang ang visa ko, pagdating sa Immigration officer poproblemahin sana nya ako, but then sabi ko sa kanya nga walang problema kung di ko hawak ang original copy ng visa. Sabi ng immigration officer, palulusutotin nya ako pero di na daw nya sagot kung di ako makalusot sa Dubai immigration officer. Pagkadating ko sa Dubai at nakausap ko na ang immigration officer, walay satsat at okay kaagad ang photo copy na visa ko.

jing 5 years ago

its my moment to explore in brunie!and seek for my jerudung park hospital.

cuesta_1980 5 years ago

Good day..

I have a friend in malaysia. Last time when i go over there the immigration ask me the invitation letter.. How to get that invitation letter? shes the one make or need to go in embassy in malaysia?

thank you

lynn 5 years ago

how reliable this information? wow hope its true, I wanna go to holy land..

eawave 5 years ago

this year is my time to explore..exciting

Debbie Aldea 5 years ago

Good News!

alice p sebastian-cruz 5 years ago

please let me know if GUAM is included. i know i saw Micronesia and Palau...but not a specific word "Guam". this would be so fine so i can tell my brothers and sisters to visit me. thank you so much.

dema 5 years ago

sam, ang travel tax to other asean countries is P1,640

Andy Dysangco 5 years ago

Suggestion -

Is it possible that your page is re-designed such that the "Comment Box" is placed at the top of the page instead of being at the bottom? You know for practical purpose. Thanks

George 5 years ago

Very informative. I would to share my experiences in traveling around the world. Una ilagay lagi sa isip ng Pinoy lahat ng cities sa boong mundo ay may mga manluluko at mandarabong, kaya laging mag iingat at huwag basta-basta mag titiwala sa tao na hindi mo kilala (kunti lang naman na tao ang ganito, karamihan ay ok naman).

Israel= Walang problema kung ang names mo ay Christians, however kung may sounding na Muslim, may tendency ma reject. Ilang beses akong naka pasok sa Israel very smooth. However, yong friend kong christian pero ang first name ay Ali, has been rejected at hindi naka pasok sa Israel. Pero maraming Pinoy na walang naging problema sa pag pasok, yong mga christians name.Welcome ang Pinoy sa Israel.

Egypt= May Egyptian visa ako. Walang problema sa immigrations, pero sa customs, binulatlat lahat ng gamit ko at sinira pa ang lining ng maleta ko, para daw inspectionin, pero ng matapos ok na. Sa Giza Pyramid dapat may barya kang tig 1 US dollar para kung sakaling mag request ka ng mag pa pictures may ibibigay ka, dahil kahit sabihin na walang bayad, pagkatapos pipilitin ka paring mag bayad. However, besides sa maliliit na insedente, I enjoy Egypt.

Morocco= I like this country, they also have very long history and learned more.

France = kailangan marunong ka ng kahit kunting French language nila. Marurunong mag English, pero madalas ayaw magsalita ng english, kaya pag nag tanong ka sa street, do not expect na mag re-reply sila. Ok lang kung nasa 5 star hotel ka, pero kung nasa tourist area kana, your alone. Maraming magagandang pasyalan sa Paris, Calais, at sa Dijon. I love Paris for their museums, Arts and Architectures. Kung first timer na pupunta dito sa France, I suggest joined with the Tour group tulad ng Cosmos or Trafalgal Tours. Mamaximized mo ang mga landmarks at more convenient pa. Specially Europe you need Tour Guides. If you love History before Christ era, Don't go to US or Canada go to Europe and the Middle East. But don't forget Israel and Egypt. US is good for modern architectures and Themed hotel( Las Vegas {mura ang foods and hotel accomodations} shopping, beaches (Hawaii and Florida)and complicated underground trains( New York subway).

Melanie 5 years ago

Dory garcia - Georgia is not in USA this is a country is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Hindi po pagsinabing Georgia is Georgia in USA may Georgia pong country and hindi po sya masyadong pinapasyalan kasi hindi safe sa mga babae.Ganun din mo yung mga nasa list ng Africa. Payo lang po sa lahat ng gustong magtravel punta po kayo sa safe na mga countries. Hindi rin po lahat ng part ng Europe ay safe marami pong part ng Europe na hindi safe.Marami po akong co-worker na ibat-ibang lahi kaya very familiar ako sa mga places.

kuneli813 5 years ago

i hope this is really true. immigration offloaded me two times last year for not having original visa. (i'm goint to UAE) i have the serial number and my agents in UAE told me that online visa is valid, our country did not permit me to go.

khit na dadaan lang ako for about an hour ng country because mg join naman ako s barko s husband ko, sobrang higpit. 2 times din akong nagsayang ng travel tax 1,600 php. tsk.

