Visiting Antipolo Church

The Famous Antipolo Cathedral

Antipolo Church brings back childhood memories

 Attending a mass at the Antipolo Cathedral did not only refresh my soul but also make me travel along memory lane.  I was born in Manila and stayed in Sampaloc for more than 20 years, and though Manila is at least two or more hours away from Antipolo, it became a tradition for the the Family to attend mass at their famous cathedral, at least once in the Month of May.  The church reminds me so much of my parents, how my mother loved to go to Antipolo church although she is not a regular church goer.  But I guess faith is not measured by how often you visit the church, but how much faith you have in your God and how much faith we have to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, who is the Patron of the Church. We do believe She takes care of travellers that no matter how far our place of origin is, we are assured of safe travel always...


Inside the Cathedral

When I feel I am in great need of Help

the Antipolo Cathedral became my place of refuge whenever I feel fear deep inside my heart., when there are questions that I don't need to ask anyone but God. When I feel so much discomfort that no human can grant me peace and solace, I go to this place that means so much to me.... The last time I visited the Church, there were few questions that I asked our Beloved Lady, if I haven't ask for this particular "request", in my previous visits to them.. I am like that, I always ask favors from Her and Our Lord, but above all, I am wishing for them to grant me and my love ones a good health, and of course I asked them to help me change my attitude and outlook in some aspects of life.

My Childhood Friend

our first picture together
our first picture together

I used to just stare at him when I was a little girl...

In one of family visits in the Cathedral, I was just a little girl who never really listened seriously at the on going mass, I just looked up to him, wondering why he was so huge, and will there be a time for him to get tired carrying the globe on his hand? What will happen to the world then? Then I told him, when I grow up, I will still go to this church and will look for him... and I guess I never failed to visit him.... He is a reminder of my happy childhood, my faith, my dreams and what I have become since that innocent meeting with him... He is indeed my long time friend, who kept hearing my complains each time that I visit him.

Changes and Improvements

Oldest Restaurant near the Catherdral
Oldest Restaurant near the Catherdral


The Antipolo Cathedral and its surrounding has improved a lot... lots of establishments had added colors to the already festive mood in the place. Joliibee, Mcdonalds, Mang Inasal, Red Ribbon, etc.. but I chose to dine in in this oldest restaurant, which was the only Restaurant in the area when I was still a little girl. Major renovations changed the Visage but the atmosphere is still there... The food too is still unforgettable.

I know this is not my last visit to Antipolo.. next time I will try to visit the Hinulugang Taktak which is another reminder of my happy childhood

To know more about the place just visit this link

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gramarye profile image

gramarye 6 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

Nice hub, great photos.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines Author

oh thanks Gramarye, thanks for visiting

World-Traveler profile image

World-Traveler 6 years ago from USA

What great photos! And the story. Nice for me to get a chance to see the church. Important for me because I might not ever be able to go to the Philippines. Thanks.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 6 years ago from Philippines Author

Thanks World-traveler will try to post more when I go visit some places

aizah 5 years ago

question po,,how can i get there from alabang?thanks a lot, i really hope for your reply asap.thanks again.

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 5 years ago from Philippines Author

aizah, that's two opposite world but can be easier if you will just take the C5 road, kung commute ka naman the only thing I know is you take the bus going to cubao farmers then take the LRT going to Santolan, Marikina from there may FX dun papuntang Antipolo, abot yun sa church...from cubao mayron narin masasakyan going to antipolo pero mas mabilis pag naglrt ka..

Nycel 4 years ago

was there last Thursday eve... first time to experience the Alay Lakad (pilgrimage)... worth the pain...

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines Author

Nycel congratulation for making it in the alay lakad.. In my case, I always feel good whenever I visit the church, I will go there on Saturday again.

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