TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam)

Ttds Is Regarded One Of The Best Run Private Religious Organisation In India, Or Possibly In The World. It Is Also The Second Busiest Religious Centre In The World After The Vatican. Considering That Lord Ventakeshwara's Aboge Is The Most Visited Temple In The World On An Average 50,000 Devotees Everyday, With The Figure Reaching 4.5 Lakh On The Peak Day, Garuda Seva During The Annual Brahmotsavams (Dusshera). It Is Surroundings Are Remarkably Clean, Hygienic And The Accommodation Facilities Are Extremely Well Maintained. The Roads Leading To And Away From The TempleAre Kept Scrupulously Clean, And This Is No Mean Tasks Considering The Enormous Volume Of Traffic.

The Ttd Also Runs A Host Of Charitable Or Semi Charitable Activities Hospitals, Marriage Hall, Forestry Services Etc. All Made Possible By The Staggering Amount Of Offering In Cash Or Precious Metals Made To The Lord Devotees Drop These Into The Hundi Everything From A Ten-Rupees Note, To Crores Of Rupees, To Jewellary Gold And SilverBarsEtc. In Gratitute For Wishes Granted Or Calamities Averted,

The Hundi Earnings Amount To About Rs. 75 Lacs Perday. The Highest One Day offering Recorded So Far As Been Rs. 180 Lacs. The Annual Earnings Amount Rs. 400 Crore ! Coupled With Other Sources, The Annual Income Of The VenkateshwaraTemple Is Estimated At Rs. 650 Crore. This Makes Tirupati The World's RichestTemple.

Source : Aruna Chandaraju from a media transasia publication SWAGAT

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swetha 9 years ago

pround to visit this temple evry year

TTD 7 years ago

I don't think it is best run temple .. may be one of the most corrupt temples with so much money ..

agree that ttd can be the richest temple ..

sameer 7 years ago

the temple is very excellent

Sireesha 7 years ago

My favourite God is Lord Venkateshwara and I am very lucky and proud to visit the temple every year..



Shaz 7 years ago

Now u all know da fact dat SRIVARI TEMPLE tirumala iz the worlds richest temple now let me tell u dis fact dat the TTD is the most corrupt organization in the world........ as mentioned da temple earnings are arnd 500 crores each yr but out of dat amount almost three fourth's of the money is eaten up by the TTD Officials........ They are so corruptd . If so much money is to be used for development den d entire chittor district wud b miles ahead over countries like US UK in terms of development........ TTD Officials are sinnners n dey wud pay 4 it...... May God Punish Da Sinners.........................

sovomoy sana 7 years ago

I am a fan of venkateswer(tirupati)dev.

Debomoy Bhowmick 7 years ago

Its really wonderful.not only tirupati temple but also its surround places are so beautiful.i feel proud.i will try to visit this temple every year

Debomoy Bhowmick 7 years ago

Its really wonderful.not only tirupati temple but also its surround places are so beautiful.i feel proud.i will try to visit this temple every year

Rakesh Malhotra 7 years ago

do not want even in my dreams to visit this tirupati or whatever, where u cant have a proper darshan et all, reserved only for the ******** VIP people. best i will visit maihar in MP.

petetimk 7 years ago


Kamlakar 7 years ago

FYI the temple is no longer a pvt organization.. It is run by an IAS(Indian Administrative Service) officer and is a semi government system. As Corruption is involved in most Indian systems.. TTD is no special case. But things are not that worse as projected.. Most of the wealth is straight away managed by the banks recruited by TTD.. neways a RTI into this would be interesting

mayank 6 years ago


Vijay 6 years ago

In my opinion the people who are talking of corruption in TTD are really making a disservice to Lord Sri Venkateswara Himself and His reputation. As a devotee, one visits Tirumala to have the darshan of Sri Lord Venkateswara who is none other than the God of the Gods, Lord Sri Maha Vishnu Himself. Don’t worry. Lord Sri Maha Vishnu can take care of Himself and also He won’t spare neither the sinners nor the corrupt fellows, if any exists, from stealing \ misusing His wealth which is sacredly, piously contributed by His devotees through their offerings to Him.


mayur jariwala 6 years ago

Govinda Venkatramana Govinda

Lord BALAJI is d only god alive on the earth. Whatever wish u ask in front of him, definitely he fulfill it. I feel very great by doing THOMALA SEVA every year. For more detail contact on mobile no. 09725500244

Suresh Mudaliyar 6 years ago

Hi guys I like Tirupati because it has Proved that Venkateshwara is the only god in the world which fulfills the wishes of the whole world people who visit the temple and make their wishes fulfill.And it has proved that it is the no.1 richest god in the world and it will never loose his place. I have last visited the temple before 12yrs.and i am sure that i will visit the temple this year before joining my navy ship

prakash 6 years ago

I am very lucky and proud to visit the temple every year..and this temple is in my chittoor Dist.