Andy Dysangco 5 years ago

Did you remove or hide my post about Argentina visa? I wonder why? It did not do anybody harm in fact it is helpful to all Filipinos who want to travel to Argentina.

derf 5 years ago


Menchu 5 years ago

Georgia, the country is on this list, not Georgia, USA just to clarify to the person inquiring. Goodluck.

Thebeholder 5 years ago

It's nice to know that there are a lot of countries aside from ASEAN countries that don't require visas. First on my list is Taiwan. I should start going. :)

eric 5 years ago

at last i can go to Maldives

Andy Dysangco 5 years ago

To Argentina Consolate Manila:

Sir, a Filipino who applied for a visa was given only a multiple entry 30-day stay even his return airline ticket is for Jan. 31, 2012. He arrived in Buenos Aires last Nov. 28, 2011. The Argentine consulate normally issues a 30 - 90-day visa. Due to time constraint he was not able to appeal for a longer stay, however a consulate staff assured him there will be no problem requesting for visa extension in Buenos Aires. Now he encounters all sorts of problem on the interpretation of his visa. The consulates in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janairo say since it is multiple entry it is "stop-resume" meaning the 30-day count stops when you exit and resume when you re-enter. So they won't process his application for a visa extension or a renewal because as far as they are concerned his 30-day visa has not yet been consumed (he exited at Iguazu to Brazil last Dec. 23) and has 6 days left. But at the airport and the exit-entry border, the

immigration officers interpret the visa count as "continuous" meaning the 30-day count does not stop whether you exit and re-enter (his travel companion return to Argentina on Dec. 27 and the border at Iguzu told him only 1 day left on his visa). As of now (Jan. 4, 2012) he is still in Rio but still plan to go to Bolivia and Peru. He is at a lost on what to do should he be refused entry (his Argentine visa expired Dec. 28) at the Argentine border. His return flight to Manila originates in Buenos Aires. Can the Manila consul who issued him a 30-day visa or other knowledgeable Argentine national answer this question please?

Liz gabriel 5 years ago

This is too good to be true!!!

mikael florendo 5 years ago

ihave a philippine passport and i want to go to australia,how much money will i bring?

chebb 5 years ago


anthony 5 years ago

you don't need to go to California there's a lot of way to go to Brazil. you can take a plane to Frankfurt.. if you really want to go there's always a way..

Berting 5 years ago

Some still needs Visa. Example is going to Brazil. How can you go to Brazil? First you need to go to California. AND YES YOU NEED VISA. And the flight from California to Brazil is once every 24 hrs if I'm not mistaken. So in short the listed countries above are try "no need for visa" BUT not all. The problem here is we don't have a direct flight on that place.

filinSing 5 years ago

duh, there isnt much remarkable countries added.. likein Europe, who wants to go Kosovo? or north america: Haiti? still a shame to be a filipino, despite the fact that we have been colonised by many western countries, we still need a visa for their countries esp US, Japan, Spain! so theres not much value holding on to a Phil passport really...

Irene Genesis ALvaran 5 years ago

Good for the tourist people ..

kerwin 5 years ago

very helpful thanks....wala nga lang pera hehhee

nathy 5 years ago

ay. salamat

Melrosa 5 years ago

All I can say to all our kababayan is to play safe. If your are a job seeker, please go to POEA for full guidance and for the right job for you and to avoid unnecessary problem. But if you are really going abroad as a visitor, ask the respective consular office for proper guidance and please go ahead if you have sufficient fund. God bless us.

chorz 5 years ago

Can everyone please stop asking whether or not such and such county would need a visa? Nagbigay na nga ng list di ba??? Hay.. Pilipino nga naman!

DMCIHomers 5 years ago

If you don't want to travel anymore and want to have your money grow, try invest it to real estate this year. This is the right time to invest at DMCI Homes with right price and #1 construction company in the Philippines. For more information and site visitation please email me at For all the travelers, be alert and take a lot of care always! Thank you!

laughfeed 5 years ago

heard this on the radio and kind of laugh as the deejays had a hard time pronouncing the names of some of the countries.

all in all, great info. now, if our immigration system and airlines can minimize the "misc.fees" other countries lack, then we can enjoy this better.

julie 5 years ago

you need a visa if you want to visit your mother in quebec

bonsai 5 years ago

I think it will help if there is a list of all countries that require a visa to enter the listed country and a list of countries not requiring a visa.For example if one is holding a US passport,what countries require a visa.And if holding a Philippine passport, what countries require a visa no matter what country that person is at the time.It will answer the questions that everybody are asking.

vermich 5 years ago

georgia,usa is my destination,,,,

what are the other documents needed in this travel?


azel 5 years ago

i want to visit south. korea,,does that mean i can stay with the alloted days without a visa but until jeju island only?

