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Omaha Native

Besides being a Travel and itinerary planner for Nebraska, and South Dakota, I am also a native of Omaha. We are a city that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years, annexing more and more area around Omaha. The population is now somewhere near 450,000. Not only is there History in Omaha (as well as the entire State of Nebraska) but there is adventure, culture (yes, there ARE cultural events here!), and the Nebraska Hospitality is among the best. Just ask anyone who has attended the College World Series here. Most keep coming back, not just for the games, but because Omaha is a fun place to be!

Oh, where to start. I believe I will begin at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. Located at 3701 So. 10th Street, the Zoo is considered one of the best 5 in the world! We have the largest indoor rain-forest called the Lied Jungle.which encompasses 2.8 acres of land! That's just the rain-forest! The Desert Dome is the worlds largest indoor Desert. The dome of the exhibit is visible for quite a way from the Zoo. There is a Butterfly and insect Pavilion which when viewed from above looks like a giant winged insect.

Omaha Sights

Before I move on, I wanted to share a video I came across which briefly features some of the places of interest in Omaha. It is short, but good.

Old Market District

This is one of my personal favorite parts of town. Located Harney to Howard-10th to 13th & Howard to Jackson 10th to 12th. Originally built 1880-1915 it consists of brick streets and brick buildings. It is called the Arts and Entertainment District and is very unique. The Old Market features Art Galleries, Old Pubs, Restaurants, Antiques, Leather crafts, Horse drawn carriages, and many times, street performers. We have Ice cream shops, and even a year round Christmas shop! Park your car and enjoy walking through the Old Market. Stop for lunch, sit outside and just watch the people and enjoy the scenery. Don't miss this!

Fun for Children AND adults

I always recommend my clients go to the Children's Museum. It is located at 500 So. 20th Street. Kids and adults alike have fun while learning arts and science. Locals as well as visitors love the Museum.

While you are in the Area, visit the Rose Theater. On the corner of 20th and Farnam. The Rose is the 3rd Largest professional Children's Theater in the Nation. The Rose has classes, outreaches, and of course, Theater Productions.


Click the links to your left for more information. Omaha also boasts being the Birthsite of Gerald Ford, Henry Fonda, Marlin Brando and Malcom X. But, that's another hub...

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