Weather Girls on CNN

Jenny Harrison

Jenny Harrison is a CNN weather presenter, and also a smoking hot blonde. She comes across as very confident, and it always smiling and bubbly. She is well known for funny outbursts and embarrassing some of the other presenters on CNN with birthday messages. One thing for sure this girl takes care of her body, can we help? 

Jenny Harrison

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Jenny Harrison in a nice grey jacketJenny Harrison with a tight fitting black outfitJenny HarrisonJenny Harrison
Jenny Harrison in a nice grey jacket
Jenny Harrison in a nice grey jacket
Jenny Harrison with a tight fitting black outfit
Jenny Harrison with a tight fitting black outfit
Jenny Harrison
Jenny Harrison
Jenny Harrison
Jenny Harrison

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Wiets 6 years ago

Jenny is the most fantastic woman on TV. The way she stand and explain the weather is fantastic

Tebza 6 years ago

She looked so wonderful today on a skirt and a white blouse. She looked so lady like and really gorgeous. Good going girl.

check 6 years ago

Jenny used to be quite chubby, and not that long ago either. If you look up her fotos from 2008, you'll see that she had some hips to hold onto. Now she i svelte which is cool. I hope that she is working out and living an active live etc...Looking good? Def!!

Man deVoshkes 6 years ago

Confident? Look at her fiddling and fidgeting with her fingernails throughout each and every presentation, quite annoying. Biggest problem - she speaks very fast in a nasal British accent, I do not mind when she chitchats with her colleagues about nonsense, but I'd like to understand what she says about the weather. 5 years ago


Brian 5 years ago

Jenny is verry pretty and has a lovely voice, Perfect weathergirl.

FaceTell 5 years ago

She is hot! Adding her to our star prediction page to test.

potter 4 years ago

she is amazing presenter i have ever seen.wanna get to know her

Donald 4 years ago

I actually found her sexier before the weight loss. To me, she lost all the voluptuousness that made her so damn sexy. Those hips used to make heat up just by looking at them. I made it a point to watch CNN weather once a week (daily if I could but I do have a career to tend to) just to see her hips. Losing a little weight was fine but I think she lost too much and now she is too skinny.

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