Santi 5 years ago

Very informative and helpful. The only problem is our own immigration that always in doubt if you are on travel as tourist.

Thank you!

jess 5 years ago

very informative :)

Girlie 5 years ago

You do not need a visa to visit Israel.This is my third time in Israel as a tourist. It is true that they are really strict with security checks and are very particular with proper documents for those who are here for work. They all know that Filipinos are "high risks" to be illegal tourists as some of them really intend to stay to work but if your real intention is really for holidays/leisure or travel purpose such as just to see the Holy Land and explore religious sites, you wont have a hard time with the border control. Keep it cool during security checks as they try to be very provoking :) They are just like that because of their Country's circumstances, they would always say " anything that looks innocent can be a bomb"

Anyway, thank you for this list.

Nikey 5 years ago

I have a philippine passport but currently work here in israel i just want to ask if how could i get a visa if i want to visit in ireland? thanks God bless :)

Merci 5 years ago

Inspiring list, but I agree that PH immigration give Filipinos a hard time. Whether travelers intend to work or not, I just find it rude. Makes me feel like its easier to travel in and out other ASEAN (like Thailand or sg). Even oec system for ofws is ridiculous.

From experience, Philippine passports usually raise a red flags in other countries. But as long as your visa and purpose is legit there's no need to worry.

If you intend to travel to countries that need visas, it's best to travel first to other ASEAN countries. It'll be easier to prove that you're a traveller and don't intend to work illegally.

When researching about countries to visit and visas, google is your best friend. Read respective embassy websites carefully and take note of contact numbers. Don't just ask your friend who 'might' know, get first hand info.

David 5 years ago

A lot of testimonies about visiting Israel and all what they shared is VERY CORRECT. Israel is one of the most strict country around the world especially with regards to security.Anytime you can be send from the country of origin even if you're there already in Israel airport. All Filipinos entering Israel as working visa or tourist ( few ) shared common experiences.."para akong dumaan sa carayom..". Aside from security, because of enterest working as illegal earning good salary per month they ( Filipinos )pretend to overstay and after somedays/ months/ years Immigration police caught them and it will be the obligation of the State of Israel to bring them back to the country of origin with free plane tickets.

dualcitizen 5 years ago

I am as thrilled as everyone on this thread to see some leniency for Filipino travellers who want to explore the world but hold on...we may be visa exempt to visit these countries but we need to understand that there are other requirements before prior to getting on the plane. Firstly, ask your travel agent if you would need a transit visa. Whereas, Kosovo and Georgia may be quite interesting destinations, knowing your stopover (lay over) requirement is a must. Destinations where there's no direct flight from your port of exit may require transit visa. Secondly, it may sound nice and easy to not having to go through embassy visa section, but you may have to convince the port of entry immigration officer that you are not a threat to their national security and your solid ground to return to the Philippines at the end of your trip i.e. job, house, school, business etc. Thirdly, Permanent residence status in another country and work permits are not valid travel documents; therefore, you need to get a valid passport. Normally, you can still travel provided that your passport is not going to expire within six months of your proposed travel schedule. If you have more questions, your travel agent will help you go through the process. Good luck on your next trip!

REAH 5 years ago


Nytes 5 years ago

The middle east countries are now proposing for free visa for all gulf-expats who has valid working visa that wants to travel among gulf member states same as schengen type. I'm waiting for it coz' I'm working here in KSA ang I want to travel to Bahrain and UAE, that would be of great help too

shelley 5 years ago

to naja: here's a website link to UK embassy in manila when applying for a UK visa - English

if you want to just visit, tourist visa is primariy what you might need.

if your BF wants to sponsor you then a fiancee visa might be the one you both need to consider.