Deepak Ladla  6 years ago

Now World Richest temple is Shirdi Sai baba's Temple.

Deepak Ladla  6 years ago

WORLD BEST AND RICHEST TEMPLE IS SHIRDI SAI MANDIR after this last dushera 200 killo of gold was doneted and in prev 150 crores cash + 50 killo gold 3000 kill of silver was doneted

Vijaya L. Dhandare 6 years ago


Deepak 6 years ago

But no 1 god is Shirdi Sai baba fastest wish fullfiling god

you wanna try just say Om Sai Ram and make a wish then see magic

of Sai baba SAB KA MAALIK EK......

Sunil Soni  6 years ago

Sab ka maalik ek JAI SAI NATH i have see one blind girl

in shirdi 14 yrs old see gone for Sai samadhi dharshana after dharshana she

got eye sight she was able see completely I have seen manny

miracles. In shirdi shirdi is heaven on earth one girl get Fully burned in a kitchen accident

all docters told there is no cure for this but her father was true bakta of Sai baba he daily apply the sacred ash (udi) of Sai baba on whole body on her dauther and now she is completely cured

by the grace of Sai baba now show any this type of miracles god in this world

Sai baba is the No 1 God

shashvat 6 years ago

THis TEmple is Proud of india Everyone visit THis Temple.

Ravikumar 6 years ago

Tirumala Venkateswara swamy temple is the Kaliyuga's Vaikunta (the Haven)

kushal puri 6 years ago

lets not make it controversy. All God are equal. So, Venkateshwara and Sai God are same.

Lets pray and wish for our country growth so that everybody should live their life happily.


Tirupati is Kaliyuga Vaikuntam and Lord Venkateswara is this yuga's GOD. Ohm Namo Venkatesaya Namah.

Shard 5 years ago

Shirdi Sai baba No 1

Indian 5 years ago

are these jokers arnd here who say that particular god is grter than the other god....idiots...there is only one god...u can call him wit wat ever name u want....he is formless....u call him christ,allah,sairam,krishn,vishnu...all r same....if there be a civilisation in other galaxy nd creatures there worship god...then wat wud they call him....they dont know any of the gods tat human beings worship on earth....if god is present every where in the universe then all these comments r ridicolous...rnt they?

jayraj74 profile image

jayraj74 5 years ago from AHMEDABAD Author

Thank's for all comments

prasad penagati 5 years ago

Hi all

Lett me clear u all We all in One of the Greatest country in the World India

We r lucky that TTD is atleast doing some great activities

Our attitude is to critize any thing.

Rakesh 5 years ago

Now the world's richest temple is padmanabhaswamy temple trivandrum,kerala

tvm 5 years ago

sree padmanabha swami temple in tvm kerala

is the world richest temple .

anish 5 years ago

Those days gone. Bhagawan `sree padmanabha' of Trivandrum is the richest with more than 1 lac crores worth treasure in. The actual worth of these treasure is expected to be 2-3 time more than this.

Vaisakh mohan 5 years ago

Sree padmanabha swami temple is the richest and most significant temple in the world

profile image

vijay bhasker 5 years ago

The richest god in the world is LORD VISHNU(ALANKAARA PRIYUDU) IN TIRUMALA or in KERALA

Kiran 5 years ago

Nah. It's going 2 change. The world's richest temple is SREE PADMANABHA SWAMI TEMPLE at Trivandrum, Kerala. It has more than 1.5 lakh crores worth treasure. But its actual worth wil exceed 3 lakh crores

prasobh 5 years ago

SREE PADMANABHA SWAMI TEMPLE (trivandrum,kerala) is the most richest temple in the world.

arun 5 years ago


come to tvm , ill show you what wealth is :P

Sreerag Rajan 5 years ago

Its Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Trivandrum now...

anandp 5 years ago

hai sree padmanabha swami temple in thriuvanthapuram is the wordls richest temple having more than 1lakh core worth treasure and its still the news coming out saying that its will over take Vatican..

anand p 5 years ago

there is only one god....

