Visitors Guide to Lincoln, NE

Lincoln Nebraska; State Capitol and home of the Nebraska Cornhuskers! Lincoln, however, is much more and can be a tourists delight. Enjoy what Lincoln has to offer and discover Mid-America!

Welcome to Husker Country! Without a doubt, this is not only Lincoln's, but Nebraska's Pride and Joy. Nebraska has no Professional Sports team so all of our support goes to the Huskers. There are, however, right ON the University of Nebraska Campus, a world of attractions and things to do. It is a beautiful campus, so enjoy!

Attractions on UNL Campus

  • UNL Botanical Gardens and Arboretum: You can spend as little as a few minutes here, visiting one of the gardens, or you can spend an entire afternoon to visit all 11! A wonderful nature study in itself, both beautiful and educational.
  • University of Nebraska State Museum. Adults and children alike will enjoy this museum. Featured are the largest fossils of Mammoths (which were found in the Nebraska Badlands) each having 12' tusks. Thought to have died in battle with each other, the pair are the focus of a PBS show airing later in July. The Museum is full of other interesting and engaging exhibits, including;
  • The Mueller Planetarium: A full 360 degree projection of the stars! It is difficult to describe the feeling of being a part of these wonderful presentations. Children actually sit in silence as they wonder over the up close and personal view of the moon, the planets and the stars. The Museum and Planetarium is so fun for kids, they even do birthday parties! Adults are equally as thrilled with the Museum
  • The Kruger Collection: The items in this building will amaze you, especially if you are into miniature furniture and decoration. The detail and likeness of each piece is incredible!

This is enough to spend an entire day on the Beautiful UNL Campus. There is much, much more waiting for you outside the campus boundaries!

The State Capitol

Located at 1445 K in Lincoln, The Nebraska Capitol is an architectural marvel. Adorned with a 400 foot domed tower which can be seen for miles. Atop the dome is a 19' sculpture of "The Sower." You will see the Capitol building long before you reach it. If the outside weren't enough of a work of art in itself, the inside is magnificent! Richly adorned with tiles and mosaics, with a clear view up to the top of the dome. Bring the camera!

Historic Haymarket District

Similar in concept to Omaha's "Old Market District" the Haymarket will envelop all of your senses. The aroma of the many restaurants, the beauty of the historic buildings, the sounds of the merchants and customers. Don't forget their wonderful Farmer's Market. Art Galleries, Antique Shops, Restaurants, Here are some of my favorite places in Haymarket:

The "From Nebraska Gift Shop"

Licorice International (You can also order online here)

Farmer's Market Wholesome goodness, and some goodies too!

Ivanna Cone Yummy!

But wait, there's even more awaiting you in Lincoln!

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Time to let the kiddos get rid of some of that pent up energy. Here are some suggestions:

Star City Shores located at 27th Street and NE HWY 2. One of the largest pools in Nebraska. Complete with water slides, climbing structures and sand play area.

Ager Play Center 1300 So. 27th Street. Sports a 2 level play structure, a maze of tunnels, 2 ball pits, slides, and much more.

Not the end...

Keep checking back as I add more things to do in Beautiful Lincoln Nebraska. Planning on Visiting Nebraska? Check out more Articles covering different parts of Nebraska.

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More coming soon!

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