Victor Andrew 5 years ago

To be sure, I advise all would be travelers to apply for a visa to each country you would like to visit. For example, I applied for a South Korean Visa last September 2011 with every possible documents the South Korean Embassy will require and to my amusement, they only asked for copies of my previous entry and exit stamps from the US and Japan. And on top of that, I was told it was a free visa. Upon arrival in Seoul, my passport was stamped with a 30 day permit to stay. So go out of your shell genuine Pinoy Travelers and explore the world. Just be sure to be on the plane homewards at the end of your visa validity or we won't get another chance like that in a developed country.

emi-fil 5 years ago

To All,

For those who comment in english or in tagalog for me it's fine.The most important in this issue is that we have a knowledge on which country we can go where there is an easy access to fit-in,not all of the filipinos are majoring in english especially the engineers and the architects,if you think you are the best who can meet a good english go in the debate for those who are competing each other in english communication not here,thats why we did not move on on what situation we have now in our country,its because of those people who are cruel to their is better that you should appreciate to them who make a comment in english that means they used their knowledge even a bit of...dont try to be people discuss ideas and small mind people discuss only events...maybe that's you who is disgusting make comments to people who comment in english....

reah 5 years ago

how about america?

shela 5 years ago

how about in Paris?

hussain 5 years ago

Once these countries notice that all the tourist disappear and dont leave the country, after thier tourist visa expires,then they will make visa necessary to visit!!!!

jetpilot 5 years ago

hi i've travel already at singapore, hongkong, malaysia and indonesia. i have to attend my cousin's wedding on June at new york city USA. i'm planning to stay there for about a month also. still need a visa, right?

fyi 5 years ago

by way if you want to go to japan....japan is giving away 10,000 free airlines ticket this first quarter of 2012 so check their tourism website and get a chance...

georgia the country ang kukulit ng mga lahi nyo.....sinabing hindi sa states eh.....but if you wanna go to georgia,USA that place is really cool ive been there be sure to secure a US visit VISA got it mga epal.........hahahahahha

cesing 5 years ago

better ask the embassy of the country you want to travel to be sure. I am a filipina w/ u.s. passport and used to work at the non-immigrant visa section in the u.s. embassy.

pennyganda 5 years ago

thanks for the very informative info...hope for more pinoys of your kind ... helping his own " Kabayan "....

mark marinn 5 years ago

Hi dory Garcia, Georgia is the country in what was one of the former republics of USSR.

twentyfive profile image

twentyfive 5 years ago Author

I agree..nobody's perfect :)

ellessur 5 years ago

hi..somebody here to help me find a sponsor in canada..i really want to go there ,,to work and finally live there for good..please help me .thank you so much and god bless.

gian 5 years ago

thanks a lot...its a very informative article.

Yo! 5 years ago

I went to Colombia last May and stayed there for 3 months. Automatic tourist visa is only 60 days now not 90. You have to apply for extension, and they usually grant another 60 days.

lezeir 5 years ago

What does South Korea (if arriving at Jeju Island only) - 30 days mean? Are you only allowed to stay in Jeju Island, or you must land in Jeju Island but can go to other places like Seoul (without a VISA) as well?

andrea 5 years ago

Which country is the fit for the specialty students in tourism? :_)

dory garcia 5 years ago

•Georgia – 90 days visa issued upon arrival, 360 days visa free to those who have temporary residence of Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait

is that in Georgia USA. Hello!!!!!

Nice 5 years ago

Cool its a big help.

How about on Going to qatar? they still need the visa?

Because my husband pay half for my visa last November. with one of his friend. but we are wondering until now the visa is not yet.. is that long to take a working visa?

joie 5 years ago

if you want toget out of japan port while on a stop you must have an offshore visa...sayang di kasama ang South Korea!!!

ncymon 5 years ago

we are in bahrain and planning to take our vacation and wanted to stop over to japan for a few days before going to Philippines,are we able to get the visa on the port?japan is not listed so i hope u can help us

Coolio 5 years ago

Seychelles, kenya' Madagascar are nice place to visit. Highly recommended.

Caribbean islands St Kitts, Turks, Grenada are nice tourist place as they have old sugar plantation from British colony.

In fairness, ok tong list malayo nga Lang sila.

Also if you have us visa you can go Hawaii us virgin isle, and other us territory. Same goes for holding uk visa, you can go to Gibraltar, uk virgin isle, and St luciA ata is a Brit colony.