anand p 5 years ago

there is nothing with god, whether he is the best or not...its the matter of money..India is a country having majority of people living in poverty.we have to grow over the world as a super power,we have the potential for of the major thing that pulls down the run is the higher poverty level. whether we can do any thing with this money for that....we have to think about that

Anurag 5 years ago

This is not right, there are so many religious institutions which are so corrupt but we always talk about Hindu temples and related things. Even other religion institutions spend that money in creating bad elements for society. This corruption is far better from that.

jishnu 5 years ago

what.......2 use d money from temple 2 remove d poverty? i dont think so. we live in a democratic country.its d responsibility of d gov. to look into such maters not d temples. its d money of sri padmanabha swamy and not even d ultimate law of court can claim it....

Jithin V Manomohan 5 years ago

Hi, now it changed.. sree padhmanabha swamy temple is d most richest in world.. nearly 1lack crore.. hw is that?

Chemise 5 years ago

Buddy, you need to update your hub as your information is not true at this point. You must have heard about the temple in Kerala which is the richest temple. thanks.

S.TIRUMALA RAO 5 years ago

lord venkateshwara is the supreme power of this universe, he is none other than lord MAHAVISHNU.His name venkatesh means venka means sins and tesha means destroyer of all sins. Once if u bow down your head to his lotusfeet he will sure show his and u will salvation.

Sohan.s.patel 5 years ago

Hey guys leave all those things ok i'l agree but which one temple is used to solve the problems of poor people.there is only one god no one is gr8 or no one is weak.first be an indian.jai hinduism

Gopan 5 years ago

Yes, that is right, I too read an article that Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple is the richest in India. See it

sivabalaramkrishna 5 years ago

Tirumala tirupathi is famous for having srivenkateswara temple.Lord venkateswara is the kaliyuga pratyakshna divamu.koorina koorikalu teerche swami aa edukondalavadu.

pramod 5 years ago

but its over.. the sree padmanabha temple, thiruvananthapuram, kerala, getting the no 1 richest temple in world..

Jagannadh 5 years ago

He is the supreme power of the world.Nitya kalyanam Pacha thoranam is the saying true here.

Venkateshwara Rao M G 5 years ago

Dear friends my love Lord Venkateshwara he is everything for me and i request to all please visit Tirumala once in your life all the best happy Jurney...

vijay Kumar T S 5 years ago

i believe Lord Venkateshwara at Tirupathi last Sunday i visited and i went through steps, in kaliuga lord Krishna's avathar

Unknown 5 years ago

Is it true tht if your mannat/wish is fulfilled at tirupati,u have to visit the temple not once but atleast 5 times? Please advice.thanks.

janardhanan 5 years ago

Waw i really wonder d temple i visited daily was a house f uncountable treasures

visited THIRUPATY 2dy only really a DIVINE ENTITY

Siva Rama Krishna 5 years ago

no no...tirupathi is no longer the richest temple in the world.The Anantha Padmanabhuni Swamy temple has recently emerged as the richest temple in the has its wealth nearly i lakh crore rupees where as our tirumala temple temple's assets are just 34 crore rupees.

B Srinivasa Raju Vizianagaram(AP) 5 years ago

Hindus want padamanabaswamy temple also become like venkateswara temple (in adminiatration), there is also made PSD Board this board is serve to pure hindus pure indus paced many trables in world their want to learn vedas, bhagawat geeta the techers not available in their native places who see their brige of hope TTD and PSD Board Schools established in very village God bless all

anildeshmukh 5 years ago

tirupati god twelve planet no.1 great god

alekhya 5 years ago

i dnt knw that whatz wrong with these people. god is just a stone. he is created only to manipulate our minds towards good. if u r rich plzzzzzzzzz use the money for the poor. plz dnt simple through the money in tirupathi hundi. use ur money against poverty in india then only india becomes developed. god is no more. watch him in poor. serve the poor and develop the country. dnt ever fight for rights with the government, it is we to change not the government. corruption is no where. we are corrupted. just think a bit we dnt see god if at all he is under a tree but pray the god if he is in gold.tell me wht makes this difference. god is every where so why should we go to pray lord venkateshwara at tirupati

anisha 5 years ago

whn i first visited the temple TIRUMALA TIRUPATI






vishu 5 years ago

sri venkateshwara temple is great devine in the world

ankit 5 years ago

great temple...

i like it

GopalMumbai 5 years ago

Last Ten years I Vist

GopalMumbai 5 years ago

Last Ten years I Vist

manoj_mumbai 5 years ago

Govinda,Govinda, Govindaaaaa..........

