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If you are looking for a great fall activity in North Carolina, then look no farther than the annual North Carolina Renaissance Fest held each year in Huntersville. With its permanent buildings ranging from bakeries to jewelers and clothing to musical instruments, an array of food choices like bread bowls of soup to baked turkey legs and Scotch eggs to fish and chip, and wandering minstrels, jesters and characters from many of your favorite fantasy and historical novels- there is so much to see that many guests opt to buy a weekend or season’s pass so they can go as much as they want over the 8 weekends.


As you enter the Ren Fest, you are welcomed by costumed greeters who use terms like “My Lord & Lady” so comfortably you nearly think that you have stepped back in time. Then as you look around, you can’t help but note how many of the performers and guests alike are dressed in the styles of the Renaissance. You will see knights in their armor, swashbuckling pirates, priest and ladies and maids of rank and station. As you make your way along the thoroughfare, you will be delighted by the Village of Fairhaven’s performers that represent the best of the music, dances, humor and customs of both then and now. Whether it is a group of village dancers, the talents of the fire eaters, tumblers, acrobats and tight rope walkers, falconry or jousting there is plenty to entertain as well as educate.

There are even booths and tents deigned to delight the children. You will find the duck swing and giant rocking horse, a petting zoo along with the elephant and camel rides to be special favorites. Or watch and listen as your kids are delighted by tales from The Painted Lady who allows her listeners to actually paint a picture on her skirt, visit Mother Goose and her friendly goose and be enchanted by Twig the Fairy. A special favorite is the giant green man who moves slowly throughout the village in his awesome tree costume.

There are many delights awaiting you at the NC Renaissance Festival.  So load up your chariot or wagon and head to fair! You will have more fun than you can image!

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