For transit visa in EU, they all require transit visa. I was in transit sa Madrid once, and paso na schengen ko. I did not get a transit visa na, i wasn't left in the plane or anything. But I had to walk thru a different walkway na walang access sa duty free! In short you definitely need a transit visa kaht NASA airport ka Lang.

yuri 5 years ago

Hi I am a Filipino and a holder of Philippine i really need visa to enter Kosovo? and if probably i visit to London from Kosovo are they allow me?or should what should i need to do,any payments etc...? please help me this.

lynn 5 years ago

by the way i am talking beside our passport, what other documents are needed

lynn 5 years ago

u have mentioned that the countries you have listed above are countries where in we filipinos can travel without availing a visa, what would be the documents needed in travelling, Can we just go to the embassies of these country or to any registered travel agency and book for our ticket and travel? pls give me more information as i am interested about it. thanks

Ehsa 5 years ago

Hi po, I'm a filipino pero I'm a holder of uk visa. Does it make any difference? Cause I want to travel to Spain this year but can't be bothered if i need a visa. Too much of a fuss. Thanks!

Ryan 5 years ago

ayin ---- TURKS AND CAICOS is in the Caribbean and TURKEY (where Istanbul is located) is in Europe. Malayo yun at magkaibang bansa yun.

kuyakuth 5 years ago

if ur going for a transit in japan and planning to stay for a week. they are issuing shore pass

(7 days validity) as long as u have return ticket and valid documents. you can apply at the airport immigration office. i always do that when im traveling to US and my stop over is Narita airport

ayin 5 years ago

is it correct it is stated above na "turks and caicos islands" don't require visa for 30 days? so..pwede me mgpunta Istanbul, Turkey and stay for 30 days na walang visa ha?..just want to confirm kc nkalagay lng sa info mo Turks...just want to make sure..thanks

Ryan 5 years ago

I visited Mongolia last June and they require a visa now (that is what the embassy in Hanoi told me) even when I told the embassy officials that we don't need a visa (even printed their own Immigration website) - so I got myself a visa instead. I guess that's money for them. So when in doubt, check the nearest embassy/consulate.

john smith 5 years ago

Most filipino's may prove there gold to the embassy's that it's just a tourist or holiday visa , but what happens in return is that there intentions are different , they just want to go on a holiday and stay back illegally , sometimes even going through all the risk. This is the care in America , Australia , all of Europe & even the middle east.. This is a proven fact..they just swarm like ants all over the world. Is Philippines such a bad place to live or what ??

angeli 5 years ago

how about going algeria??? where can i apply for visa, can anyone answer me, thanks a lot..

Tom artest 5 years ago

Why most western countries prohibits visa upon arrival ? Cause they found out that most filipino's coming on holidays plan on staying back illegally , and hence over populating those countries creating job havoc for the legal citizens. This is the case in the US. I think they should impose more and more ban's...

ARey 5 years ago

Just visited Singapore, the Immigration Officer from NAIA had asked if I do have an Invitation Letter, Good thing my sister had applied an affidavit from SG-Phil. Embassy. Before they weren't asking any Invitation Letter but now they do.

Marc 5 years ago

Hahahaha i like the very last line "Help each other instead of turning each other down…THANK YOU."...

FYI 5 years ago

@Dhen steward they are not referring to ""Georgia,USA"" which is one of the state in US they were referring to the Georgia the Country....seriously bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahahha you should review you geography....kawawa ka naman hahahahh....

Ivy 5 years ago

Sa HK if stay ka beyond 14 days visa free, you need to secure visa na po ba? pls advise and clarify. Tnx!

Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 5 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Hi Fehl, just saw the number of likes and retweets here. Oh wow....

kat1023 5 years ago

To those who are planning to visit Japan.You can go to the Japanese embassy to apply for a tourist visa. Just bring the necessary to get an approval.

Khristian 5 years ago

Seriously? I mean, i can go straight to the airport and get a ticket, is that simple?

Nyliag 5 years ago

I didn't need a visa to go to Cuba. Had a little trouble when I went to Brazil since some are not aware that some nationalities are visa free to enter certain countries. Just make sure u have transit visa if ur connecting flight is in cpuntries that require a pre approved visa like the US and Canada.

R3inboy 5 years ago

How can i get a Japan visa im coming from saudi arabia and want to stop over 1st to japan before going to philippines.. any idea pls

Lance 5 years ago

You forgot Israel or Jerusalem

rgl29 5 years ago

coz FILIPINOS are good:=)

Nique01 5 years ago

That's great quiet nice to heard all about this info.. Good opportunity for all pilipino's who wants to travel.. But I hope the philippine embassy allowing also some pilipino's want to visit in Doha Qatar can u please put also all requirements needed to visit in Qatar.... Thanks a lot

mhaya 5 years ago

even u have the said documents the problem is the office of the imiggration in all philippine airport ive been xperience the said offload... i dont know why they get in to it that insside the immigration hapen this

ceshiella2000 5 years ago

this is one great news to start 2012,,, tnx for the info, God bless everyone!

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