I am very lucky and proud to visit the temple every year..and this temple is in my State And My Country.

Ravindra Mudigonda 5 years ago

what a nice temple

Navanth 5 years ago

Dear friend all hundi collections are changes annual income of hundi is 5000Crores and per day minimum income is near to 2crores

ajeeth 5 years ago

is god taking bribe?

M.viswanadh 5 years ago

Ttd tirupati all ways no1 world great

shriram. 5 years ago

iam very lucky that i visited this holy place.

there is no other place like this in this world,

there is no other god like lord sri srinivasa.

"govinda govinda". 5 years ago


ManokamanaVimal 5 years ago

At1Desh ki charity ke logo aap logo ko satat pranam aap logo ko Desh ki janata chadawe me rupaye,sona,chandi,.......etc.deti hai lekin janata me kya karate hai 4 years ago

sry guys but tirupathi aint the richest temple...its sri PADMANABHASWAMY.temple has property worth 1lakh crore....tirupati is nowhere close

Paul ebenezer 4 years ago

Very excelent

Mahesh 4 years ago

ITs the most corrupt board of officials now

ajay 4 years ago

TTD tells the architecture of ancient india and the shrines are wonderful and amazing,but i do not know what happens to the wealth donated by people if it is corrupted there is no other greater sin since it is given to god, so it is meant stealing god's wealth.

Ramprakash - Coimbatore 4 years ago

Hare Krsna

Kindly note everyone Dnt compare to any temple with Thirumala Thirupathi Because Thiruppathi temple crossed many yuhas (1yuha mean 4,32,000 years) But, many ppl never this.This temple having more 69 laks crores is in hidden.

Because it is Supreme Lord Krsna or Vishnu or Govinda temple

prasanth 4 years ago

This is the second richest temple in the world. The richest is Sri Padmanabha temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala.

venki 4 years ago

hi my native is thirupathi, i feel proud

james 4 years ago

we are the no.1 in the world.. sree padmanabhaswamy temple is the most richest country in the world. Kerala is the best in the world. .but some politicians,, police administration are bad.. no development. no hard working.. we have to change our lifestyle.. kerala has culture.. but sometimes it wil make desturb on the people.. they have to change their minds

vishu pujar 4 years ago

hay guyz nw its anantha padmanabha swami is the richest temple on the earth having property over 10 lakh crores, but stil d investigation is running, nd it may reach upto 15 lakh crores... Proud to b a hindu, nd hindustan....

Meenakshi Sukumaran 4 years ago

om namo vekateshwara

eraer 4 years ago

Its not Private Religious Organisation that run the temple, it run be EO of the Government.

indian 4 years ago

what they do with all that money. are helping poor and development of that area???????????????????????????????????????

unufapCop 3 years ago

My spouse and i used to find at the top of existence nevertheless of late I've developed the weight.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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bibuk 3 years ago

no, its in india ,kerala sree padmanabhaswamy temple.

vijayakumar 3 years ago

my business partner

shubham tiwari 3 years ago

om sai ram

Ripunjay 3 years ago

Great. . Worlds Richest temple. . LOL. . u people cant see god as God. . seriously Jerk people. . show off people. . You fool really think donation like this is really worthy. .. .. ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

G.mahesh 3 years ago

sri venkateshwara swamy is most powerful and top 1 in the world. I am proud any god not reach there

Milind.A 3 years ago

Richest temple, poor people die in hunger in tirumala.Mr.Balaji should give all his devotees an equal entries.Richest in riches but poor in heart.

kiranmayi 2 years ago

He is the only god in the world, sai baba cannot be compared with lord venkateshwara. He is nothing before him. He is the supreme lord in kaliyuga. Namo lord venkateshwara

Gopal 2 years ago

In ancient days, there are no charities and people does not know how to donate money where it will be used for mankind. So, they started donating money to temples where they can trust. In the modern word, these board members, chairmanss, employees are soo corrupt, if god is real, they should die in a minute. Please stop donating money to temples and start donating to charities which really works.

amutha 2 years ago

Oom namo narayana

Ram 2 years ago

Be proud to be Indian and to have such a lord Balaji as second world's richest god.

Who is the first richest god?

mahesh 2 years ago

i like tirupathi always...

suryah 2 years ago

iam very proud to be a tirupati tirumala, because of that my birth place

gepeTooRs 10 months ago

for everyone! Love this post.It is helpful.

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